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Neha Dhawan

Neha Dhawan is an NPC controlled by Legix in the ISS Dig-It plot.

Neha Dhawan
Species: Kudhacari
Gender: Female
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Miner
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: ISS Dig-It

Character Description

Neha stands at four feet and nine inches tall, with a curvy and well-filled out frame. She has red and brown-tipped blunt scales covering her head, back, down the outsides of her legs, and her tail. Her chest is a shockingly large D-cup, appearing strange on the short-stacked and tanned woman, while still further casting her wide hips and plump derriere as lustful traits for any human-like being. She often wears a red bra and matching panties underneath a long-sleeve black shirt and tight pants underneath a dark red jumpsuit. Always smirking, she flirts and playfully dances around like a tramp. However, she's loyal to her friends and what she lacks in traditional smarts she makes up for with a silver tongue and plenty of universal street smarts.

History and Relationship Notes

Born in YE 17, Neha was training to lead her family unit as a political-focused member. With such a large family, however, she got drawn into the background and ended up simply taking the mining path in search of strong males among the stars. She would fall for Dhaval by reputation alone while she was still considerably young and took some time before officially connecting with him. Since then, she's put her natural wit and charm toward helping him with business and handling basic mining equipment whenever needed. She's the kind of gal who just wants to enjoy herself and see herself rise up among the stars where she can stand out.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Trade & Kudhacari
  • Mining
  • Technology Operation
  • Starship Operations
  • Rogue
  • Entertainment

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