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Noelani is an approved player character played by paladinrpg.

visual reference pic w/wetsuit similar recolored game sprite
Species: Azorean
Gender: Female
Age: 27 (Born YE 10)
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 5'7“ (170 cm)
Weight: 122 lbs (55 kg)
Organization: Origin Motor Corporation Azorean Commonwealth
Occupation: Engineer / Pro-Windsurfer
Rank: Employee
Current Placement: OIF Salvation

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'7” (122 cm)
  • Mass: 122 lbs (55 kg)
  • Measurements: Secret!

Build and Skin Colour: A slim & lithe build characteristic of the race, her skin is a sapphire blue shade, and has not yet begun the slow graying of adulthood.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Thin and youthful features as most Azoreans, however her nose is a bit pointier than most which gives a more direct quality. Her lensed eyes are also white, with a hint of lavender.

Hair Colour and Style: Her turquoise colored algae-hair falls a little longer than the usual shoulder length, and is worn in several braids decorated with colorful coral beads.

Distinguishing Features: Noelani has a very muscular tail from her time spent speed swimming, and the webbing on her feet and between the fingers are also well-developed as a result. She also has a lot of colorful woven bracelets and forged anklets on her arms, legs and even occasionally her tail.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Noelani is generally very outgoing and best summed up as a consummate thrill seeker. Years spent hanging ten on the waves and storm of her planet have molded her into a person who is always striving to push her boundaries every day… to soar higher and higher, much like the desires of all Azorean people. This gung-ho attitude combined with the knowledge of machinery and a quick learning mindset makes her a perfect fit as someone to throw their fortune to the stars if given the proper chance. This adventurer is aiming high in the hopes that one day she can bring such know-how home to her people when finally she settles down to mate.

Has a secret love of jewelry and other shiny things, as evidenced by the numerous bands and bangles adorning her wrists, ankles and tail. Beadwork of coral, titanium and other materials especially interests her, and Noelani can sometimes be found working on these arts and crafts while not performing more laborious daily chores. Noelani is also quite pious at times to her patron deities of Nimiss and others, which seems to lend her a very comfortable foundation and a desire to look at the good in people first. Or at the very least that everyone should forget their minor differences and just have fun.

  • Likes: Windsurfing, Watersports, Tinkering, Singing, Beadwork
  • Dislikes: Dry Places, Smokey Rooms, Boring or Lazy People
  • Goals: To “catch the wave” to the stars, travel to exotic places, and have a good time while doing it!


Family (or Creators)

Henatu City-State Communal Spawning Grounds


From the earliest days she could remember, the spawnling who was to become Noelani resided in the comforting warm waters of the spawning grounds of Henatu, one of the most powerful and influential of the Azorean city states. Like many others she did not know her mother or father, as her world revolved around the caretakers there that raised all the generations before. While growing up with her mentors, however, she set herself apart from her peers for a very direct and aggressive pursuit of her studies, especially those in the fields of engineering. It was at this point she often heard the tales of the great windsurfers up above the surface, who glided and flew above the waves: people like the famous Ameriss became her role models, as she swam and played in the time before life's responsibilities would weigh upon her innocence.

Once her time as a Child of Nimiss was at an end, the Kel'Moror took her in for the ritual of passage. While in this nightmare state for days, only her unwavering desire to fly on the stormy winds kept her going through the trial. It was thus this wish that became the name she was granted in the dream, and she awoke on the last day as Noelani, a word meaning “mist of heaven”. The great hunger within her body from the fasting was now both for food and for the skies. It was not long afterwords that she was taken as an apprentice by a master engineer called Raraviss, who foresaw a great potential in the young one in this field. However, though she studied hard and did as her mentor bade, her first love was always something else.

In the off days and spare moments from her work, Noelani tirelessly practiced her gliding skills with friends as well as trained for numerous local swimming competitions, honing her mind and body into a living bullet that shot through both sea & sky. There even came a time when her engineering skill improved to the level where she began to design her own windsurfing gliders, much to Raraviss' consternation that she should stick to his trade of Rill robotics. However, the boisterous teenager did not give up on her dream, and one fine summer in CY 33 she managed to win two straight Henatu All-Star competitions with her custom built Iolana sail. Though she was no Ameriss, she did pen in a respectable 129m glide, putting Noelani at the top of her regional class and earning her many rewards and respects as a rising star.

However, all that changed in CY 34 when the Yamataians arrived, and the people were finally made aware of the other goddess children that existed out there. The stormy skies above the planet Sudran suddenly were not the highest one could go… and so Noelani once again began working towards reaching for a new height for herself. Joining the Azorean space navy seemed tempting, and with her fame it would be a simple task. However, something told her this was not the fastest way to reach the stars beyond their own. The ship called the Yggdrasil stuck out in her head, one of the first to ever be seen…. what if she could get aboard it somehow?

And so Noelani braced for another wild ride to come… but she would have it no other way.

SRSS Yggdrasil

SRSS Yggdrasill (write this history!)

Origin Industries

Origin Industries(write this history!)

OIF Salvation

OIF Salvation (pending)



Noelani has been mentored from her days as a spawnling by some of the best minds in Azorean engineering. As such she has a very firm grasp on the concepts of Rill mechanics, hydrogen power, flight systems, sonic weaponry, etc. that the race employs. She has already used them to great effect building her custom windsurfing vehicles. Though her starting knowledge of alien technology is very sketchy, given a proper chance to work for a foreign client she will pick up new skills and engineering systems with ease, making her a great apprentice for a more experienced mentor.


While she has the skills to build and modify technology much like every Azorean, Noelani also has not skimped on learning how to keep it running well either. She arguably has spent just as much time restoring and repairing her windsail boats as riding them. For once you glide the storm wave, you always will inevitably wipe out and so will your ride…. and that means fixing it so you can risk your life all over again! Thanks to her mentor Raraviss she also has a firm understanding of maintaining a variety of Rill servitors to do most of the hard work involved in this career field.

Thanks to her years spent working at Origin Motor Corporation, she's now become very well-versed in servicing all types of vehicles as well as other equipment produced by Origin.


Noelani is at the peak of Azorean physical condition, thanks to both her youthful pre-adult vigor and a sporty outlook on life. This has earned her fame as a two-time regional windsurfing champ in the Henatu citystate, as well as having won minor medals for speed swimming in global competitions with her well-muscled tail. She also generally dabbles in many other atheltic competitions, always trying to keep herself in tip-top condition and enjoying the thrill of a good contest. Due to her cartilaginous skeleton and slim build, she also has a limited ability to contort her body in a variety of ways when mobility is impaired.


Noelani is an expert pilot of windsail vehicles on Sudran, having trained long and hard in her hobby and won many competitions in her home citystate as a result. She can also handle a variety of crafts, usually those related to movement through or on the surface of the water like submarines, boats, hovercrafts, etc. By extension, handling land vehicles is possible using these basic understandings, though situations on her watery homeworld where one could actually be used effectively are extremely uncommon and thus she would be very rusty trying to drive an alien tank, car or truck.

Thanks to her years spent working at Origin Motor Corporation, she's now become very well-versed in operating vehicles and actually enjoys the thrill of being a 'test pilot'.

Starship Operations

Ever since the teachings first became offered, Noelani tried very hard to obtain a basic understanding of piloting starfighters and larger Azorean vessels in her pursuit of flying higher than anyone else. Of course, not being in the military officially has limited her ability to put this knowledge to practical use – being the captain of a windsail boat is sadly nowhere near that level. But with adequate training, she could be a very a very valuable woman behind the helm of a vessel… though care should also be taken to make sure she doesn't turn it into her own personal thrill ride if given the chance!


Noelani likes to remain peaceful and on good terms with all Children of the Goddesses, but she is not naive to think that everyone can get along. Even her own fellow windsurfers can play rough & dirty at times and this has led her to learn how to fight when required. She naturally prefers long range combat, as Azoreans are very easily injured in melees involving sharp objects. Her preferred sidearm is a native sonic wave pistol to harm or incapacitate opponents, but which can also be fitted with a magazine of small harpoons/flechettes, a projectile traditionally used to hunt game underwater.


Though a lover of sports and danger, Noelani has nevertheless been schooled properly in the Azorean arts, of which she is particularly good at playing the traditional stringed instrument of the race. Her singing is also not half-bad as the Azorean voice is a very soothing thing to behold for most foreign races. But sometimes she has been known to shout her notes too forcefully in her excitement, which can ruin a more subtle piece. Her little hobby of creating beads and jewelry certainly would not win any awards in an interstellar art contest, but she certainly doesn't mind giving them as gifts to others as a sign of friendship.


  • Origin Standard Issue employee equipment.
  • A blue and black two-tone Ikonmoud, much like the many worn by all Azoreans on surface or off world to stay hydrated. It has a hole for her blue tail to stick out, of course. (She keeps this under any other clothes she uses, such as coveralls, spacesuits or the Origin Industries Uniform.)
  • Engineering toolkit with various devices needed in daily tasks.
  • Small sonic wave pistol for self defense, optionally fitted with a cartridge of hunting flechettes.
  • Crossbow-shaped, five-stringed harp for playing traditional music.
  • Purse with a few thousand neera in it, though beyond her homeworld this is really just shiny baubles at best.
  • A salvaged camera/communicator, which she uses to document her adventures to one day post on a video blog back home on the sonic net.
  • A salvaged mini-fridge from a freighter with an ample supply of kelp & other Azorean rations, as eating foreign foods can be dangerous.


Noelani currently holds the rank of Employee with Origin Motor Corporation, and receives a salary of 300 KS per week. She is also a citizen of Henatu state in the Azorean Commonwealth, but is only a civilian with no formal military standing.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
13000 KS +10000 Cash from Rewards/Salvage

OOC Discussion

  • The name Noelani is Hawaiian for “heavenly mist”.
  • Looking forward to organizing a plot with Fay in the future and creating technology for the fledgling space race to use.

In the case paladinrpg becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes

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