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Nanise Elisara

Nanise Elisara
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Iromakuanhe Height: 176cm (5'9“)
Gender: Female Weight: 63kg (139 lbs)
Age: 18 (Iromakuanhe Calendar) Measurements: 81-66-90
Employer: Astral News Distributor Bra Size: B
Occupation: Field Reporter Eyes: Hazel Green
Rank: Warscribe Hair: Dark Brown
Current Assignment: Bahram Wing Setareh Wing

Nanise is played by raz

Physical Appearance

Nanise is a beautiful, dark-skinned Hlaraian of Eyr Ranr ancestry. Her sun-kissed, burnt olive skin is the product of a life sailing between the Urhal Island, Tikopia, and Bismarck regions. She has a fit, toned build indicative of regular physical activity. Her straight, nearly-black hair falls down below the small of her back when let down but is usually kept up in a high ponytail. She always wears a small carved metal pendant that was given to her by her grandmother. Nanise claims that it was made from a piece of the crashed HAS Bismarck, the fallen airship on which her ancestors served in its operational days.


Nanise is a loud and confrontational girl with an overly-inquisitive nature, perfectly reflecting her chosen profession as a reporter and storyteller. Even so, she is extremely laid back and relaxed on the occasions when her interest isn't piqued, sometimes to the point of procrastination if her personal whimsy hasn't been satisfied. Nanise’s wanderlust is stereotypically Ranrn and, when combined with her Hlarai cultural identity, sometimes comes off as overly-optimistic. However, it would probably be more accurate to describe her as somebody who aims low and flies even lower, leaving her ideas and opinions with little room for disappointment.

When interacting on a friendly, familiar level, the girl is very comfortable with making new friends and partners, and has no problem with open sensuality and harmless, spur-of-the-moment intimacy or romanticism. Like the Ranr she is descendant from, she places her own dreams and aspirations in front of everything else, including religion, but still respects and recognizes the metaphysical — what other proof of a higher power than her own homeworld of Hlarai is needed?

She likes sailing, investigating, telling people about things, Hlarai Islandshark steaks, surfing, evening parties on the coast, Salcra Weed, and makin' whoopee. Some of the things Nanise dislikes are sitting around, disingenuous people, and pig-disgusting Runyaens. Someday she hopes to see all of the Commonwealth — especially new worlds being explored and claimed by the Astral Vanguard.



Born on Hlarai, Nanise Elisara spent most of her life on the water, sailing from island to island and port to port, only occasionally visiting inland destinations and the city ships that were the characteristic dwellings of her ancestors. In the generations since the tragedy of the HAS Bismarck her family had not given up the adventurous lifestyle that was their birthright by settling in what would become the slums or sprawling city streets of their former home, but rather chose to continue the Eyr Ranr tradition on the ocean instead of the sky. In the time since their decision, the family’s seafaring ways grew from a small flotilla of makeshift catamarans and outriggers to an, albeit small, interconnected community of Eyr Ranr and other Iromakuanhe that chose to life off of the bounty that existed between Hlarai’s landmasses. Working in every job that would be considered essential such as fishermen and shipwrights, to more exotic and mundane professions, the Hlaraians that Nanise shares an ancestry with live a deceptively simple and safe life in harmony with the resplendent, but often dangerous flora and fauna of Hlarai’s seas and islands.

From an early age, Nanise worked alongside her mother and father, brothers and half-brothers, sisters and half-sisters, and other extended family, doing whatever duties her age would allow from rigging sails and lines to collecting and preparing meals. Still, she was noted by those around her for having an extreme curiosity about everything, even for an Eyr Ranr, especially concerning why things happened. By the age of ten, Nanise was one of her sailing community’s keeper of traditions, a duty that involved remembering and recounting significant events that occurred within the small fleet. It wouldn’t take long until she was called a gossip though, mostly by those whose unfavorable actions were discovered and made public by the girl with little discretion. Regardless, Nanise continued to do the job that she loved, alongside the others required for the sustenance of the community. That was, of course, until more powerful people disliked what she told about them.

Rather than giving up something that she found she loved, the young Hlaraian left her traveling family at age fifteen, slinking away during a stop at the Saea Wakir island of Anuta and using what money she could muster to arrange transport to Hlarai’s capital city, Lahru. Her goal wasn’t as clearly-cut as events would transpire: all Nanise wanted to do was find somewhere that she could continue to do what it was she enjoyed — find the truth and let people know about it. Of course, not knowing much about the cosmopolitan places that existed within Iromakuanhe society, she was pleasantly surprised when she, almost immediately, discovered the Astral News Distributor, an organization all but dedicated to doing just that. Gaining employment with the organization itself wasn’t overly difficult nor was the work she did, starting out working with text media, writing tidbits of filler without credit. Eventually, Nanise would be allowed to write actual news, and by the age of eighteen, was given her first broadcast assignment: report on the actions and people of the Astral Vanguard’s Bahram Wing.


  • Communications (Writing): In her time working for AND, Nanise has learned how to properly express facts through writing. She can speak and write Saalsari and understand some Haidasari; she picked up some tidbits of the Hunter's Tongue from covering military affairs.
  • Culinary: Nanise knows how to prepare meals. Most of her culinary techniques are more rudimentary than those used by urban Iromakuanhe, but they are no less delicious.
  • Entertainment (Storytelling): As her community's keeper of traditions, she is able to convey fictional and true stories in a charismatic and accurate manner. This skill comes very naturally to Nanise.
  • Knowledge (History of the Eyr Ranr on Hlarai): Nanise is well-versed in the history of her family and the Eyr Ranr dating back to the time when the Bismarck still flew.
  • Physical: Nanise is an athletic woman, being able to swim, run, paddle, hoist, and do manual labor with great proficiency.
  • Vehicles: Because of her family's unique lifestyle choice, Nanise can operate or assist in the operation of primitive, sail and paddle-based watercraft. Additionally, due to her assignment with Bahram Wing, she was given a crash course in frame piloting so that she could keep up with the legendary squadron.
  • Rogue (Investigation, Persuasion): Nanise's natural inquisitiveness and curiosity about the world make her an excellent investigator. She is able to analyze and find facts as well as speak with people from all walks of live to get the information she needs. She is thorough and precise in her study of anything she puts her mind to.

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