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Noa Persephone

Noa Persephone is a player character played by DocTomoe.

Noa Persephone
Species: Elysian (Patrician)
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Height: 6'2
Weight: 165 Lbs
Organization: Elysian Celestial Navy / Star Army of Yamatai 10th Fleet
Occupation: Chief Engineer
Rank: Taii
Current Placement: YSS Anoiktos

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'2
  • Mass: 165
  • Measurements: 28/22/36 - 26I

Build and Skin Color: Lithe muscles set upon a small shoulder and ribcage size, with a considerably well structured hip bones and bust. Skin tone is healthy yet pale.

Eyes and Facial Features: Eye structure is well formed and rounded, eye color is violet. Facial features include a sharp yet feminine jaw and chin structure, with modest cheekbones. Average forehead structure. Average, leaning in the direction of small, lip and mouth structure. Modest nose structure. Largely, her features can be defined as girlish.

Ears: Standard Elysian patrician ear structure, with five piercings per ear, two on the lobe, and three on the upper cartilage.

Hair Color and Style: Hair color is blackish-grey, with a length nearly reaching the shoulders, however, often the ends of the hair are teased and styled to feather out, bringing the hair to jaw-level. Often, a head-band is worn as an accessory to keep the hair back, aside from the bangs which are cut to half an inch above eyebrow level.

Distinguishing Features: Largely, the primary distinguishing feature of Noa is her somewhat thin frame (aside from her chest and hips), which also meshes well with her facial features. However, her Patrician lineage has provided her with enough muscle tone to define her as a grown woman upon inspection, as well as her hip and bust structure. She has allowed her nails to grow to a fashionable yet manageable length, and she is also known to apply make-up regularly.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Noa's personality has been mainly shaped by her physical stature during her youth as well as the Elysian relationship with Yamatai during her early adulthood. Her behavior is that of a woman ten years younger when in a social environment, and, she displays a number of Yamataian mannerisms which she has been scolded for, due to it being quite shameful in certain social circles. Despite the Yamataian influence in her behavior, Noa is firm in her convictions, and has displayed a distinctive degree of faith which is expected of a proper patrician. She does however, even with her faith, tend to stray from the proper path in the pursuits of girlish flights of fancy, which often results in her repentance, and a degree of guilt on her part. Her dedication also serves as a focus point when on-duty, allowing her to overcome some of her whimsical behavior, for the sake of professionalism.

  • Likes: Elysian and Yamataian music, traditional Elysian art, modern scripture, sweets, people who look out for her, Yamataian culture, and discipline
  • Dislikes: Early mornings, Nepleslian alcohol, rock music, judgmental people who are not in a position to properly pass judgement, slimy or dirty things.
  • Goals: Noa's goals largely consist of following her own convictions, and seeking out personal fulfillment and happiness while serving to protect her people as a proper patrician should… that, and to have some fun and maybe get married and have kids and… well, the rest is unimportant.


Family (or Creators)

Mother: Agatha Persephone Father: Zedekiah 'Zed' Persephone


Noa was born to Agatha and Zedekiah Persephone, and was raised according to traditional Elysian beliefs. She was raised to be a wife and mother, taught the essentials mandated by tradition and by the expectations of young girls without brothers to carry a family line. However, she was always whimsical in her focus, resulting in her picking up likes and desires which broke from expectations, which brought on an interest in matters beyond that of Elysian society.

As she reached adulthood, she took a keen interest in the events surrounding the Yamatai Star Empire, as well as the events which transpired between their peoples. Inwardly, she wished for peace to be a stable thing between their cultures, however, with the wars which were frequently waged, she felt that there had to be something she could do, and it served as her reason to enlist in the Elysian Celestial Navy, and then, in the Star Army of Yamatai. What she wanted, was to help forge peace, to ensure the happiness of those which would come after her, and to ensure that she would even have a chance at getting married, or having children some day.

During the early stages of her adulthood, Noa was rather stunted in her growth, both in stature and in regard to feminine features, however, during her attendance to war college, Noa underwent what some could call a growth spurt in regard to height and her figure. Rumors indicate that it could have perhaps been an elective modification, though, she does insist that her features are quite natural, even though it is a blatant lie, and her features were the product of elective surgery.

With war college behind her, along with several years of practical application in regard to field engineering, Noa has decided that the best direction for her career would be a field posting as an engineering officer, in hopes of ensuring that the Elysian Navy would even have a chance to defend itself, if the Star Army of Yamatai were to fail them.

Skill Areas


Noa is well skilled in the use, operations, and workings of communication equipment as well as associated procedure, she is capable of making transmissions and receiving transmissions. She is well capable of being able to communicate with civilian and military communication assets, and is entirely able to conduct communications with infantry, vehicle, power armor, starship, and interstellar assets. Noa is also fluent in writing, reading, and speaking Yamataian, and Seraphim, she has also taken an interest in basic sign language for the purposes of signaling. Noa is also fully capable of using her inherent telepathy to ranges between five and six kilometers. Notably though, her capability in speaking, writing, and reading Yamataian is quite well developed due to her personal interest in the Yamataian culture. Unfortunately, Noa's fascination with Yamataian culture and communications has resulted in the occasional blurting of Yamataian words and phrases in situations where Seraphim would be preferred and expected.


During the course of her original tour of service with the Elysian Celestial Navy, Noa was trained in the full scope of required combat skills expected of Elysian service personnel, and she has continued to take updated courses in Elysian ordinance, weapons, martial arts, and power armor training. While Noa undertook training at Yamataian war college, she was educated and familiarized with Yamataian hand-to-hand combat, personal weapon operations, and zero-gravity combat. Outside of mandatory training, Noa has taken personal interest in power armor combat operations, as well as weapon assisted close-quarters-combat. However, while being well educated, and technically capable of the fighting capabilities expected of a soldier, Noa's actual ability to execute hand-to-hand combat techniques without a power armor is barely on par, just enough to squeak by in training reviews. Largely, her less-than-stellar physical capabilities also worked against her fighting abilities, leaving her without the extra sum of physical force required in hand-to-hand combat, furthermore, her elective physical alterations to her figure have resulted in a degree of hindrance to her fighting capabilities.


Noa is physically capable of passing Star Army of Yamatai fitness standards, however, she does not go much beyond that. In truth, if it were not for her natural genetic predisposition to physical fitness, she'd not amount to much in regard to physical capability. While she is able to lift a decent sum, and endure a moderate degree of exertion, she lacks much physical refinement, which is apparent by her comparatively small muscle mass in relation to her peers.


Through the aid of war college, Noa has developed an excellent grasp of leadership. She has been trained in, and is capable of, public speaking, organizing intelligence reports and relaying said intelligence, issuing commands to subordinates while being receptive to issues within the chain of command, and she is also capable of providing guidance in conflict resolution. Her leadership training has also provided her with the capability to organize squad-sized formations, while effectively directing them in a manner to attack, defend, avoid detection, avoid ambushes, search, and set up and coordinate ambushes, at least according to text-book examples and standard training expectations.

Technology Operation

Noa has been trained in the use of both Elysian and Yamataian common-place and military-grade technology. Her knowledge includes the operation of computer systems and related networks, field integration of computer systems, nodal system operation, biological computer operations, and she is familiarized with synthetic life-form operation systems.


As part of her training specialization in engineering, and her training in the both the ECN and Star Army of Yamatai, Noa has been extensively educated in mathematics. She is able to rapidly crunch numbers in regard to basic arithmetic, geometry, and algebra. She is also well skilled in statistics, mathematics related to advanced physics concepts, and she is fully able to balance her checkbook.


As an officer in the ECN and Star Army of Yamatai, Noa has been educated in the combined histories of the Star Army and Elysian military history. She has also undergone education in Elysian traditional history, including theological history. Noa has also been educated in the civilian and military laws of Yamatai and Elysia, and she has a basic understanding of Nepleslian law, a basic understanding which comes down to; 'Don't look anyone in the eyes. Don't make fun of anyone's mother without expecting to get stabbed or shot. Most of all, shoot first', most of her understanding of Nepleslian law is actually racial stereotyping, which results in a lot of misguided 'insights'.


As a central focus of her career, Noa has devoted her time and effort into learning and refining her engineering skills. Early service in the Elysian Celestial Navy had her placed as an engineering technician, from there, she progressed up the chain of command to her current placement, and even with her advancement, she has made sure to maintain an up-to-date knowledge of Elysian engineering procedures and concepts. When Noa attended Yamataian war college, she took courses in Yamataian engineering concepts, which served to familiarize her with the workings of Yamataian technology and equipment. Mainly though, her focus in engineering research and procedure is in the topic of power armor design.

Through her Engineering capabilities, Noa has learned the proper procedures and methods involved with maintaining equipment, and she is fully capable of getting her hands dirty and getting work done on hardware she is familiar with.


Noa Persephone has the following items:

Standard and Official Issue Equipment

Personal Items

Fan-Girl & Engineering Merchandise

Practical Goods

Personal Clothing & Accessories

  • Traditional Elysian Robes.
  • Civilian Issue Undergarments.
  • Black stockings, thigh high.
  • Striped stockings, thigh high.
  • Pleated Miniskirt, Red.
  • Pleated knee-length skirt, Navy Blue.
  • Black vest.
  • White blouse, long sleeves.
  • Black Leather ballet flats with top-side buckle.
  • Knee-high multi-buckle boots, black.
  • A selection of hairbands.
  • Personal sleepwear, white lace nightgown.
  • Personal sleepwear, pink flannel pajamas.
  • Yamataian Club-Wear, consisting of some sort of tiny shorts, fingerless gloves, and a zip-up minivest in shiny grey, form-hugging synthetic blend.
  • Make-up kit, formal.
  • Make-up kit, casual.
  • Clutch purse.
  • Jewelery box, small.
    • Various silver earrings.
    • Rings, with and without gemstones, various precious and semi-precious metals.
    • Bracelets, including charm bracelet with religious charms.
    • Beaded necklaces.
    • Chain necklace, with religious medals.
  • Private lock-box.
    • Private things.


Noa Persephone is currently a in the Elysian Celestial Navy/Star Army of Yamatai 10th Fleet.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
With life-like texture. ; _ ;
With Ultra Detailed Hull
Unclassified Promotional Item With User Commentaries

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