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Nana Kamigami Seifuku Chikyu Ryu Sojutsu

Nana Kamigami Seifuku Chikyu Ryu Sojutsu

This martial art form is a culmination of many different styles that have resemblances to martial art forms that can be found on earth. They are as follows: Go Erudā Sosen (Similar to Five Ancestors form), Tīmasutā ken (similar to Hung Ga form), Ume Supia (similar to Choy Li Fut form), Go yōso-ten (similar to Xing Yi Quan form), Amai Puramu no ken (similar to Meihuaquan form), Takikaze no hebi (similar to Shaolin Red Eagle Spear form), Bukiyōna inja no ken (similar to various Monkey Kung Fu forms). These forms are combined with added aerial acrobatics, feints, and maneuvers in order to make Nana Kamigami Seifuku Chikyu Ryu Sojutsu or Seven Divines Defeat Earth Dragon spear form.

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