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Miharu Nimura

Miharu Nimura is a NH-29 Nekovalkyrja serving in the Star Army of Yamatai. She is a survivor of the late YSS Miharu.

Nimura was created, along with her twin sister Ichigo - by Doshii Jun on Monday, October 30, 2006; and was later fleshed out by Fred. She started out as a very level-headed ship sprite and showed that she was an able armorer and combat engineer, but Nimura stands out the most for her prodigal genius in infantry combat.

Miharu Nimura
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Species: NH-29 Nekovalkyrja
Gender: Female
Creator: YSS Miharu (NJ-X1-00)
Age: 4 (Born October 30th,YE 29)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai, First Expeditionary Fleet; Miharu
Rank: SantΓ΄ Hei
Occupation: Star Army Infantry
Current Placement: Infantry, Armorer
Weight: 95 lbs, or 46 kg
Height: 5’ 1”, or 155 cm
Chest: 33.5”, or 85 cm
Waist: 22.8”, or 58 cm
Hips: 33”, or 84 cm
Bra size: 32B

Nimura in role-play

Nimura is a GM NPC usually handled by Fred.


Nimura is a petite-bodied nekovalkyrja whom, while well-proportioned, slants more toward wiry leanness than voluptuousness. She is fair-skinned, both from genetics and having spent the majority of her time living on starships. Her steel blue almond-shaped eyes sit amongst largely oriental facial features. She has loose neck-length black hair, and her pointed nekovalkyrja ears are covered with black down matching the hair.

Distinguishing traits

Nimura's speech patterns is usually clipped and to the point - and she prefers to speak only when she has something 'meaningful' to say. She appears a master of making deadpan or sotto voce deliveries, though it could be argued that she's simply used to being very neutral of expression. What stands out most when interacting with her are her eyes: Nimura is both very alert and observant.

Though she is clean, Nimura is rather careless of her appearance. Not caring too much for the sake of looking pretty or feminine to others, she wears her hair long enough not to be boyish, but short enough to not bother her, not be a chore to care for; and her hairstyle is usually the result of Nimura finger-combing her hair back.

When Nimura moves, it is with unconscious artless grace. Fluid and panther-like, she displays a somatic awareness of a warrior well beyond her years. Whatever motion she makes tends to come out exactly as envisioned with little effort, making her movements something that is minimalistic, purposeful and precise.


Nimura is most seen in uniform, favoring the Type 31 working uniform. She wears the cornflower blue panels of Star Army Infantry. She'll wear her rank pin over her left breast rather than the usual center-top placement. The outfit would come with the usual utility belt, communicator, pistol and combat knife.

If Nimura is not wearing an uniform, she'll typically be clad only in what she wears under it: the swimsuit version of the Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 29.


Nimura was the third nekovalkyrja sprite created by the YSS Miharu to help service her crew, born right after the second - her identical twin sister Ichigo. The starting point for the new artificially-created lifeform was knowledge, a base template for social behavior, and a task. Ideally, nekovalkyrja grow and become more expressive from that point. Nimura's twin sister Ichigo became more outgoing, faster, due to her more frequent interactions with Tom Freeman, and that left Nimura a bit behind; she became more reserved, more shy, more cautious.

Her growth was stilted by psionic meddling from Melisson. On the whim of giving her unwilling allies better means of fighting the Daughters of Eve, the SMX Overlord altered her: grafting bits and pieces of the defunct Ketsurui Sharie's psyche, experience and memories into the much younger nekovalkyrja. The end result was Nimura inheriting the honed instincts and muscle memory of the late Taisho, while also having her personality deadened behind psionic locks to ensure there would be no personality conflicts from the pieces of the older mind melded into hers; inheriting the combat skills of a soldier more than twenty-years her senior at the price of her budding personality.

She became neutrally blunt, pragmatic and fearless. Logical and entirely devoid of affection or compassion. Her focus was sharpened, making her become something of a genius, but combined with nonchalance it made her hard to deal with with figures of authority as she would sometimes independently go and do something and end up being annoyingly correct despite her actions bordering on the insubordinate. It seemed that anything Nimura set out to accomplish, she did with ease, and it became plainly apparent to the rest of the crew as she displayed top-notch combat skills during the Battle of Bowhordia. Her anti-social attitude brought her dislike (and even fear) from most of her fellow crewmembers, but her sister Ichigo was always on her side, trying to be with her and to support her. Ichigo's affection was always one-sided, but that didn't daunt her from giving it.

Miharu's last mission had Melisson play a game, pitting Nyton Claymere and Nimura into a forced duel to see what would win out: the weapon aspect of the nekovalkyrja or humanity, and the one whom would kill first would be freed from the puppetmaster's influence. While Nyton fought valiantly, Nimura eventually overpowered him, but before she could get the kill her twin Ichigo intervened to protect the human, but Nimura heartlessly killed her sister for getting in the way. That act was considered by Melisson as fulfilling her condition, if not her intent, and she restored Nimura's free will as a reward.

Once the mission was over, Nimura found herself finally free - after four long years - to express herself… but without the certainty of who exactly she ought to be now that she has that liberty. She is no longer fearless, but is still very level headed. She feels a bit of survivor's guilt at outliving her twin sister, and also regrets at never having been really able to return her twin sister's unconditional love for her. This heartache does however move Nimura to be a much more sympathetic and compassionate person. Nimura's present resolve is to live on, and make her twin sister's sacrifice worth it, and become deserving of her late-twin's selfless love for her.

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