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Nathaniel Kygra

Nathaniel Kygra
Nathaniel Kygra
Species: NH-22C Yamataian
Subgroup: Minkan
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 6.74
Weight: 121
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Infantry / Power armor pilot
Rank: Nitô Hei
Current Placement: Task Force Lantern
Orders: Orders
Awards: Tomoyo's Kikyô - Battle of Yamatai War Medal - Battle of Yamatai, 2nd NMX Service - Battle of Yamatai Combat Award - Battle of Yamatai

Nathaniel Kygra in Roleplay

Nathaniel Kygra is a player character played by Tylium.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6.74 Mass: 121 Build and Skin Color: Nathaniel's body is well trained, due his current “Upgrade” (as some people would call it) his muscle mass is even more defined then ever. His frame however doesn't show much improvement in width making him still appear like a very slender person.

Eyes and Facial Features: Nathaniel has cold dark blue eyes. His face is unchanged in the modification to a Minkan body and still retains all Elysian features.

Ears: His ear size is normal for an Elysian of his age. No body piercings or other modifications adorn them.

Hair Color and Style: Nathaniel's hair is black with a blueish shine giving it the appearance of being multicolored when subjected to light-sources. His hair tends to end up wilder over the course of the day. The length of his hair varies between 4 and 5 inches.

Distinguishing Features: Nathaniel's most distinguishing feature are the two massive wings on his back. The two wings share the same color as his hair (primarily black with a blueish reflection). Due to this reflection his wings tend to look more blue then black. His wings rival those of Patricians in sheer size but his muscle mass is not strong enough to sustain flight. Due to his change to the Minkan body-type this problem has been alleviated and his wings should be capable of short sustained flight and with help of the ability to hover like most Neko's can he can stay in the air for as long as he likes.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Nathaniel is what some people could refer to as a solid and dependable person. He is never quick to act nor judge a person based on first impressions. He does however, still carry a certain prejudice for other races, Because of his training. One that attempts to anger Nathaniel will find that they are most likely unsuccessful or find that he just laughs at them. He does have some weak points as he still feels a bit uneasy around women. Whether this is Because of the past events with his mother, or just Because of him trying to do everything perfect is not known. He is also known as a person who just doesn’t like to come unprepared. In certain requests he made in and after his training he demanded three times the needed requirement of equipment that would have been needed for the job.

Likes: Telling the kids of his former Patrician master, war stories and stories about his time in the army. He also enjoyed working with his father and giving him moral support and support in commanding every worker around. He also likes to write and practice his swords play or cut the air with his elbows as if he was using the elbow mounted blades of the Hikael. Dislikes: Alcoholics, Because of them remind him of his mother, and what she did to him. He also tends to dislike people that think they know to do things better than him, just because he is a lower ranking citizen. Goals: His Childhood dream is still to become a Patrician. This is mostly Because of him wanting to try and take stance and come up for the equality of Elysians in certain fields like the army.


Family (or Creators)

His mother acts as secondary overseer at the metal workshop along with his father. She would be around 34 years old at this current date (Arzael’s 20th birthday). The reason why she became pregnant at such young age was Because of the fact that she sometimes dressed a bit wilder then the normal clothing. At first it seemed to work out in good terms for her as she made some friends among the young patrician males. However this ‘friendship’ would soon turn out to be a downwards spiral of sexual assault and blackmailing. Considering the fact that her family was in the past often the target for sexual assault and other rotten ideas of the young patricians (as they were regarded as inferior). Her genetics, if placed alongside a “perfect” Elysian, would match for around sixty percent. Thus, because of this, her wings appeared to be more developed, albeit still neither around the full size nor strength of a perfect patrician, they were larger and stronger than a plebeian of similar age. The reason why she is still alive was because her violated body was found by a rich patrician. He let doctors look at her and try to repair the damage that had been done, such as broken bones.

As such his father isn’t his real father. Although this subject was never told to him Because of the fact, he killed his mother in an act of self-defense. And telling him this at his age would likely scar him for life

The patrician master of his father and to a lesser extent himself is regarded as a friendly person once you know him. Because of the fact that he saved his mother he always kept an watchful eye on the little boy. That in his eyes, could be a key role in the events to come.


Life before the military

His life started out similar to that of normal plebeian children, though he was different in the form of his body structure and wings. Somehow, he appeared the opposite of a plebeian. He had wings of a decent size that appeared to be well built and a short body. What was even more unusual was the color of his hair and wings. However upon looking back at family records that had been recorded it appeared that the person who mated with a patrician female (and such create a plebeian child) had the same hair color and body type. However all records including pictures and information about name etc. where nowhere to be found.

When Nathaniel grew older and reached ten years old, his mother was on the brink of snapping Because of the fact that he was often seen around children of both heritages. Possibly because of childhood interest in something weird or they wanted to know why he looked so different from all of them. In fact, he is regarded as neither plebeian nor Patrician because he shares traits of both sides of the fence. His mother was constantly asked about him, Can he fly?, how did you give birth to him?, and the list went on and on. However Because of the fact that his mother could never accept anybody that was above her, she decided that she had to end the boy’s life, or either mutilate him so much, that he would be scolded and laughed at. She settled for the last option and waited for her time to come.

Her time came when Nathaniel’s father was away on a trip with his master to inspect another company that did a comparable work, to trade ideas and information. She had everything planned; she would first cut the muscles in his wings rendering them useless and then cut them off completely. She couldn’t do the first thing immediately Because of the fact that his wings are too developed for and she risked the chance that he might hit her with them. She succeeded in mutilating his first wing but when she came for the second one, she felt just how developed those wings are as it slammed at her neck at full force and breaking it. Though she still cut through a number of muscles in his right wing, rendering that one useless as well.

However instead of giving up on his dreams Nathaniel decided not to amputate the wings as doctors noted that there was a small chance they could heal in a natural way. Although a surgery was possible, this would be too expensive for his father to afford.

Infantry training

However when he joined the army at sixteen years old the wings where everything but healed. Although his right wing could open it still caused a lot of pain Because of scar tissue connecting the muscles instead of new muscle tissue. Making it nearly impossible, to open the wing without rupturing the tissue again. However even though he couldn’t open his wings anymore the army seemed to push him to the limit as test after test involved him having to open his wings. Even if an exercise had nothing to do with them, he had to open them repeatedly. Sometimes this resulted in a number of internal bleedings rendering them more and more useless over time. In due time he developed a high tolerance for pain but even then the amount of pain of opening his wings was to much for him. His drill sergeant noted in a private conversation that he had never seen a person that appeared to be so strong of will, he decided to call it quits on the wing jokes and exercises Because of them being in vane until the scar tissue would have been removed.

Three years passed and Nathaniel sometimes showed remarkable results for a plebeian soldier. He appeared to be able to wield nearly any type of weapon without instruction by just looking at it and thinking how it would be used best. However this skill of diversity with weapons never made him a pro with a single weapon Because of the fact that for every task another weapon could be used. He also scored remarkable results in close combat weapons such as swords and daggers. But Because of his heritage he wasn’t able to keep up with the rest of the group in terms of physical strength or stamina. However, he made up for this loss by actually scoring the highest possible grades in mechanical and survival.

After his training was over he was send on a short graduation exam in a remote location. Some say this was Because of him once again getting underneath his drill instructors feathers.

Powered armor school

He joined several small operations afterwards, to get himself more and more accustomed to the service. However, after a while he decided he wanted to climb even higher by aiming for a place amongst the pilots of a powered armor. Some of his older classmates noted that it was a fools errant as a Plebeian like him wasn’t going be accepted without proving that they could meet up to the standards. He made clear that he wasn’t born to constantly walk in the shadow of the higher ranks and signed up shortly thereafter.

From this point on he was once again faced off against the evil that was called training. And this time he had to pull out everything he had to prove his worth. His new instructor said to him on the first day. “It takes guts to face the impossible, and it takes a blessing from our heavenly father for you to succeed here.” Nathaniel calmly replied with. “I will go to any length, any height and any depth if that is needed to attain what is needed to protect my Elysia. Every obstacle is going to be climbed over, or taken down.” His instructor laughed and commented how much he liked his resolve.

While the others from his class trained only on their required hours Nathaniel trained even in his off duty hours to try and bridge the gap between him and his fellow trainees. While he wasn’t that bothered with the fact that the true training, with the armors themselves, would lower the gap in strength, the true test came from the fact that outside of it, he was just a plebeian, and all the others could easily take him down without even breaking a sweat. The thought of turning the tables upside down, was what kept him going in his attempt to make that thought reality.

In his second year, he received note that he was to report to the medical labs. The message didn’t say what he needed to do there, or what he needed to expect. But even his wildest dreams couldn’t prepare him for what was about to happen to him. When he arrived in the lab he noticed a lot of plebeian civilians gathering. Most of them where higher class, or soldiers just like him. After a short introduction of the head scientist, they were told they were to be one of the groups to be converted into Caelisolans. After a long and windy speech, Nathaniel was led to a personal room, where he was questioned what kind of traits they were going to keep, and what traits where going to be removed. After this talk he was led to a processing tank. Even though he wanted to complain, he noticed that the person who requested him to be on this group was his current instructor so he calmly accepted the process.

Days went past in which modifications where made to his body. Every iteration came closer and closer to the perfect image of a Elysian soldier and with every iteration he felt more and more strength flowing through his body. Why they didn’t just stop with the first attempt was something he never quite understood. It was like they tried to make him better than the average Caelisolan. After a week of checking his new body for any defects he was given permission to get back to his training.

When he arrived he was looked at by several of the younger Patricians most likely Because of the fact his wings actually worked now and he could salute them in the correct way. His instructor gave him a new training outline that also focused a lot on using his wings for short term flight and other small tasks. Hearing that he could fly, if given enough training, was something that gave Nathaniel the strength to go beyond the norm and attempting to best even the best Patrician at the things he could previously never match them at.

In the following weeks, he trained more and more, and made more and more progress, even to the point where he was capable of beating most of the group in terms of aerial acrobatics. Some of them where even betting on him for a change when another test came up. However, Because of the massive wings he also had a lot more trouble getting himself into the test units. It was until a young Patrician woman gave him some pointers that he took longer than needed to suit up and get ready. It was still to be noted that sometimes a few of the Patrician made it a habit of giving him a little push on his shoulders from the front as his balance was still a bit off.

Although he wasn’t as good in piloting as the best of his group, he was one of the best, if not the best in terms of close quarter combat with the Hikael. In one of the sparring matches he was given only the blades as his weapons while the other units could use both the blades and ranged weaponry. The end result was that although the unit he was using got smashed up beyond measure he managed to score two kills. One of the instructors noted that Because of the fact that he refused to keep himself limited to the styles he was taught and actually improvised that he was somebody that if given not enough attention could very well slice his way deep within enemy lines and cut them up from their unprotected flanks.

At war with the NMX

The last year of his training was pretty much a breeze for him. He still had to train in his off duty hours but he could finally get equal with his peers. However this is when the war with the NMX came to its highest point. Every person that could wield a weapon at the training ground was called up and all students in their third year where called to meet their instructors at the armory. Once all the students where gathered around the armory they were given their own personal units.

In the following days, Nathaniel managed to gather a few kills. Even going so far that he made it a personal rule that none of the enemy units were allowed to live. It was common for him to shoot an enemy in the back, while some of the Patricians refused to do that, because of it not being honorable. Nathaniel didn’t mind, as he regarded every enemy unit that lived was a potential threat to the population on Novus. And he refused to let stuff like Kleos get in the way of protecting his homeland.

However, this is when disaster struck. On one of their attacks they downed a enemy armor that tried to break through their lines. The armor was cut down by Nathaniel right at the center severing the top and bottom in two halves. These parts however crashed down on the planet impacting in a residential district where he used to live. The resulting explosion took the lives of several civilians. One of which was his father. At first he did not know about it but on the following evening the Patrician his father worked for contacted him with the news.

Even though he was hammered by the loss, he also knew that he had no time to really mourn about the loss of his father. However, days passing, his resolve, and aggressiveness increased to troublesome sizes. He wasn’t the same guy anymore that simply cuts a target up, but he now also tore open the armor and targeted the pilot inside directly, something that troubled even the people from his squad.

His anger and aggressiveness however became so uncontrolled that he even endangered the lives of several squad members. But it wasn’t until one of them getting seriously injured that he noticed how low he had sank. However, Because of the actions he was given a few days of solitary confinement. Some people wanted to have him for a court martial but Because of his actions in previous engagements and his service record they gave him the benefit of the doubt.

After his confinement was over, he once again fought like he did in the past. He also commented that the confinement gave him some time to reflect on his actions and came at peace with his self. He even managed to actually perfect his close quarter combat skills Because of being more calm and relaxed than before.

The rest of the conflict continued without too much events. The only event to note was that Nathaniel’s squad was saved by a group of Yamataian armors while they were on reconnaissance in the debris that floated in space. They triggered a booby trap on a NMX ship which caused them to become trapped while the self-destruct sequence started. This was the point where Nathaniel’s views of the universe where shaken. He always viewed the other races as lower and not worth the effort but being rescued himself by them he noticed how foolish this way of thinking was. When the groups parted ways he felt like this wasn’t the last time he would see the Yamatai military force.

After that point the conflict came to an end and everybody returned to try and pick up their lives. Nathaniel who was now an Soldier without a home to return to visited his fathers grave and swore never to forget what happened on that faithful day.

End of the siege on Elysia

Without a home, and thus without a place to go, Nathaniel took a job within the academy as an instructor for the first year students. For him, it was a bit odd to give tutoring to a group of Patricians, but Because of his skills and the fame he had at the academy most of them where all but happy to listen to what he had to say.

Within a few weeks all the students had come back from their little rest period. Most of them had similar stories as him either Because of similar incidents or family being lost Because of them being in the military. The training they were expecting to start again turned into nothing more than a graduation ceremony. As all of the students showed extreme competence in dealing with combat situations the board decided to accept all as power armor pilots.

The thing that they were told after wards was something that nobody expected as the Elysian Celestial navy became part of the Star army force. This caused the whole lot of them to receive some special education that would enable them to serve under Yamatai such as the computer systems and some mathematics. This was however just a crash course on those subjects and no real effort was made to teach the students really advanced techniques.

After finishing up the crash course, Nathaniel served on a few ships that patrolled near novus. But to his dismay there wasn’t a single time where he could once again fly out and defeat the enemy.

After much discussion he requested transfer to the Yamatai army instead of serving under the Elysian navy. Even though he met some resistance on this subject, most of the board decided that he was allowed to switch between the Elysian navy and The Yamatai Army.

Battle for Yamatai

During the battle of Yamatai Nathaniel suffered some minor injuries, his Hikael however, was damaged beyond repair.

Task Force Lantern

Nathaniel started service on the YSS Motome when the Ryuusei where formed. He did not know why he was picked as a Elysian and noticed there was a lot of Yamatai that seemed to hold some sort of a grudge against him.

During the first mission his suit and subsecuentally his body where invaded by enemy femtomachines causing a quick but painful death. Having no capacity to construct a true Elysian body the choice fell on a modified NH-31 Minkan body. This was not communicated or agreed on by Nathaniel and thus he was unaware about the recent changes to his body.


Nathaniel was assigned to the Task Force Lantern in YE 34.

Skill Areas


Nathaniel is skilled in several areas of combat. He has for instance excellent skills in close range combat when it comes to The Xiphos blades or the Hikael armor. His unarmed, in comparison however, isn’t that great. He does know how to fend for himself if it ever comes to unarmed combat but he isn’t exactly a master at it. But then again it is a rare sight that he is forced “into” melee by the enemy. He is also a capable sharpshooter even though he trained with the Atromos he has no trouble adapting to other rifle style weapons. His skill at small arms is, in comparison to his skills with bigger guns a bit higher. He is capable of utilizing advanced tactics with small arms and has a quick and accurate shot. He is also skilled in the usage of the Hikael armor going as far as having shown to be able to go toe to toe with superior numbers in close range combat. His skill with the Hikael is still the close combat melee but he has shown to be capable of displaying impressive skill with ranged weapons as well.

Technology Operation

Nathaniel is familiar with both the Elysian Operating system and the Yamatai Kessaku operating system, and capable of searching and imputing data in both of them.


Being trained for both the regular infantry, as well as power armor piloting, he has experience with using, and maintaining communication technologies, ranging from simple field radios, till integrated radio transmitters mounted on powered armor and vehicles. He is also capable of writing extensive reports in such way that everybody knows what it is all about. He is also familiar with Cryptography in the sense that he knows how they work and how he can recognize patterns. He is also a capable speaker when the situation asks for it.


Even though Nathaniel isn’t the best at math he is capable of it ranging from Algebra to Trigonometry. He is also very handy when dealing with accounting and statistics.


Nathaniel’s physical skills, surpased that of most Caelisolan soldiers and due to recent events put him on par with Patricians, this is Because of the fact that during his training he was constantly working his way up to beat or at least come close to his Patrician squad mates. Due to the changes to his body, both in the ability to hover and the increased muscle mass of his wings he is now capable of sustained flight for as long as he desires. Time will only tell how much is possible as he still needs to figure this out himself.

Maintenance and repair

Given his past he is capable of maintaining a wide variety of mechanical systems. He is at his best with bulkier items like vehicle engines. But he can also easily repair or at least make makeshift repairs to advanced systems.

Survival and Military

He is known with both the military code of the Yamatai Star Army and The Elysian Navy. Going even as far as knowing how far he can bend the rules without giving himself trouble. He is also a capable of surviving with minimal resources, and is capable of creating anything from a simple fire or a hut from stuff that lies around. Animal hunting is also something that he doesn’t have a problem with. As is with cooking said prey.


Star Army of Yamatai Standard Issue



Nathaniel Kygra is currently a Nitô Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai. He earns a monthly salary of 332 KS.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
2950 KS 50 Datapad
6934 KS 12×332 “3984” 12 Month Salary

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