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Nigrum Alis

Nigrum Alis is a player character played by elfensfinest.

Nigrum Alis
Species & Gender: Male Elysian
Date of Birth: 13日 6月 YE 23
Organization: N/A
Occupation: Fighter Pilot/Engineer
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: ISS-Brimstone

Physical Description

Nigrum Alis is a Caelisolan Elysian. His hair and wings are jet black, with his eyes being a shade of dark grey. In a stark contrast his skin is extremely pale, sometimes bordering on an unnatural level. His wings are abnormally large, amplified by his below average height of 5'5. In most cases they end up being awkward and in the way of most situations. His chest and stomach are littered with scars, evidence of a life of fighting.


Nigrum Alis Is usually a quirky, cheerful person, with a sense of humor that occasionally goes slightly too far. When he's not joking around, however, Nigrum Alis is incredibly empathetic, able to relate with almost anyone he meets and is usually able to help with some kind words as well. He has a knack for engineering, piloting and swordplay, traits which he picked up in his incredible journey of a lifetime. He is rather resistant to share his past, not wishing to remain on some of the worse parts. He is also known to at some points to be mischievous, known to steal small items and use the weaknesses of others in emotional conflicts. Nigrum also suffers from PTSD due to his particularly violent past, with nightmares common and flashbacks, while not so common, still appearing with certain tasks.


Nigrum Alis was born to two Elysian parents on a small shipping freighter. His parents were known for transporting strange and odd goods most other devilry companies would not. His parents taught him how to pilot and haggle at a young age, hoping he would grow to continue on their business. This however never came to be. At the age of eight, after his parents had agreed to transport an exotic alien to a buyer, the creature escaped and slaughtered his parents. Acting quickly, Nigrum managed to lure the creature into the airlock and launch it into space. He quickly set on the ship's distress beacon and attempted to pilot it to the nearest spaceport. This also failed as the ship was quickly intercepted by a slaver ship. Seeing the opportunity to gain a large sum, the pirates took Nigrum and sold him to a fighting arena, using his Elysian biology as an excuse to get a bonus.

After being sold, Nigrum Alis spent 6 years fighting in the arenas, using two sharp metal plates as makeshift 'swords'. He was battered and bruised often, the marks visible still to this day. His ability to fly and his skill with his makeshift weapons made him valuable though, able to defeat most opponents sent his way. Two years ago however, Nigrum Alis was left unshackled and unguarded in the station. Not wishing to stay any longer, he quickly ran to the shuttle bay of the station, killing guards and freeing fellow prisoners. After reaching a amassing a group of twenty, they jumped onto a shuttle and booked it to the nearest colony. The fighters parted ways, leaving Nigrum Alis the ship, which he has used for the massed two years at basic transport to complete the odd jobs he's lived off of.

Skills Learned

Piloting Swordplay Engineering Emotional Support

Social Connections

Nigrum Alis is connected to:

The 20 other slaves that escaped with him

Fabricae Alis (Deceased Mother)

Fortis Alis (Deceased Father)

Inventory & Finance

Nigrum Alis has the following:

1x Kuma Shuttle

2x homemade 'Swords'

1x Golden Retriever Dog (Name:Sam)

1x Locket of his dead parents

Set of technician's tools

Nigrum Alis currently has 100 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by elfensfinest on 02, 19 2018 at 21:18.

In the case elfensfinest becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
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