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Neko, Niji

Neko, Niji is a player character played by Valiantvan.

  Neko, Niji  
  Species:    NH-33 Nekovalkyrja  
  Gender:    Female  
  Age:    1  
  Height:    165.1cm (5'5“)  
  Weight:    45.395kg (100lbs)  
  Organization:    Star Army of Yamatai  
  Occupation:    Infantry  
  Rank:    Santo Hei  
  Current Placement:      

Preferred Plots

  - YSS Soyokaze

Physical Characteristics

  * Height: 165.1cm (5'5”)   * Mass: 45.395kg (100lbs)   * Measurements: 35C-24-34

Build and Skin Color: Slight, boyishly cute build. A wirey, muscular sculpture with the added female bits of curves and hips thrown in the equation. Platinum pigmentation of the skin giving her a metallic appearence.

Eyes and Facial Features: Molten orbs of gold socketed into a somewhat mix of handsome and cherubic facial features.

Ears: Basic cat ears. Same pigmentation as skin.

Hair Color and Style: Bowl-cut just barely above shoulders. Metallic gold intermixed with silver.

Distinguishing Features: Suprisingly enough, a tail. For balance, mind.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Deemed somewhat cold by those she has inteacted with. Infact its simply because she has yet to fully develop a true personality. Deeming at the moment to simply follow orders with utmost efficiency and be loyal to those she deems truely worth it. Of late, she has warmed to the prospect of a crew, a family if you will. To call her own.

  * Likes: A sure commander, knives, and cooking.   * Dislikes: NMX, ineffiecency, and huge chests(More a fear of smothering, really)   * Goals: To be efficient.


Family (or Creators)

Ketsuri Research?  


A 'starting' out neko just recently graduating from training and deemed a full-fledged ground pounder. 



Fluent in Yamataigo, capable of writing, reading, and filing reports in such. Capable of sendindg transmissions from all manner of vehicles, starships, PAs, etc. Able to adapt to new languages at a slow but modest pace.


Basic hand-to-hand followed up with her own inventive style using throwing weapons. Excelled in the use of knives in close quarters. Somewhat average markings in marksmanship. 


Able to make use of and maintain a variety of tech such as PAs, vehicles and a rudimentary maintenance of starships.


Trained in rudimentary techniques of mid-combat applications of medical care. Dont ask her to do surgery.


A basic 'get-go' of math and its various applications on and off the field.

Specialist Training

Trained vigilantly in the use of high explosives, heavy weapons, and some basic stealth.


An inventive cook, capable of four star, and at time five star meals but tends to keep it on the, “lowlow”.


Neko, Niji has the following items:

* Ke-M2-2D "Mindy II" Power Armor or another armor designated by ship captain. 1)


Neko, Niji is currently a Santo Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

Her biography and personality will be expanded upon completion and interaction with scenarios and crew.

Non-standard characters should use a Modular Combat Armor System in place of the Mindy 2.

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