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Natyli is a player character played by Ace.

Species & Gender: Troll-Hybrid Female
Date of Birth: YE 19
Organization: Psychopomp
Occupation: Combat Medic
Current Placement: Psychopomp

Physical Description

Natyli is 7' tall. She has bright red eyes. Her skintone is lightish gray and grayish blue hair which comes down in a V towards the bridge of her nose and she leaves the bangs a little than shoulder length while the rest is trimmed to be a bobby cut. Her measurments are 36C-25-37. Natyli has defined muscles with a slender build that complement each other. Her favorite outfit is a brown top with grey-green accents and a dark grey straight skirt. Natyli's voice is sweet and bubbly.


Natyli is a very social person and loves to be in the company of others. Her goal in life since the beginning has been to get a good job doing good for people and to find a nice man to marry and start a family with. She can be a party animal when she kicks loose and can knock back more beers than anyone else, or so she boasts. When on duty she is on the verge of being a worry wart with how much she can fuss over her comrades but other than that she will joke around and generally keep everyone's spirits lifted. She is a very hard worker and can be sucked into her work at times forgetting about everything else and needs someone else to pull her out of it. She likes people who get stuff down, take responsibility, and will help out others without thinking of getting anything in return. She dislikes people who try to blame others or avoid work


Natyli was born in YE 19.

Natyli was originally a Nepleslian who worked for Psychopomp as one of their Combat Medics. This changed when during one of the missions she was caught in an explosion from a nearby transport which caused her to lose both of her legs. Now handicapped and unable to continue work in the field Natyli was put to work at one of Psychopomps facilities to treat the wounded who made it back from missions. Romanov felt that Natyli's talents were going to waste so he decided to expand on the Alex cloning project and Psychopomp got started on making a new body for Natyli. Romanov wanted her new body to be tougher than her old one so he decided to use Troll DNA for the base and worked up from there. The body had been successfully finished in YE 38 and Natyli took a year to rehabilitate and get used to her new body. She is now returning to work in the year YE 39 with great prospects and a lot of hope.

Skills Learned


Natyli is fluent in Trade, and Yamatiago. She has a decent understanding of all other known languages due to the wide range of species and people working for Psychopomp and the tendency of the wounded to yell in their native language.


Natyli has a great understanding of biology and anatomy due to her work.


Natyli can do basic cooking, clean, and due laundry as she is often cleaning her own instruments and work place, washing her own bloody clothing and rags, and she usually cooks for herself and her patients.


Natyli uses her knowledge of pressure points and weak points in the body to maximize her hand to hand combat. She also has a good grasp over weaponry but her favorite gun is the shotgun and she prefers axes for melee weapons and usually carries a hatchet on her.

Medical and Science

Natyli has vast knowledge about the medical field and can quickly stitch or sew and perform emergency first aid and surgeries.


Natyli has great endurance, fast running speed, and has basic acrobatic skills due to running around battlefields over a vast variety of environments.

Survival and Military

Natyli possesses basic survival skills as she has gotten into a few jams where she had become cut off from the rest of the forces and had to care for both herself and wounded individuals while in the wild.

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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