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Nakane Kamatari

Nakane Kamatari is a player character played by Bloodyscarlet.

Nakane Kamatari
Species: NH-31M
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6' (182.88 cm)
Weight: 95 KG (209.439 lbs)
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Technician/Engineer
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Heartbreaker

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6' (182.88 cm)
  • Mass: 95 KG (209.439 lbs)
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Kamatari has a muscular build, with broad shoulders. His skin is blood red because he wanted an interesting costumed skin when he changed to the NH-31M.

Eyes and Facial Features: Kamatari has a heart shaped face and almond-shaped eyes, his eyes are a golden yellow.

Ears: Kamatari has classic medium sized human-style ears.

Hair Color and Style: Kamatari has short curly black hair that he tries to comb but it always comes out curly and poofy.

Distinguishing Features: Kamatari's red skin colour and golden yellow eyes.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Kamatari likes to keep to himself a lot, he is very work oriented, and likes to concentrate on work, making him mishear or entirely miss what someone has told him while he is working. He does talk to people when he needs to, and if the person has became a friend to him, even though he will talk to them, he still doesn't like excess chatter, and will try to get away when he feels there is nothing else worth talking about.

Since a young age, Kamatari's fondness of machines has slowly turned into a deep love; he now calls the machines he works a guy or a girl as he talks about them, but he doesn't find it weird, as he has done it for a long time. He treats machines better than he treats other people at some times, but normally apologizes after a while, if he realizes that he treated the person wrongly. He is submissive unless he sees someone mistreating machinery then he gets loud and angry.

  • Likes: Gothic literature, metalworking, the hum of machinery and food.
  • Dislikes: A lot of chatter, mistreating of machinery and being disrupted from his work.
  • Goals: Kamatari wants to create and fly his own ship at some point, he also wants his weapon and vehicle designs to help the Star Army.


Family (or Creators)

Mother: Nakane Hellena (only family)


Kamatari grew up as a normal child while he was young he lived with only his mother, he never knew his father or did he care who his father was, he loved his mother and his friends, that is all he needed. His mother taught him when he was younger how to read and write which helped him a lot in later life.

His childhood was fun as he spent most of his years designing random blueprints for things he wanted to make, if he wasn't doing that he was spending time with his mother helping around the house and going shopping with her, or playing games with his friends. Just before he joined the Star Army and went to the academy he got his body changed and chose a custom body that he liked a lot, red skin with golden eyes.

When he reached the age to join the Star Army, he joined without question, he wanted his mother proud of him, even if she didn't like the idea to start, he knew that later in life she would realise that it was good, well he hoped that she would as he worked to be a Engineer for the Star Army. While he was training and working to success through the academy he had made random stuff that the instructors wonder where he got the idea, he never used any of them just made them to show and after they got marked he used the parts on his next project.

He passed the Academy after a few years and went to help out on space stations fixing ships and shuttles that came to dock there.



Kamatari is fluent in Trade and Yamataigo (邪馬台語).


Kamatari has been taught how to fight with basic weapons, power armour and hand to hand combat, so he can fight if he needs to and so he can protect himself in a confrontation.


Kamatari loves to build and design things even if they make no sense when he talks about them, he just lets his imagination fly and what comes out is useful most of the time.

Maintenance and Repair

Kamatari loves getting down and dirty into the parts, he loves calmness of working and the feel of the materials as he works. He can maintain and repair everything from a gun to a ship, just as long as he had the resources he needed.


Kamatari has a good deal of mathematical skill to help him in his engineering as he can easily workout what measurements he would need of each material and he can work out how much of each resource he needs while repairing and maintaining.

Survival and Military

Kamatari has the skills needed to survive in situations that require it, one example would be if he got stranded on a planet, he could survive for as long as needed if there was an acceptable amount of resources on the planet.

Technology Operation

Kamatari is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships.


Nakane Kamatari has the following items:

Star Army Standard Issue Items


Nakane Kamatari is currently a Santô Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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