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Nelew "Nel" Enev'rana

Nelew “Nel” Enev'rana
Visual Data
General Information
Species: Unknown to the universe at large; body is an EP-8m Nej-Gih Mark 1.1 shell (field modified version by Araiah) with KINESI system.
Gender: Biologically and mentally neuter, physically female
Age: Physical: 20 years. Mental: unknown.
Zodiac Sign: None
Family (or Creators): Created by Araiah Jal. Adopted by Lenwe Veneanar
Organization: Lenwë Véneanár
Occupation: Bodyguard, combatant; former IPG Operative
Rank: Colosseum champion
Origin: Damasica (Neo Kohana), her origin is unknown to the universe at large.

Nelew "Nel" Enev'rana in Roleplay

Nelew “Nel” Enev'rana is a Player Character played by MissingNo and is currently in a branch of a self-contained plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 167.6cm (5' 6“) Mass: 72.57kg (160lbs) Measurements: 32/23/32 Bra Size: B

Build and Skin Color: Slender build with chalk white skin.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Soft, but androgynous facial features that are oddly attractive to both genders; yellow eyes.

Hair Color and Style: Jet black, loose bowl-cut.

Distinguishing Features: Aside from her monochrome coloration, Nelew is most known for her tendency to appear in social situations when she senses that she is needed, not a second before and not a second after. Most people find it disturbing, Lenwë finds it amusing. She also happens to be the chromatic opposite of Lenwë. Despite her human ears, people might mistake her for a neko because of her build and mechanical actions. On a scientific level she is a bundle of distinguishing features including her bones, organs, and cellular composition.

Update 02: Though she has kept her coloration for the Colosseum, Nelew has begun exploring her recently-acquired shapeshifting abilities to alter her physical features. Any variation from what is noted here will be described when she appears. Otherwise, this remains her default appearance.

Utilized Physical Aliases: Unknown Yamataian male; a fake series 7-style neko; an NMX neko.

Aliases are unknown to governments unless noted otherwise. Please clear it with me if you wish your government to be able to connect any alias to Nel.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Highly inquisitive and intelligent. Sharp, calculating, and obedient able to follow orders when she judges it appropriate. As a computation-based intelligence, she tends to rely on her senses and data more than most beings. Being essentially a newborn, she also has little in the way of innovation which makes her more likely to follow instructions or examples to the letter and freeze up when something unexpected or outside of her “script” occurs. The NANO brain she possesses may enable her to develop more of a personality as time goes on, as well as creating those traits that she currently lacks, though there are limits on NANO creation that she is unable to bypass in her current state, limiting her development rates. Right now she learns rapidly, but occasionally must forget some things in order to learn others.

Update 01 (IPG Arc): Since joining the IPG, Nelew has added to her personality construction ability and has learned to innovate by finding all possible combinations of a given set of objects or ideas and then determining the most productive ones. This cognitive development is being refined through trial and error, but has overwritten a quarter of her Nepleslian cultural information database that has been deemed “unnecessary” including popular music and entertainment.

Update 02 (Colosseum Arc): Nelew has enabled a minor increase in her ability to retain information, opening up the possibility of a personality.

Update 03 (Tami Arc): Although her experiences on Tami were not particularly personality-developing, Nel took her first steps at interrogation with little success, but some data was gained concerning the stubborness of other sentient lifeforms.

Likes: Finding new and useful information. Dislikes: Useless information. Goals: To perfect her fighting abilities and aid Lenwe in achieving his goals.



To the world at large, all anyone knows is that she abruptly began shadowing Lenwe and it was assumed that she was in his employ, possibly as an aide. Speculation puts her as a former neko or military, but no one knows for sure and there are no records on her anywhere dating prior to her first appearance in the Colosseum. Only a few select Sha'nai and scientists in Lenwe's service know her origin.

From what Lenwe knows, he purchased an (barely) interesting piece of junk from a local fence on Yamatai and sent it to his scientists to try figuring out what it was. The scientists accidentally activated it. After some trial and error and many inconclusive scans (and still unknowing of what they had), the scientists discovered that the “junk” – shaped like an eyeglass case with a small port and three buttons on one end and featureless on all other surfaces – was a device would seem to consume whatever they set before a small port on its face. Believing it to be a power source that needed fuel, they continued to feed it until a body appeared nearby. Lenwe was the first to approach it, touching its shoulder.

The fence had sold the KINESIS maintenance device that a pickpocket had swiped from Araiah, an exiled Melumsi scientist, as he left a Nepleslian spaceport before his fatal flight. The device held a small supply of KINESIS nanites in stasis, programmed to replicate the body that Araiah had been constructing during his time on the YSS Seigi during the Naraku encounter as a precaution after losing his first body during an earlier space battle over Ralfaris.

The MeSh shell and the KINESIS that had appeared were searching for a controlling mind and began attempting to translate Lenwe's mind into itself through his touch. The elf managed to break contact and the shell's systems struggled to correct what it saw as an incomplete transfer by substituting data gathered through sensory input. Thus Nelew was born, utilizing the NANO-tech brain that Araiah had devised to replace the MeSh's standard organic brain and to increase his own computing capacity.

Lenwe was intrigued by Nelew and ordered the scientists to test the shell. As the physical tests became more violent, the KINESIS nanites began showing the results of their self-preservation instincts, increasing Nelew's strength and resilience as they used the body to defend themselves against armed (but unarmored) attackers. Ultimately Lenwe decided that Nelew would make a good bodyguard, if trained correctly, and a champion for his planned Colosseum, so he ordered her instructed in combat techniques.

After the Kohanians had taught her all they knew about combat, it was suggested that she go off-world to find more instruction, especially in the area of what the rest of the universe thought of as “conventional” firearms, but also for further technology training. So Lenwe handed her over to Nepeleslia's Intelligence Pacification Group (IPG) to be trained as an Operative.

Update 01: Nelew's first mission with the IPG was a near-failure on all counts but was salvaged through superior firepower and the IPG clean-up crew. She is trying to find a way to gather the training she needs, but has so far been unable to communicate this objective effectively to her commander.

Update 02: After several further missions with the IPG initiate program and finally acquiring most of the instruction she needed in firearms and computers, Nelew abandoned her position in the IPG by faking her death while on a mission before graduation. Upon returning to Kohana, she was retested and returned to captivity and observation.

The last scientist assigned to study Nelew's origin unwittingly enabled Nel to discover the source of her strength and additional abilities by allowing access to the KINESIS maintenance module. Nelew is now aware of KINESIS and has fully learned to innovate instead of copying things exactly as shown.

Update 03: Nelew tested herself outside of a controlled environment for the first time on Tami after performing some research at Yamatai. The true extent of the KNIESI System's versitility is still unknown to her, but she has tested the limits of its senses and her innovation has uncovered some very useful applications of the system in a warfare environment, particularly in the area of electronic and information warfare.



Moderately trained in hand-to-hand and melee combat with multiple opponents and has a basic knowledge of firearms operation. Knowledge in this area increases gradually with experience and observation, but is currently hindered by Nelew's relative lack of innovation, repetition of effective moves until the enemy has adapted, and tendency to mimic moves exactly. However, she does have access to instructional training in Araiah's Passive Reaction Offense and Defense (PRO-D) fighting style, which was stored with other information inside the KINESIS maintenance device, but has not been made aware of this availability.

Update 01: Nel has received training in Nepleslian martial arts and basic firearms instruction (Pistols, Rifles, Rockets).

Update 02: Nel has learned the PRO-D fighting style.

Engineering, Maintenance, and Repair

Although she has the potential to reproduce any device with sufficient information pertaining to such device and materials for its construction, she is unaware of her synthesis abilities at this time. At the moment, she is aware that she can create armor plates by changing her own body, but doesn't know how to create things separate from herself. Experience is correcting the information deficiency in those areas and she will learn how eventually. Update 01: Nelew can now synthesize matter when provided with sufficient information on the object and adequate matter and energy.

Medical and Science

Nelew is highly educated in this area since she has memorized all medical databases available to Lenwe, as Araiah had done to the Celia database. She specializes in combat-oriented biology such as health indicators and target points, as well as the effects of corrosives and poisons on organisms and materials. Knowledge in this area increases with experience and research. She is also learning to alter her primary body to increase battle efficiency and stamina.


Nelew has obtained instruction on piloting and driving multiple vehicle types (cars, trucks, motorcycles, shuttles) both civilian and special use. Her skill in standard driving practices is moderate, though she can calculate specifics for certain stunts and lacks full knowledge of driving laws.

Species Ability: KINESI System

While the source of her abilities is unknown to everyone, Nelew possesses the KINESI System. While she knows nothing of it and still doesn't know what it is or what its limits are, she was tested and trained extensively after the discovery of her unusual sensory and physical ability enhancements. Over time, she may achieve some level of mastery over it and discover what it is.

Nelew has not discovered all of the uses for the System, but she will gradually uncover more of its applications as she grows in experience and ingenuity. Those applications will be listed here according to her proficiency, from strongest to weakest, as they are learned.

Known Applications (TEMPORARILY OUT OF DATE)

Enhanced Sensory Perception

Nelew can sense (and translate into sight) all EM spectrum wavelengths, but most of the time she restricts herself to just above and just below the visible spectrum to save herself from having to process it all. Her other senses – touch and hearing in particular – are likewise available to extremes, but limited by her willingness to process the information flood. She will often ignore most, or even all, sensory input completely until she believes she needs to use them, or if a sense is constantly delivering “white-noise” data. This is never the case when she is on active alert.

Despite the acronym “ESP”, Nelew is not psychic.

Speed burst

KINESIS takes over reactions momentarily and enables high-speed dodging. She cannot use this offensively or consciously, it just happens. However, it is very accurate and its instinctual nature makes it very useful.

Energy Charge

An “Energy PSI: Control” application, Nelew can generate and control energy discharges of varied strength channeled through her body. She does not use this often because she lack control over the discharges and they create a lot of wasted (misdirected) energy and drain her reserves quickly. Also, if the tests are any indication, if she lost control of one charged to her current limit, it would devastate an alarmingly extensive area.

Energy Stream

Another E-PSI app, this one involves taking external charges and redirecting them, but she must be aware of the incoming energy and its type in order to redirect it otherwise the energy will have its normal effect. This application has a concentration requirement relative to the extent of the manipulation and whether she intends to alter the energy type but it can be done in high-stress situations, unlike shape shifting.

Shape Shifting

A “Matter PSI: Synthesis” application, Nelew's shape shifting enables the complete alteration of her physical form. She can make changes as simple as changing the color of her skin to fully copying another person's appearance and can learn to make solid weapons (bladed and bludgeoning, nothing with moving parts) from her body. She can only shapeshift when unstressed due to the concentration needed, which varies according to the extent of the alteration. Simple color changes can be done slowly on the fly, full changes require at least one minute.

Natural Armor

Natural Armor is a limited variation of shape shifting. Nelew's skin develops chitinous plates that deflect minor arms fire – not point blank shots – and protect her from melee attacks. It is not self-renewing and she can only synth the armor before combat as it takes concentration to do so. Likewise, she cannot dismiss it during combat; if she has it, she's stuck with it until she can find a place to hide and recoup. She often fights with minor or no armor, especially when facing multiple opponents, reserving full armor for non-offensive stances or fire-fights where cover is available and maneuverability is minimal. Full armor restricts her tactile and visual senses, which are compensated for by the auditory and olfactory senses.

NOTE: PSI (or “Primary State Interaction”, the primary states being matter and energy) are two of three master divisions of KINESIS applications. The two are “Matter PSI” and “Energy PSI”, with the third referred to as “ESP” (Enhanced Sensory Perception).

Technology Operation

Nelew can operate anything not running Windows after observing another person using the system, be it mechanical or electronic. At this time she can only perform the operations that she observes, but when she learns to innovate she could make a masterful hacker.

Update 03: Infiltration and electronic warfare techniques tested and increased.


1 set of fatigues (boots, Socks, pants, underclothes, belt, shirt, jacket, cap) DESTROYED 2 sets of wrist-mounted throwing blades (15 blades each) 1 datapad Various articles of casual clothes: One pair of loose pants, two T-Shirts, one skirt, seven pairs of Socks and other underclothes, two pairs of shoes 1 Training jerkin and britches with leg wraps 1 Kohanian monks' robe


Nelew “Nel” Enev'rana is currently in the employ of Lenwë Véneanár. She does not receive a weekly salary as Lenwe provides for her.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
0 KS Starting Funds


Nelew Enev'Rana as designed in Soul Caliber 4. Nel in her IPG uniform. Chibi Nel (by

OOC Information

Character created and played by MissingNo. Limited NPC use by express permission only, valid only for the OOC time-frame given at the time of agreement.

EDIT NOTES: Redid the bio using the Auto-Template. Made some additions for recent developments, but also altered her KINISI knowledge. It used to say that she knew about the system's presence, but as she has been played so far she does not know of the System, just that she has abilities above normal. The discovery of the System will be a later development.

EDIT NOTES 2: Nelew now knows of KINESIS. Article edited for format by Wes.

EDIT NOTES, 2012-06-26: Updates now indicate the relevant story arc, as follows:

Original text: Newborn Arc Thread 1/3, (Thread temporarily lost; search in progress.) Thread 2/3, [New Kohana, The Capitol Ciy] Results Thread 3/3, [New Kohana] Learning Experiences

UPDATE 01: IPG Arc Thread 1/3, [IPG Operators] Breaking Blood Explosion Extraordinaire! Thread 2/3, [IPG Operators] (Insert Title Here) Thread 3/3, [IPG Operators] Preliminary Affairs

UPDATE 02: Colosseum Arc Thread 1/2, [Various] We get signal... Thread 2/2, [Kohana] (sic) A Wanderer turns Warrior

UPDATE 03: Tami Arc Thread 1/3, [New Kohana] War, and rumors of war... Thread 2/3, [Yamatai, Central Uersureya] In Memory of the Fallen Thread 3/3, [Tami] Designs of the Wicked

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