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Nayacesen Layven

Nayacesen Layven
Nayacesen Layven
Species: Geshrin
Gender: Female
Age: 14(YE 33)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 4'6β€œ
Weight: 95
Bra Size:
Occupation: Yamataian Citizen
Current Placement:

Nayacesen Layven in Roleplay

Nayacesen Layven is a Non-Player Character created by Kyle.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 4'6”
Weight: 95
Bra Size:

Build and Skin Color: White skin with a slight muscularity in her muscles

Facial Features and Eye Color: Has a few bruises on her face from being roughly treated, has green eyes

Hair Color and Style: Hair is a light brown with white streaks through it, cropped back in a ponytail.

Distinguishing Features: Has a birthmark on her right shoulder, and a several black burns on her skin that won't go away.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Layvens personality is that of a typical child, wild, uncontrollable, impolite at times, babyish in some cases and absentminded in others. She has a hatred for bugs and dirty places and thus always tries to wear clean clothing whenever and where-ever she goes

Though she is kind and thoughtful, and tries to display respect to everyone around her, she has a deep hatred for pirates and heavily armored people. She also hates violence with a passion and get's scared easily when someone fires a weapon nearby. Despite that, she tries her hardest not to appear afraid.
She has Acute hemophobia, meaning she fears blood and reacts negatively toward it.

Likes: Being around others, crowds, kids, clean areas.
Dislikes: Violence, bugs, dirty places, blood, hospitals, heavily armored men, people who look down on others, pirates, slave traders.
Goals: To find her older brother, and to rebuild and further her lifestyle as well as pursuing her dream.


Family (or Creators)

Nayacesen Sakura - Age 10 - Revived, living with her.

Nayacesen Takeyu - Age 21 - Alive

Nayacesen Marloke - Age 48 - Deceased

Nayacesen Anya - Age 43 - Deceased


Nayacesen Layven was born aboard the Nayavesen Family Mining ship; because of what her families occupation was, she typically had to help keep the ship running despite her young age.

When Layven was six years old; it was discovered quite by accident that she was hemophobic when she responded very negatively to an injury she sustained when the ship was hit by small asteroids. In order to combat it, she took medicine that would help control her blood pressure and fainting spells, though it didn't always help.

A year after that she began to learn how to use a katana, mostly due to her interest in the art and style that she had heard from some freighter captains who once spoke of Ketsurai Samurai, and how they were one of the deadliest forces to encounter. This caught her eyes, and at the age of nine she began to practice on her own, having read various books about the art that her parents and brother had bought for her.

When she was eleven year old; her families ship was assaulted by pirates and she became separated from her brother when the emergency shuttle in the hanger bay automatically launched without her present. Bloodied, wounded and in a panic, she was later captured by the boarding pirates and turned into a slave; she longs to be free and would rather be with her brother.

YE 33 Mitsuya

In YE 33, Layven was aboard a slaver transport that crashlanded mysteriously on Mitsuya, with the environment being cold and the lower food supplies, Layven generally believed that she wasn't going to survive. However, her thoughts of death got worse when the NMX appeared, but were lightened when a group of Yamatai Soldiers from the YSS Eucharis appeared, she, along with the other slaves, were rescued in the process.

Chiharu Star Fortresss

Now on the Chiharu, Layven is trying to adjust to a life she left behind two years ago, but the trauma of her slavery haunts her. Though, despite her age, she still has the appearence of a twelve year old girl as of YE 33, due to her ordeal. She was able to meet some of her brothers crewmen and feels a slight bond toward one of them she's also developed a large amount of respect for the Taisa of the YSS Eucharis

Yamatai Homeworld

After being on Chiharu for a brief period, she boarded a transport and headed to the Yamatai Homeworld and is staying at a residence owned by Kage Yaichiro. She is currently in the process of recovering from her two years long Slavery treatment and is attempting to get back on her feet. She is also at present a schoolkid.

After several months, Layven is on a slow recovery from her two-three year ordeal of being a slave. Though she is still hemophobic, the phobia is also gradually being cleared over time thanks to her pediatrician and councilor. She is still having nightmares at night, but those have gone down and she still practices with her sword, which helps her take her mind off three year treatment she had to endure. Her small height hasn't presented her any real problems, though most don't realize that she's actually fourteen years old and not twelve like some have come to assume.

She was eventually able to meet Ketsurui Hanako, the captain for the YSS Eucharis. Hanako was responsible for the mission that eventually lead to her rescue, Layven met her just a few days before the NMX dropped Parasites on the homeworld. Although she revealed her desire to be a Ketsurui Samurai, she found herself hesitant and scared about continuing the rest of the conversation, due to her fear that being a child could make it appear that she was being entirely silly.

Layven recieved a shock, after the visit to the palace, she had accompanied her brother to a hospital where Sakura, her younger sister, was recieved from an ST Backup. Layven had been told from the beginning that the body of her younger sister had been found aboard their old ship, so with the body now found, they were able to revive Sakura. Sakura herself was noticably confused and, together with her brother, they spent several days explaining and helping Sakura get used to her new life without her parents.

Parasites on Yamatai

On the fifth day of Sakura being brought back, parasites were deployed on Yamatai. Layven's brother was already at the hotel when this happened. She, along with Sakura, were quickly ushered to a shelter. Layven was able to contact Takeyu to inform him that they were safe, though Layven herself is entirely unsure what will happen next - but she did bring her katana with her in case she needed it…

Back to Normacy

Although the Empire is still recovering, Layven has found herself helping out classmates and her own little sister in understanding what has happened. She still has nightmares, in fact, since the battle she's gotten a whole new kind of nightmare that has left her waking up in the middle of the night sweating and out of breath. Right now, Layven is just desiring that things go back to how they were before the Mishhu attacked.



Because of their location away from most civilized areas; the kids within the Nayacesen family had to learn to defend themselves. Layven prefers to use a katana rather than anything else and is self-taught; she knows how to wield it without harming herself.


Her time aboard her families ship has allowed her to know some bit of communications skills and equipment, she can contact other ships and tune into emergency frequencies usually without others knowing or hide communications.

Technology Operation

Her small size usually means she was able to fit into areas of the ship that her family and other crewmen couldn't. She knows how to operate the ships computer well and, thanks to her father and older brother's teachings can search a computers mainframe with little time. A race between Takeyu and her once showed that she was faster at retrieving information than he was.


Though she lacks the more upper areas of mathematics, due to the sudden capturing by pirates, she knows algebra and at least a small bit of trigonometry, but her best area is in geometry.


Layven has always been an acrobatic; she is a contortionist and thus is very dexterous and flexible. This has given her the great ability to do things others can't. Although she spent a few years as a slave, the ordeal hasn't really effected her physically, she is actually more aware of her surroundings, and has better reflexes.


In order to pass the time; Layven learned to play the flute, though she lacked any sort of musical papers and such to follow - she often created her own music and used it to calm her crew down during stressful situations


Layven may be a child in the eyes of most people; but she isn't stupid. Her upbringing and family have taught her a lot about the nations they enter, she knows the laws of both the Yamatai Star Empire and the United Outer Colonies, though perhaps not as fluently as native born. She is also somewhat aware of her own species history and the events surrounding it, but law seems to be her main interest.


Nayacesen Layven is currently a citizen of Yamatai and has a small allowence of only fifteen KS per week with a max withdrawal from her account of fifty KS per month. She has access to Takeyu's account, but has a limit of only thirty Ks withdrawal per month.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
10000 Ks Gift from Jalen Sune
10015 Ks +15 Allowence
10060 Ks +45 Allowence
9860 Ks 0 -200 Assorted Clothing
9569 Ks -300 Bought two Katana's, one with a practice blade and one without



  • Various outfits, including a formal dress
  • Clothing from her ship, torn and bloodied
  • Sailor dress, used both for school and regular use


OOC Discussions

Artwork was created by Sinziar on DeviantArt. It's paid artwork.

⚠ Please DO NOT use this character without Kyle's permission!!
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