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Naruk Lo-Kag

Naruk Lo-Kag is a player character played by Ace.

Naruk Lo-Kag
Species & Gender: Troll Hybrid M
Date of Birth: YE 26
Organization: USO
Occupation: Brawler
Rank: Mutt
Current Placement: Psychopomp/Freelance

Physical Description

Naruk is 9' tall weighs 320 lbs with a very muscular build. He has red eyes, grey skin and his hair is black. Though he is bald he does have facial hair usually a stubble of sorts. Naruk has many tattos across his body that appear to be symbols for some tribe or ancient cult along with his tattoos he has many scars on his body from countless battles. He has a very gruff voice.


Naruk is a very kind fellow when it comes to family and friends but is other wise merciless and uncaring towards others. He isn't the brightest bulb but he still manages to get what he is trying to convey across. He has a very bubbly nature towards people in general but is hard to let go of grudges. Naruk is directionaly challenged and mentally unstable. He prefers to eat meat raw and the fresher it is the better.


Naruk Lo-Kag was made in YE 26.

Naruk was made by Psychopomp using there Hybrid program. He is not someone who existed before hand but is instead a defective AI who Psychopomp so no use for other than combat training for new recruits. After several years of 'service' he was released where he made his living through crime. He hopped from one crew to the next, causing a mutiny on one ship and eating the captain in one case, until he was eventually picked up by Baba Yaga as their Master Gunner and has worked for them since. After the eventual disbanding of Baba Yaga Naruk went back to Psychopomp to seek better fights returning to his old work.

Social Connections

Naruk Lo-Kag is connected to: Natyli- Close Friend

Skills Learned


Naruk only knows how to speak Trade he is unable to write.


Naruk is a natural fighter due to the AI programming that was added to him as well as his many years of fighting Psychopomp mercenaries. He has developed his own personal fighting hand-to-hand style and can make use of many weapons both conventional and makeshift.


Naruk has better Physical abilities than most people due to constant training and his own body that was created by Psychopomp and the many battles he has experienced.


Naruk is proficient at pick-pocketing and sleight of hand and streetwise knowledge due to his years as a criminal.

Survival and Military

Naruk is an excellent hunter due to his heightened senses and own want for fresh meat that he has learned to hunt and track proficiently in many environments.

Maintenance and Repair

Due to his years as a Gunner Naruk has learned how to fix minor problems with the ships guns to get them working during a fight.

Starship Operations

Due to his years as a Gunner Naruk is able to operate the ship's guns with utmost proficiency and precision.

Inventory & Finance

Naruk Lo-Kag has the following items:

  • 3000 KS
  • Basic Impulse armor
  • Black shorts
  • Durandium Great axe
  • Black bandana

OOC Information

In the case Ace becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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