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Night Watches Over

Night Watches Over is a Kee'Awloo and native of Damasica (Neo Kohana).

Species: Kohanian (Anubian Jackal)
Gender: Male
Age: Created to be 60
Height: 6'0โ€œ (xxx.xx cm)
Weight: 196 lb (xx.xx kg)
Organization none
Rank Master
Occupation Protector of the People
Current Placement n/a

Night Watches Over in Roleplay



Father: Rolling Lightning

Mother: Falling Winter Snow


Mentor: Gnarlpaw

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'0

Mass: 196lbs

Build and Skin Colour: Night is old, but far from feeble. His life of hard work and practicing good living have kept his build lithe and athletic. His smooth black pelt has faded slightly with age.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Night's facial features are still sharp, possibly even looking a little emaciated. Eyes are a soft yellow, like melted gold.

Hair Colour and Style: Night's hair is a salt and pepper grey, pulled back into a long queue braid that falls past his tail.

Distinguishing Features: The Kohanian's most distinguishing features are his long braid, which is held tight with a gold clip inlaid with three deep blue sapphires, his right ear is missing the tip from where he was attacked during his rite of passage, and a scar that runs from his right breastbone to his left hip from a sparring accident in the courtyard of his temple.

Psychological Profile

Personality: Night Watches Over is a very quiet contemplative sort of person. He enjoys watching others just to study how they move, act, or speak. His many perceived years of training under the Kee'Awloo monks has trained him to be this way, and he believes that if more people would do so, more knowledge would be passed between races. He is quick to anger at those who believe themselves too good to follow the orders of a superior, or have no respect for their surroundings. Night spends most of the time not used for watching others, to meditate and practice what he has learned.

Likes: Meditating, red meat, hand to hand combat, learning all he can about other cultures.

Dislikes: Cowardice, dishonesty, fish, people who overstep their knowledge and status.

Goals: To find a way to restore his people to the prosperity they once enjoyed.


Night was born to one of the more affluent families of Neo Kohana. He lived most of his life never wanting for anything, as his family were some of the first inhabitants of the new planet. He grew up having the best training from the Kee'Awloo monks, up until his rite of passage.

While out in the forest, the young male forgot to hang his food supplies from a tree, and attracted the attention of a rather large pack of wolves. Night fought as best he could, but without any weapons, he soon fell to the mighty beasts of the forest. He would have died there, but a wolven monk found him badly hurt from the fight. The monk had watched the young man fight, and was impressed. Though it went against the rules of the rite, the monk healed Night and sent him on his way. It wasn't until after he returned that Night found out that the monk who had saved his life, was none other than Gnarlpaw himself, the true Avatar of Kohana.

Night did not feel right about lying and saying that he had passed the test on his own, so he volunteered to take a much more difficult rite to prove himself worthy. He was sent on a journey to the farthest north temple, where he was to train, if he survived the bitter cold, and sheer cliff face climbing to get there. Night set out with a fire of determination within him and made it to his new home, where he swore himself to a life of a wandering protector of his people. In return for the oath, he was trained in many of the arts thought dead to his people, and their ancestors, the Fenyaro.

Since his graduation, Night has spent his life wandering the forests and plains of Neo Kohana, gathering knowledge and searching for ways to better his people.


  • Fighting: After he passed his rite of passage, Night went directly into the service of the monks of his village. With this service came the benefit of them teaching him how to fight using just his paws, or with many weapons common on Neo Kohana. Night became proficient with hand to hand combat, but also with long and short bows, as well as traditional longswords.
  • Survival and Military: One of the many traits that all Kohanians must prove is their ability to survive in the wilds without aide. At the age of 12, Night was taken in the night by the monks of his village and brought out into the wildest part of the forest to be left there. If a pup survives, they are welcomed into the clan and village with a feast of celebration. If he didn't survive, he proved unworthy to be part of the Kee'Awloo.
  • Domestic: Being the first of many children, when he was not training with the monks, Night would spend his time looking after his little brothers and sisters. He learned how to keep a house as well, from washing clothes, to the nutrition a pup would need to grow and mature.
  • Entertainment: As an extracurricular activity, Night loved to take the knowledge he gained in the libraries of the Kee'Awloo, and go out to villages nearby to tell, or even act out with his fellow students, great stories of his people's past. The jackal soon got so good, that he and two of his friends took a trip to the palace to perform for Her Excellency, Lady Laughing Rain.
  • Physical: Growing up as he did, Night had to learn how to both use his body as a weapon, but also as a means of escape. His knowledge of combat and survival honed his fight or flight reflex, and after a bit more meditation and concentration, he learned how to use his animal instincts to run faster, for longer.
  • Knowledge: Night was always fascinated by the stories of his people, and the legends that had been created about the world around him. It was this interest that had caught the eye of his Masters. They took the boy aside and asked if he would be interested in learning the stories himself, to tell to others of the village and the world. The young Kohanian lept at the chance, and soon began to spend his days in the libraries under the temple, poring over scrolls and books detailing everything from diplomatic relations, to mythical beasts believed to inhabit the wilds of Neo Kohana.
  • Magic: While studying in the library, Night found many scrolls who's wax seal had not been broken. When he brought them to his Masters, they told him that it was ancient knowledge kept here for safety, that the information contained granted amazing power. Night asked to be trained in whatever was contained, and from that learned rituals to shift his body from Kohanian to full animal. Also he gained the ability to control the wind to carry his arrows further and faster, shield himself from attack, or even manipulate sound.

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