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Naveed Hormuzd

Naveed Hormuzd
visual reference pic
Species: Iromakuanhe
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Family (or Creators): Ivuori
Height: 5'9“
Weight: 157
Organization: Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth (Altjira Biomedical)
Occupation: Horticulturalist
Rank: Junior Technician
Current Placement: The Land of Dreamers

Naveed Hormuzd is an approved player character played by paladinrpg and is currently involved in the The Land of Dreamers plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'9” Mass: 157

Build and Skin Colour: Rather tall and thin with flesh-toned skin and plates, he nevertheless has a decent physique for an Ivuori scientist.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Orange eyes that glow like a pair of citrines in his long, drawn face.

Hair Colour and Style: Brown hair, usually worn in a twisted bun wound up inside a scholar's hat or turban that fits comfortably around his head horns.

Distinguishing Features: Naveed's eyes are always looking in the distance in contemplation during his even most mundane of tasks. His brown and white striped horns are also quiet well-tended, as they shine with the obvious hint of polishing work.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Naveed is a very traditional Ivuori scholar, a person who enjoys peaceful pursuit of knowledge amidst the great towers and gardens of the enclaves. But he is also quite wise for his age, his intelligence grounded in practical applications and efficient action. He is always the one to keep calm and cool in any situation, perhaps too much so, and usually has a handy piece of advice or tidbit of Iromakuanhe wisdom to offer his co-workers. Many say he would be quite the good father figure, but as of yet he has had no serious romances or children. Although he is not usually a frivolous person over most personal beauty matters, his long brown head horns are nonetheless polished to a very perfectionist sheen and he secretly takes much pride in them.

Likes: Working with plants & terraforming, logic, study, meditation, hanging tower gardens, theater Dislikes: Loud or obnoxious people, illogical decisions, disorder, unnatural environments, bad architecture Goals: To continue his research to develop biotechnology for Altjira, and perhaps meet a good woman on the way.



Naveed Hormuzd was born in an Ivuori enclave in the northern regions of the planet Hlarai, the second son of three children. His father was an accomplished local merchant and his mother a successful playwright. His parents traveled often on business, though, and he and his siblings were often left to themselves and their teachers while growing up, fostering in each a sense of responsibility and independence from an early age. Though well behaved, Naveed was always caught between the drive of his older sister to follow in her mother's footsteps in the arts and his younger brother's desire to try to take over the family business from dad one day. Though he had studied both in his education as a teenager, Naveed felt that rather than try to emulate his parents that he should strike out in a new direction and carve out his own niche. The question was, then, what would that be?

The beginning of the answer he sought came unexpectedly one night around age 18, during the premier of one of his mother's productions. In attendance there happened to be a most unexpected VIP, one Draren Mhezzil, the son of the CEO of the Altjira Biomedical conglomerate. At that point the young business magnate had not yet taken over the role from his ailing father, and was enjoying some free time to attend the theater in a very Ivuori tradition. During intermission and after the show the two young men met and had an inspired conversation that changed Naveed's life forever. The vision that Mr. Mhezzil spoke of for science and biological progress touched upon the teenager's own latent hobby of gardening while meditating occasionally in the enclaves, something he had never once considered as a career until then.

Latching onto this newfound idea, the young Naveed came to the decision to become a horticulturalist for Altjira Bio. He altered his educational path to acquire the skills to fill this role, and breezed through his master's lessons like never before. His whole family was very proud that he had finally found something to dedicate himself towards like they did, and supported him where they could. Along with a kind word from Draren, the now matured scientist began his career with Altjira in earnest, rising from a simple intern in the AgriBio division to the rank of Junior Technician in only a few short years. This also gave him opportunities to travel throughout the Iruotl system to broaden his horizons and participate in many symposiums & genetic engineering projects that directly impacted the lives of all Iromakuanhe for the better.

The future for for him was definitely looking bright… but what troubles was his passion for work and learning about to lead him into?



Naveed is first and foremost a highly trained and specialized biologist. He has recieved an excellent education from his mentors in all forms of horticulture, botany, agriculture, and terraforming. Genetic engineering of new specie for specific biomes and uses is one task he particularly enjoys. He also is fairly well versed in the all the intricacies of the Iromakuanhe body, as well as the common fauna found across the Iruotl system. If in the wilds away from civilization, he can usually identify beneficial medicinal plants.

Medical & Science

With his broad biological knowledge and understanding of plant compounds and organic chemistry, he can function quite well as a medical technician, even if that branch is not his primary specialty. While not much of a surgeon, his naturalist skillset lends itself quite well to the preparation & administering of pharmacological compounds and other non-invasive holistic methods of treating ailments. In regards to “empathic” healing methods, though, Naveed is rather an amateur, but will not hesitate to resort to its use in serious emergencies.


Naveed is like many Ivuori a masterful scholar, well versed in a variety of topics ranging from Iromakuanhe history, government, law, and social sciences to more esoteric topics such as religion and the philosophy of the dreamers. He is not just a bookworm though, and will do his best to apply this knowledge to a variety of situations to achieve the best and most efficient results possible. He is also known to always have a proverb or two handy for any situation.


Being that he is a member of a major corporation, he has traveled far and wide but always kept in close contact with his associates. Thus he can use most common corporate & civilian communications devices that exist across the Astral Commonwealth. He is fluent in the lingua franca of Saalani, speaking it more so to the level of poetry than his less educated peers, and can understand Haidasari to a degree due to exposure from poetic works and plays that featured its use. In addition, his contact with highly important government programs within the biotech community has led him to develop a working knowledge of the rare language known as 'Trade', a derivative of Nepleslian dialect.

Technology Operations

Being a technician, he is required in his daily tasks to interface with a large number of organic machines for both research, study and experimentation in a variety of ways and can do so with practiced speed. This can include sometimes extensive use of his entry ports for more efficient feedback and data transfer to occur, and his nervous system has been acclimated to handle this strain.

The Arts

Naveed loves attending a good theatrical production, art show or the like, and he himself is also a fairly admirable poet when the inspiration might strike him suddenly. A fondness for gardening also helps him focus on the beauty of the natural world and the symbiosis of the two that fosters a healthy balance. Unlike some of his more aloof peers, he is also a practitioner of several style of martial arts as well, mainly those focusing on breathing, meditation, and flexibility, much like tai chi.


Though he detests violence for its own sake, Naveed knows that sometimes the best solution to a problem is the application of force in an efficient tactical manner. To this degree he is able to wield a pistol offensively if needed, usually aiming to disable and avoid killing the aggressor. His regime of martial arts conditioning also includes some techniques borrowed from the Sund Wakir monks, where blows with the solid bony plates of one's fist, joints, or even stabilizer limbs can be used to great effect to incapacitate an opponent.


  • An ultra mobile pocket computer for transmitting and recording information quickly. Also functions as a communications link.
  • Tools for analysing biological cell & soil samples.
  • A light-duty sidearm in holster for purely personal defense.
  • (other items TBD)


Naveed Hormuzd is currently a Junior Technician in the Altjira Biomedical corporation, part of the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth. He receives a weekly salary of ? per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
12000 KD Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

Exhack expressed a desire for a Naveed/Draren pre-plot RP of the conversation mentioned in backstory.

Iroma bio info tidbits to remember…

  • Float trees - terraforming/environmental maintenance systems that also feed most of the airborne herbivores and omnivores in the IAC.
  • Project Life Culture - an experiment being carried out with the intention to create a viable terraforming method that can be used on even barren planets. It involves seeding a planet with spores that would sporadically develop and create a thick layer of biomass to start the terraforming process.

In the case paladinrpg becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes

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