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General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Helashio Height: 165 cm (5'5โ€œ)
Gender: Female Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs)
Age: 1 Measurements: 98-65-86 (38-26-34)
Owner: Korr'ih "Chambers" Yann Fyunnen Bra Size: D
Occupation: Servant Eyes: Teal
Rank: N/A Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Current Assignment: LSDF Trishka

Nettle is an NPC played by Revolver

Physical Characteristics

Description: Nettle was cloned to be a young looking Helasio, around fourteen to sixteen in Geshrin years. She has healthy cheeks and is a little pudgy around the waist, arms and legs. Hair Color and Style: Her hair is wavy and blonde with a reddish-pink hue that just barely reaches her shoulders. Distinguishing Features: Her fuzzy pig-like ears on either side of her head, a monkey-like tail and her identifying barcode tattoo.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Nettle is very submissive, having been trained as a slave. Though, she does have bouts of curiosity that get the better of her. Likes: Following her master's orders, making sure that they are pleased and that their needs are taken care of. Knowing exactly what she should be doing at any particular point in time. Exploring new places. Being praised and having her head patted. Treats! Nettle loves to nibble and eat all sorts of different foods. Sweets and meats and greens and fruits. Dislikes: Not having proper orders to deal with a given situation. Not being prepared for unknown events in general. Being caught doing something or being somewhere she shouldn't. Fish, curry, and anything that tastes bland. Goals: To attend to her master's every whim in such a way that they need not even ask or give command to have their wishes fufilled.


Family: Nettle is not aware of any immediate family she may or may not have.

A newly ordered and cloned Helashio intended as a gift from the Fyuunen princess to Commander Chambers of the LSDF Trishka, Nettle has been trained and fitted with a collar and is awaiting delivery to her new home and Master.


Art: While not necessarily a gifted indvidual, Nettle shows interest and talent in sculpting. Mainly with pliant materials such as clay or soft polymers that can be shaped with her hands.

Culinary: Nettle's true expertise is in the kitchen. She loves not only to eat, but to prepare and serve many types of Lorath and Helashio dishes. With a finely-tuned nose and tongue for complimentary tastes, Nettle can whip up delicious meals without the need of a cookbook or recipe.

Domestic: Cooking, cleaning and general housekeeping are all elementary skills ingrained in Nettle's mind. One of the more important, but perhaps less glamourous, duties of a good slave is to keep the Master's domicile clean and their clothes fresh.

Entertainment: In being created to be a slave, Nettle is familiar with the more notorious duties of a Helashio in service to the Lorath. Having the training to care and please her Master, Nettle is knowledgable in a variety of techniques and exercises focused on pleasure, relaxation, and entertainment.

Knowledge: With her intended position, Nettle was not given a whole lot of book smarts as part of her education. This causes her to be quite curious about some things and can get her into trouble. This doesn't mean that she's stupid by any means, the Helashio can be quite bright and has the capacity to be fairly intelligent, should she get the training.

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