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Nal'vesul Rein'nic

Nal'vesul Rein'nic is a player character played by Tray Tor.

Nal'vesul Rein'nic
Species & Gender: Shukaran-Laibe Male
Year of Birth: Age 26 DoB: ER 725
Organization: Kingdom of Neshaten, Volunteer Navy
Occupation: Demolitions expert, bomb disposal, armory personnel
Current Placement: SNV Gam'trosha

Physical Description

Height: 1.80 meters/ 5' 11β€œ

Weight: 165 Lbs/ 75kg

Build and Fur color: Rein'nic stands just below six feet with an average strength level for a Shukaran-Laibe soldier. Rein'nic focuses more on training his agility rather than his raw physical strength and possesses a runner's physic because of this. Muscle is evenly distributed throughout his arms and legs. His body is covered with two inch thick yellow fur. Like other Shukaran Rein'nic also has a tail that measures to be approximately 2' 4” also covered in yellow fur with a white tip.

Eyes and Facial Features: Rein'nic has a pair of light blue slitted eyes that are set away from his nose typical of a Shukaran-Laibe. There is a small scar crossing the left side of his nose and his left fang is chipped.

Ears: Rein'nic's ears are long, swept back, and covered in yellow fur with white fuzz.

Hair Color and Style: Rein'nic's 'hair' is a dark yellow color that he keeps short and brushed into his fur.

Distinguishing Features: While not a physical characteristic Rein'nic is often seen smoking when off duty. His left fang is blunted and he has a small scar on his nose from a fight that never properly healed.


Personality: By nature Rein'nic is very sociable and often finds a way to weasel his way out of a fight using his affinity with words. Outspoken and political, he often finds himself caught up in heated debates about anything ranging from government to the best way to prepare meat.

Political views: Rein'nic is a free thinker and believes that an individual should be the master of their own destiny and should have the ability to pursue their own goals, dreams, and ambitions without government interference and thinks that society is just a convenient by-product of individuals working toward parallel, overlapping, and contradictory goals. He believes that an individual's moral imperative is to question everything in order to help expose new ideas and drive the country forward. He views the government's re-education campaigns to promote racial tolerance among the Laibes, Daurs, and My'leke as manipulative, collectivist, and an abuse of power. He also views the completion of the 'writ of honor' as a pre-requisite for nobility and the Laibes inability to perform the writ as unjust and betrayal.

Rein'nic is sympathetic towards the Netrunu'marol cause and is a firm believer in Laibe supremacy. He fears that his country is gambling with the survival of his species as they venture further into space with the ruling monarch's xenophile stance on alien life. He also believes that the only way to safeguard against alien infiltration and corruption is to stay pure as a species. He keeps these feelings to himself in order to avoid punishment, discharge, or a conflict of interest with his xeno crew members.

Likes: Gambling, Laibes, running, practicing medicine, swordplay, talking, arguing, explosions. Dislikes: Daurs, My'leke, conformism, large bodies of water, current ruling monarchs.

Goals: To become an officer within the Neshaten navy, get a job designing new heavy ordinance for the Volunteer Navy.


Pre-RP: Rein'nic was born the youngest of a family of three on Levia, Rein'nic and his brother Vitr'ill were both raised on a 'hands off' parenting style and as a result spent a lot of their time running around on adventures, causing mayhem, and spending numerous nights camping outside during their childhood. On one of their adventures the two Laibes found an abandoned cache of military grade explosives which kickstarted their interest into the demolitions field. After running out of explosives (and numerous run-ins with the law) the two brothers started figuring out how to synthesize and create their own explosives, often attaching them to you rockets and sending their own home-made missiles into a nearby military facility, constantly putting the base on edge.

When the two came of age they separated with Rein'nic joining the volunteer navy and Vitr'ill leaving the system to mine uranium on Ki'kayshea'ne 2. They both fell out of communication for the next few years until Vitr'ill returned to Levia while Rein'nic' was on shore leave. The two caught up in a bar where Vitr'ill eventually revealed that he was a member of the Netrunu'marol and was going to bomb a military base in Vectes and wanted to make sure that Rein'nic was far away when the explosion went off. Rein'nic gave his brother his credentials and got into a fake bar fight that chipped his fang and knocked him out. When he woke up in a hospital the next day a section of the base was in ruins and his brother was dead.

The next few years, In between questioning from military higher ups about his brothers involvement with the Netrunu'marol and an official investigation regarding Rein'nic's involvement in the bombing, he continued his military training in demolitions and bomb disposal.

(Something about being assigned to the SNV Gam'trosha)

Skills Learned

Optional section. Nal'Vesul Rein'nic has the following notable skills:

Communication: Rein'nic is fluent in Tinacen and has a calm and relaxed demeanor. He can talk and finagle his way out of most problems.

Demolitions: Rein'nic grew up making and detonating home made explosives and learned more while training in the Volunteer Navy.

Combat: Rein'nic enjoys both swordplay and shooting guns. He is proficient with a Seta'sis Sword, sidearms, and explosives.

Knowledge: Although he slacked off in school, Rein'nic knows the history of the Neshaten, most of its public ordinances and military regulations, and his training within the Volunteer Navy.

Engineering: While he can't necessarily fix a starship, Rein'nic is adept at fabricating explosive ordinance and unorthodox munitions. He is also familiar with electrical wiring and rocketry.

Chemistry: Building on his natural affinity with synthesizing explosives; if provided with enough ingredients, a chem lab, and enough time, Rein'nic can create just about anything from drugs to medicine to alcohol… Provided he has a still.

Entertainment: Due to Rein'nic's borderline high functioning alcoholism and knowledge related to home brewing drinks, he is well versed in the art of tending bar.

Social Connections


  • Nal'vesul Mai'lek (Father)
  • Nal'vesul Li'quir (Mother)
  • Nal'vesul Vitr'ill (Brother: Deceased)

Inventory & Finance

(Basic crew member inventory, need help with a list)

  • Case of cigars
  • Lighter
  • Notebook: contains a list of chemical combinations and instructions on how to safely make them.
  • 20oz bottle of home brewed whiskey
  • Seta'sis Sword
  • Plasma pistol
  • Family photo (parents and his brother from when they were kits)
  • 5000RN

OOC Information

In the case wes becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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