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Takeyu Nayacesen

Nayacesen Takeyu is a player character played by Kyle and is currently involved in the YSS Ryujo plot.

Character Profile
Name: Nayacesen Takeyu
Species: Yamataian
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Yamatai
Mother: Anya Nayacesen, Age 43
Father: Marloke Nayacesen, Age 48
Sister: Sakura Nayacesen, Age 10
Sister: Layven Nayacesen, Age 11
Organization Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation Starship Captain
Rank Chusa
Placement YSS Ryลซjล (Plot)

Physical Description

Height: 5' 4โ€œ
Weight: 158 lbs
Bra Size: NA
Build: Muscular Build with ripped abs
Skin Color: Slightly Darkish
Facial Features, Eye Color: Dark Green eyes, small mustache
Hair Color, Style: military hair cut, light brown
Distinguishing Features: Silver tint in hair

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Tekayu Nayacesen is a calm and gentle person; he's kindhearted, and tries not to prejudge a person based on what they wear or how they present themselves. He tends to dress very messy-like, due to the profession his family was once in.

Although he may appear to not like children at all, based on how he tends to shrug them off at first sight, in reality he has a soft spot and cares deeply due to the deaths of his own siblings. He does, however, have a very aggressive side when he begins to lose and the sight of someone harming a child - will make him turn from being a kind man, to being a devil.

Likes: He likes most foods and ships he comes across, though he loves apples. Dislikes: Anyone willing to harm a child but also the enemies of his organization. Goals: To better himself and to rid himself of a past he would much rather forget.


The information below relates to the history of the character.


Takeyu was born not on a planet, but on his family's mining ship. He grew up, knowing how to operate systems and machines much younger than most children his age, when he turned twenty though life took a tragic turn when pirates assault his families ship.

In an effort to escape the ship; his parents stayed behind to fight off the boarding pirates while he lead his two younger siblings to the escape shuttle. When they group arrived another team of pirates assaulted them, in the ensuing battle his youngest sibling was killed by a blast to the head. He never found out what happened to his other sibling, as the shuttles automated launch sequence engaged and he was blasted out of the hanger bay.

He spent the course of a few months drifting from planet to planet, living off the money he got from various jobs, but eventually he made the choice that the only way to further his lifestyle was join the Star Army and made the transition into a Yamataian body and then on to joining the Star Army to put his families skills to good use and to perhaps one day find his missing sister and maybe even the pirates.

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This character can NOT be adopted by anyone without first talking to its creator.

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