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Nicholas Clarke

Nicholas Clarke is a player character played by Shammy.

Nicholas Clarke
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5'11“ or 180.3cm
Weight: 164lbs or 74.3kg
Organization: Freelancer
Occupation: Rookie Bounty Hunter
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Bounty Hunts
“Theme” Song El Dorado - TSFH

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'11” or 180.3cm
  • Mass: 174lbs or 78.5kg
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Nicholas has toned muscles, from his job, and exercises that he performs each day. He has peach-toned skin color.

Eyes and Facial Features: Nicholas has dark sea blue eyes. His face is mostly clear of facial hair, but a persistent cropping of small hairs remain along his chin. He has a strong jawline.

Ears: Nicholas's right ear is cybernetic, while his left is organic. Both are somewhat pointed.

Hair Color and Style: Nicholas has shaggy jet-black hair, as he doesn't do much with it besides cut it every now and then.

Distinguishing Features: Besides than having a cybernetic ear, as his right ear was shot during a mission gone sour, Nicholas dragon tattoo that curls around his entire left arm. Said tattoo is completely black, excluding the blue flames bursting from the dragons maw. He has a cross-hair tattoo on his right hands palm.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Nicholas is a quiet person, though not necessarily a loner. He is wary of individuals he does not know, as he has some lingering fears of gang members still searching for him. He is direct and to the point when speaking, but will make occasional jests at circumstances or subjects. He has never known any sort of close friendship or family, and doesn't know how to react to such. When he is on a bounty hunt, he has a sort of anxiousness that is replaced by calmness once the target has been located, and/or eliminated. He often muses to himself when writing, usually throwing ideas in the air. He is also surprisingly well-spoken, and acts much like a true “gentleman”, pleasantries and all. Though intially he put on the guise of a gentleman to help throw any pursuers off his trail, it has become part of him.

  • Likes: Writing, Lining up the Shot, Myths, Humor, Politeness, Heights, Climbing, Cities, Music
  • Dislikes: Missing, Large Open Spaces, Space, Most Alcohols, Rude People
  • Goals: Become wealthy from bounty hunting, and retire to luxury. Finally Complete a Story that he writes. Learn how to play that guitar he got.


Family (or Creators)

- Father - Unknown - Mother - Unknown

Nicholas doesn't remember either of his parents, left to be an orphan.


Nicholas was an orphan from the start, and grew up on the streets of Nepleslia. He scraped by with theft, scavenging, and some begging, joining a gang in his teens, and learned some tools of the trade, like how to fire weapons, and how to kill, and slowly rose through the gang. He turned to bounty hunting after killing the gangs leader for the bounty on his head, and he fled from the remaining gang members following the incident. After spending a small time in hiding, he is roaming once more, hunting for more targets.

Nicholas Clarke



Nicholas speaks and writes Nepleslian fluently, and can operate communication devices such as radios, phones, headsets, and other basic communication devices.


Nicholas is a sniper, so it was essential early on to learn some stealth techniques. He has practiced moving silently, and blending with a crowd, which is a skill he developed by escaping pursuers after being discovered. He can also use his talent in writing, to create forged documents, that would fool anyone who doesn't look too closely.


Nicholas exercises nearly everyday to keep a toned physique. He has strong upper body strength from handling the recoil from a sniper rifle, and climbing tall buildings, to reach a good vantage point. He can run relatively fast, which is just as useful as blending with a crowd when escaping.


Nicholas is a marksman, and keeps his enemies at range. He can identify good vantage points for picking off his target. He has more “training” with a sniper type weapon than any other, and he will usually use a sniper if circumstances allow. He is knows how to operate other weapons, and is a decent hand-to-hand combatant, though it doesn't usually come down to a fist fight if he can help it.

Survival/Basic Medical

Nicholas has been alone nearly his entire life, and knows how to stay alive. In addition to finding food, navigation, and building shelters, Nicholas knows how to hide. This proved useful when younger, but proves deadly now. He can find hiding spots at a moments notice, and uses these to shake off pursuers, and hide himself when lining up a shot at his target. He also knows some basic medical techniques, like patching bullet wounds, scratches, and other small wounds.

Weapons Maintenance and Repair

Nicholas has spent time studying his weapons, and how they work. He can fix most problems with any of his weapons, but can generally fix any weapon using the same mechanics.


Though his “job” is hunting people down for money, Nicholas enjoys writing, and is usually found writing in his leather-bound journal in his free-time. This also helps when he needs to go incognito, as it is easy for him to pose as a traveling author. Though he writes quite a bit, a constant bane is he never finishes a story, which irritates him to no end. He keeps his various unfinished stories in his messenger bag that he carries most of his personal stuff in.


Combat Gear

Nicholas Clarke has the following items:

Personal Gear


  • Black Duster Coat, White Highlights
  • Pair of Black Pants
  • Pair of Khaki Pants
  • 2 Pairs of Dark Blue Carpenter Pants
  • 2 White Short-Sleeved Shirts
  • 2 Black Short-Sleeved Shirts
  • Brown Sneakers

Other (Mostly from Giveaways)


Nicholas Clarke is currently a N/A in the Freelancer.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
1754 DA 4246 DA Weapons, Armor, Clothing, Gadgets
4254 DA 2500 DA Bounty Pay
1104 DA 3150 DA Styrling Longbolt, and stuff

OOC Discussion

Under no Circumstances is this character allowed to be 'adopted' or otherwise controlled without my permission, Sham

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