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Nightraider Piat Baker 95-1809-0103

Nightraider Piat Baker 95-1809-0103 is a player character played by Born-on-board.

Nightraider Piat Baker 95-1809-0103
Species: Type 3 Synthetic Intelligence
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
Weight: 200 lbs
Organization: Civilian
Occupation: None
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
  • Mass: 200 lbs
  • Measurements: Malleable.

Build and Skin Color: Piat's build is normally slim. Her synthskin allows her to change 'soft' parts like bust size, thigh size, etc. Her default skin color is a light brown. Again, this is changeable. Her out-of-proportion weight comes from her endoskeleton, which is reinforced specifically to handle the rigors of combat.

Eyes and Facial Features: Piat can change her eye color, but she defaults to a vibrant yellow. Her face's default configuration has been described as 'delicate' or 'doll-like', with small, full lips, a slightly upturned nose, and large, child-like eyes. Her chin comes to a narrow point. Her eyebrows naturally angle down towards her eyes, making her default expression look mildly angry.

Ears: Default ear configuration is normal, human ears.

Hair Color and Style: Her default hair is a neutral white, cut into a short bob.

Distinguishing Features: Piat is an android endoskeleton covered in a malleable synthetic skin layer. She can change things like skin color, hair color, hair length, fatty deposits and cartilage concentrations (i.e., bust size, facial features, practically anything that doesn't involve modification to her mechanical endoskeleton or cogitation circuits.)

Her vision has a HUD overlay, that provides a visual depiction of literally everything her mind keeps track of, allowing her a convenient visual method of organizing her thoughts and plans.

Her right arm can 'split' open, producing a rail-driven, thermic tungsten pile bunker integrated weapon.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Piat's personality was carefully crafted by the Freespacers that designed her to be the perfect warrior - calm, collected, but not prone to either extreme of personality outside of combat. In a calm situation, she is polite, genial, and honestly somewhat boring. That was the intention, at least. Piat tends to be fiery and overbearing, convince of her superiority as a combat platform.

In combat, her personality destabilizes, despite the best efforts of her designers - she operates in a sort of hysteria, prone to maniacal displays (laughing during automatic weapons fire, cursing at targets that escape her, etc).

Outside of combat, she finds human displays extremely interesting, purposefully copying behaviors she sees even when they serve no purpose to her (wearing glasses, wearing a watch, attempting to cry,etc). Often 'people watches' with great intensity, taking care that her targets take no notice of her.

  • Likes: Human beings (and other sentients), Displays of emotion, Cheesy Movies, Clothes shopping
  • Dislikes: Being alone, failing
  • Goals: Become indistinguishable from a normal person


Family (or Creators)

Project Nightraider (creators, an anonymous, now disbanded group of freespacers intent on creating 'the perfect soldier')


Occasionally, the treaty allying the Freespacers and the DIoN produces some strange historical footnotes. One of these was Project Nightraider, a potential weapon proposed to the Nepleslian government by an anonymous cabal of Freespacers, who had gone as far as creating a fully functional prototype for evaluation.

This group, named Project Nightraider, had conducted a largely haphazard, unofficial evaluation of SAoY and DIoN military forces (according to the group, due to a hypothetical wargame scenario [read: a polysentience thread entitled, and I quote, 'Who Wud Win in a Fite?']) and concluded that the DIoN was at a *huge* disadvantage, for they relied on largely unmodified humans to do the bulk of their soldiering.

Project Nightraider's reasoning, narrow-minded and unmindful of greater military tactics and strategy as a whole, concluded that the Nepleslian military would benefit greatly from a 'Nekovalkyrja equivalent', citing that although soldiers produced by the ID-SOL program were capable, powerful fighters, they no longer even approached the main population of the Nepleslian military, and indeed, were no longer in production.

So, a soldier was designed. Combining a synthetic intelligence built specifically to relish and perfect all forms of warfare, combined with a body that they felt had all the necessary features to be a successful commando fresh out of the box, Nightraider Piat Baker 95-1803-0103 was born.

Although the design phase of her creation went smoothly, the production and implementation phase did not. One member of Nighraider was reported to have left in anger over the implementation of Piat's thermic pile-bunker, citing that (and I quote) 'ther's no fcuking way u'd need a pilebnkr 4 infiltrating you retards', but despite such hiccups, Piat was a resounding success to the remaining members of their group.

However, the DIoN did not feel the same way, rejecting their proposal to adopt the Nightraider combat android as a platform. The nepleslian military has always been suspicious of manufactured soldiers, citing to Project Nightraider that it was irresponsible to leave the defense of a nation primarily in the hands of those who did not choose to defend it.

Project Nightraider disbanded shortly afterwards, leaving Piat to fend for herself.



Piat only speaks trade. Project nightraider deemed other languages 'unimportant' at the design level, but did not rule out the need to learn new languages in the future. Piat can also use most any form of civilian communication device, and most older military systems (Project nightraider was unable to acquire data on current, in-develop military systems without attempting to crack military databases - an unwise move if they'd hoped to have their proposal accepted.)


What she was built for. Piat is fast, agile, and hard-hitting, especially with her integrated pile-bunker. Also capable of using most small-arms, and most forms of hand-to-hand fighting. Her visual HUD also lets her cycle through several types of combat enhancing vision types, including infrared, thermal, nigthvision, and x-ray.


An enthusiastic, if naive practitioner of human nature. Piat's bigest desire is to become indistinguishable from a human being, and takes any opportunity to seem more organic, a quirk of her SI.


A capable infiltration expert. Piat can alter her skin color, hair length, facial features, bust size, etc. to appear completely different for plainclothes intelligence gathering. She can also use this feature as a sort of active camouflage, her skin, hair, and eye pigment constantly changing to exactly mirror her surroundings, but the act is difficult and tiring. Cannot be maintained on the move.


Nightraider Piat Baker 95-1803-0103 has the following items:

OOC Discussion

This profile needs more work. Skills and such. And an inventory. And maybe more history after Project Nightraider abandoned her.


* Piat's name comes from two famous british weapons, the PIAT anti-tank rocket, and the Baker rifle.

* Piat's serial number is the regiment and date that Rifleman Thomas Plunkett (of the 95th rifles) shot Général de Brigade Auguste-Marie-François Colbert at 600 meters with a Baker rifle.

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