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Nin'urta Suen In'anna

In'anna is a Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) played by Soresu.

Nin'urta Suen In'anna
Pronunciation: Neen'too uh'rah' sue'in Een'annah
Species: Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) Born: ER754v (Pre YE01)
Gender: Female Height: 3'4โ€œ / 91.4 cm.
Age: 25 (50 by YE) Weight: 67 lb. / 30.39 kg.
Military Status: N/A, Xenoarcheologist Nation Of Origin: Kingdom of Neshaten
Lineage: Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) Zodiac Libra
Current Location
Planet Nepleslia, Hanya Continent

In'anna In Roleplay

In'anna is the eldest of three children. Since growing up, In'anna went to university, which she studied xenoarchaeology in the hopes of one day travelling the galaxy and discovering long-dead cultures to bring them to life and rememberance for other like-minded individuals to see, think and enjoy.

Voice, Themes, Name

Voice Reference



Name Relation Age Occupation
Nin'urta, Seta, A'lmara Mother 50 YE Resource and Mineral Procurement Specialist
Nin'urta, Falle, R'ahol Father 55 YE Astrophysicist
Nin'urta, Hak, K'alil Eldest Brother 23 YE University Student
Nin'urta, Uril, E'lek Youngest Sister 14 YE Youth Corps

Psychological Characteristics

Quiet, shy, gentle, timid, and just a bit of a bookworm, In'anna is usually the wallflower when it comes to events. She is shy around most people even if she has been working with them for some time giving her a seemingly aloof demeanor despite being rather well-mannered. The shy little Daur can also be very kind and understanding when it comes to people in need. Often she will sit and listen to their woes and offer soothing words. Her shyness and timidity just seem to melt away when one of her co-workers are in need.

In'anna, never one to shy away from her work is sharp as a tack when it comes to her chosen profession. And god forbid someone sits and listens to her regarding a fossil, or pieces of relics she may discover if they aren't smart enough to run while they have the chance. She can go on for hours, passionately going over the history, shape, and function depending on the artifact in question. This seems to be the only time besides listening to people's problems when she opens up. Other times she is the demure little Daur who enjoys books a little too much, especially the hero and fantasy stories along with a healthy appreciation for fine foods, specifically fruits (They gotta be tart) which she will gobble up until her belly is nice and round. Beyond this, In'anna is a normal, yet smart girl who is steadfast in her job.

Thanks in part to owning one of the cabbit-like Ul'renese, In'anna is especially fond of animals, particularly anything cute, small, and fuzzy in which she can cuddle provided it doesn't try to scratch or eat her face off.


One of her quirks is regarding her physical appearance. Being a Daur with such coloration marks her as a rarity in both fur and eye colors. As a result, she does not like to stand out.

She also owns a U'renese to which she lovingly named Ser Pounce, the little cabbit like animal usually hops and scurries around the Daur xenoarchaeologist's feet and legs mewing and trilling when it isn't hunting rats and other vermin. Oft time it will also hop onto a shoulder where it can stay for hours on end. In'anna doesn't seem to mind even though it causes her to stand out a bit.



  • In'anna is most interested in many different kinds of fruits, yet seems to particularly love those that are juicy and tart.
  • Since being exposed to the wider sector of space, her Palate has only expanded. People are advised to pray to whatever deity they worship should they bring chocolate in her presence.
  • Recently, In'anna has tried cuts of meat, and fish from planets such as Yamatai (Planet) who's olive-fed Wagyu cattle's intense marbling causes her mouth to water. Other meaty meals she enjoys are those from Planet Nepleslia in which she has shown a fondness for burgers. Although she does not go overboard out of fear of becoming a roly-poly.
  • Perhaps one of her favorite things is candy, she is especially fond of lemon-flavored lollipops and saltwater taffy in addition to her chocolate addiction.


  • In'anna despite being shy, and bookish, enjoy some martial arts, not too much, but enough to be seen as able to defend herself.
  • As a lover of fine food, In'anna enjoys cooking. Be it simply peeling fruits for fresh fruit salads, to more complex meals involving good cuts of meat, the tiny daur simply enjoys being in the kitchen.
  • Despite what most would say, In'anna has a sweet voice when she sings, to which she enjoys doing while alone.
  • In'anna also enjoys gardening, to which she has begun taking courses in botany.


  • Her Family


  • Rudeness
  • Very Spicy Food
  • Bullying
  • Rain1)


At present, In'anna desires to simply uncover ancient civilizations for the benefit of all.

Miscellaneous Information

  • She is deathly afraid of being touched by unfamiliar people.

Physical Appearance and Measurements

In'anna can come off as a bit aloof, quiet, but with a certain poise denoting perhaps a more regal, if not noble parentage. However, her family is not of the Kingdom's noble caste.


Height 3'4โ€ / 91.4 cm
Weight 67 lb. / 30.39 kg
Bust 29โ€œ / 73cm
Waist 24โ€ / 60cm
Hips 28โ€œ / 71cm
Cup Size AA

Facial Features and Eye Coloration

In'anna bears a resemblance to her mother. Her cheekbones are high which perfectly matches a heart-shaped facial structure and defined jaw line and angular chin. Her lips are slender, with a pink cast. In'anna has a narrow, little nose, with a smooth bridge. Her emerald-hued eyes are wide and at an oddity almond-shaped with sharply symmetrical eyebrows.

Hair and Ears


Much like her fur, In'anna's ears are of an almost golden platinum color. The fur of her ears is short, almost velvety in texture with tufts of white fur within the ears to keep out water and accentuate their golden coloration.


In'anna's hair is long and naturally straight. Glossy, and silky smooth to the touch, her platinum-golden hair shines much from being well-kempt when in certain lighting. Style-wise, it is long to her waist, straight, with evenly cut sidelocks, it does not require cutting to enhance volume but keeps the frontal fringe symmetrically cut. The result is an orderly, well-maintained cut.

Build and Skin Coloration


Small framed, In'anna is tiny at standing only three point four feet tall. Her frame, however, has hints of feminine curves despite doll-like frame and appearance.

Skin Coloration

Her 'skin' coloration is of a faint, golden hue with a slight white cast from her skin due to her fur coating being somewhat short. The overall effect is a pale color of white/gold to her fur coat.

Pre-RP History

In'anna was born October 23rd, ER754v at two-thirty in the morning. She is the eldest of three siblings, to which one is in university and the other having joined the Youth Corps. In school, In'anna jumped several grades thanks to a higher than normal IQ. She quickly advanced through the elementary, middle and high school. To say she was heckled as a kit due to her smarts and physical appearance would be an understatement.

Despite this, In'anna graduated as the valedictorian of her high school. A feat which terrified her to no end considering she had to give a speech in front of a Quare'tro court full of expectant parents and their younger charges. Managing to stutter her way through it she thought was a grand accomplishment. Including her undergraduate degree in the archeological field.

After the daunting bullied school life, In'anna moved on to a well-known university within the Sector Four Wall of Netoshen, on their capital world of Nesha Prime (Planet). It was here that she worked for her master's

In'anna soon attained her goal and then turned her gaze to the stars and their infinite riches in long-dead cultures and artifacts. It was her calling, her dream to dig up lost treasures be they technologies unheard of, to material wealth and even down to broken pottery. To that end, In'anna bid farewell to her homeworld of Nesha Prime (Planet) to strike it out amongst the stars. What wonders could they hold for someone who was borderline obsessed with uncovering history?

RP History

None as of yet.



In'anna is not much of a fighter. She knows some basic self-defense techniques and how to properly hold a gun and fire it.


Currently, In'anna knows mostly ancient Neshaten histories, she, however, has begun studying ancient, if fragmented Nepleslian History. In addition to Yamataian History as well as what few records remain of the Black Claw Star Empire and its grip upon what would be called the Kikyo Sector later on past its fall.


To say In'anna is a capable cook is an understatement. This pint-sized Daur positively loves the culinary arts. To that end, she considers the task of cooking as a sort of relaxation which ends with a delicious meal for herself, and possibly those she is working with.


As an archeologist, In'anna has been drilled in basic to intermediate survival techniques. She is capable of discovering water sources, hunting for food, shelter building, and basic signaling.

Technology Operation

In'anna is capable of using Neshaten derived technologies, such as computers and other systems. She has also begun learning how to utilize Nepleslian and Yamataian systems as necessary.


In'anna, as a result of her schooling, is capable of utilizing trigonometry, algebra and geometry.


This is her job, her life, and love. The archeology-minded Daur has a master's in the subject. As such she is quite knowledgable in archaeology methods and theory, analytical techniques, prehistory2), evolution and even sociolinguistics.


Archaeology can be a dangerous profession. As such, In'anna has learned first aid up to a second-year medical student's knowledge and skill.


In'anna is capable of speaking and writing Tinacen, her mother tongue. She has also learned intermediate Yamataigo and Trade both of which she is capable of being understood, although she still has some trouble with them including their alphabets and written language.


Clothing and Misc Items


  • (2) - Scarves, one rainbow, and the other striped white and gold.
  • (?) - Numerous Shirts, Blouses, etc etc
  • (?) - Many Pants
  • (?) - Lotta Skirts
  • (?) - She also has a lot of shoes, some of which are worn during digging.
  • (4) - Black , or White Boyshorts
  • (6) - Bikini Panties of varied colors
  • (?) - Numerous Socks, some of which appear a little childish or are striped. Typically striped stockings are black and white, or red and white. But she has other colors.
  • (8) - Bras: Sports, Plunge and Soft Cup, different colors.


Toiletries and Other


In'anna's Weapons

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She hates being out in it but otherwise likes it
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