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Nicholas Saiga

Nicholas Saiga is one of raz's player characters.

Saiga-chusa in YE42, just before the Third Battle of Nataria Nicholas Saiga 「雑賀 ニコラス」
Saiga-chusa, Hime no yōjinbō Saiga1), The Terror of Hyulughflar
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Geshrin Age: 32
Gender: Male Height: 190.5cm (6'3“)
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai Weight: 98kg (217 lbs)
Occupation: Command/Intelligence Eyes: Emerald Green
Rank: Chusa Hair: Black
Current Assignment: SAINT


Saiga is a tall, athletic Geshrin with pale skin and shaggy black hair that he wears pushed back. He has a handsome face dominated by vivid emerald green eyes. While he is clearly of Yamataian stock, the Nepleslian ancestry handed down by his father shows through in Saiga's rectangular jaw and refined, slightly turned-up nose.

Despite his good looks, most people have trouble remembering Saiga's face, leaving him easily forgotten to those not paying attention. This quality has proven itself a boon to the Geshrin's intelligence career. He bears a traditional Yamataian irezumi tattoo sleeve that covers his right arm with oriole feathers and manifestations of ancestors and fortunes.

As all Saiga men, Nick carries a paired katana and wakizashi daisho. These weapons usually remain stowed in whatever quarters he is assigned, though he has been known to utilize both swords when on mission. His preferred sidearm is the same Type 28 submachinegun he's carried on a shoulder sling since his days as a heisho on the YSS Goban.

Psychological Characteristics

Although Saiga comes across as somewhat haughty due to his patrician upbringing, he is a generally compassionate and trusting person, if not a stern commanding officer. Although hardened by the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, he began his career as an enlisted recruit and has traveled throughout the sector and beyond in the ten years since. He values all the universe has to offer and seeks to protect it when possible. Like all members of the Saiga Clan, he is a fanatical Imperial loyalist.

Saiga is always confident in his own skill, but only brags when challenged and is modest when praised. Any duty bestowed upon him is pursued with the utmost determination until he is relieved of it. Now a chusa, he has fulfilled his dream of becoming an officer and of serving with Star Army Intelligence.

He enjoys a good Nepleslian whiskey or Tatianian sake from time to time, but is no drunkard. Saiga is also very discreet with regard to romance and relationships, and dislikes others knowing about his interpersonal exploits. An avid reader and scholar, he is skilled at analysis and playing war games, though practices real military strategy more often these days. Rarely, he can be found studying old star maps for hours and learning about far off and scantly known star systems on the edge of known space. Due to his strict courtly upbringing, Saiga knows Yamataian Imperial etiquette well and usually addresses others with the proper Yamataigo honorific.

Taking the podium once more, Yui looked over the crowd before starting. “Every good captain has a good crew behind her and if she's luckily, at the head of that crew will be a fine first officer. Taisa Endo is very lucky. That's why before I go; I am hereby promoting Nicholas Saiga from Taii to Shosa. “Saiga's dedication, bravery, and service reflect great credit upon himself, his ship, and the Star Army of Yamatai.” YSS Senbu, Episode 18

Service Record

See: Nicholas Saiga's History

Saiga is a Chusa who joined the Star Army of Yamatai in YE 28. Since enlisting as a communications technician, he has risen through the ranks and served as First Officer and Captain. He was inducted into Star Army Intelligence at the outbreak of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and was trained as an Intelligence Operative then. Today, he commands a team of elite Nekovalkyrja soldiers.

Santô Hei

Ittô Hei

Heicho/Nitô Heisho

Shoi Kohosei

  • Communications Officer, YSS Senbu NR-X1-10 (YE 30)


  • First Officer, YSS Senbu NR-X1-10 (YE 30)


  • First Officer, YSS Senbu NR-X1-10 (YE 30)
  • Commander, 482nd SAINT Strategic Operations Battalion (YE 31)


Shôshô (Provisional)


YSS//Mikomi// YSS //Senbu// SAINT YSS //Hokorimasu// YSS //Asamoya// Tenth Fleet YSS //Eucharis// YSS //Kaiyō II//


  • Communication
  • Information Technology
  • Knowledge
    • Intelligence Analysis
    • History of the Kikyo Sector
    • Laws of the Kikyo Sector
  • Fighting and Physical
    • Pistols
    • Type 28 SMG
    • Unarmed Combat
    • Kenjutsu
  • Rogue
    • Subterfuge (SAINT)
    • Manipulation
  • Starship Operations
    • Helm
    • Navigation
  • Mathematics
  • Leadership
    • Starship Command
    • Small Unit Tactics
    • HUMINT Operations
    • Ambush Tactics

Power Armor Loadouts

Mindy M2-4

Ke-M2-4 Series "Mindy" Armor

Left Shoulder Dorsal Right Shoulder
Mindy Shoulder Capacitor Leader Support Pack Aetheric Pulse Cannon
Left Hand utility/cargo Right Hand
Forearm Shield with 1 extra BU-M20 magazine Butt Pack with Survival Kit Aether/Scalar SMG (no blade)
Left Waist Leg Pods Right Waist
Plasma Blade Countermeasure Augmentation Pods Type 28 SMG + 2 extra magazines

In the case raz becomes inactive:

Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO.

Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

In Yamataigo, “姫の用心棒雑賀” translates to “Princess Bodyguard Saika,” a derisive title he's earned among SAINT field operatives due to his numerous and frequent assignments alongside a succession of Ketsurui princesses.

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