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Nomine Asakura

Nomine Asakura is a player character played by Talarn.

Nomine Asakura
Species & Gender: Human Female
Date of Birth: YE 21
Organization: Psychopomp LLC
Occupation: Public Relations/PMC
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Psychopomp

Physical Description

* Height: 5'3โ€œ (160cm)

* Mass: 130lbs (58kg)

Body Type and Skin: Nomine has a fair complexion with a lithe and toned body showing signs of frequent athletic activity. Her waistline is slim but fit, opting for a more natural and casual body rather than the typical hour-glass figure.

Eyes and Facial Features: Nomine has a fairly smooth and attractive face. From a glance, her eyes are noticeable and can be seen to be colored a light silver, giving off a faint glow. Her lips are thin but grab at attention with it's cuteness as they rise into a smile, her neatly shaped almond eyes closing slightly as she flashes you an eye-smile.

Ears: Nomine's ears are sized small and curved, an extremely eye-catching feature when paired with some fashionable earrings and made-up hair.

Hair Color and Style: Nomine's hair is colored black with several side strands highlighted in a gentle white. She wears her hair in a curly pony-tail, with long curled bangs that rest lightly against her cheeks.

Distinguishing Features: She has a single scar on her back that starts from her right shoulder down before it abruptly slants towards the left and continues on until it curves around her left side, abruptly stopping just short of crossing towards the front of her lower abdomen. What appears to be a faded 'X' is present where the scar ends.


Personality: Nomine is a socially active and out-going creature, it being a requirement for her job whilst interacting as one of the company's more public faces. The arsenal of quips, retorts and choice conversation pieces makes her a perfect companion choice for any occasion; be they business or pleasure. All of this comes from her dedication towards the company and it's ideals as she weaves through circles to ensure that their image is always unsullied and that the people's favor is always for and not against.

Nomine admires honest bravery over foolish hotblooded charges and logical thinking over emotional outbursts. She does not tolerate failure, though is quick to find some other forms of success that makes up for it. Her intelligence shines during times of high-duress negotiations that have the potential of bringing in millions, always quick to disarm a hostile situation before it begins.

She is no stranger to danger though and, outside the company walls, pursues the objective doggedly until it is either run into the ground or been driven into submission. This sort of philosophy applies in both aspects of her life, though one is noticeably much nicer and preferred over her other, more mercenary attitude.

In the private sector, her professionalism extends towards the underworld as she shakes hands and strikes deals with common thugs, criminals, pirates, wannabe warlords and playboy millionaires. This gives her a measure of experience and know-how that reinforces the assurances of Nomine's ability to put the company first and foremost above all else.


Asakura Nomine was born in YE 21.

Whatever history that could have become Asakura Nomine's was stolen from her even before she had a chance to breathe life outside the warmth of a mother's womb. What is known has been classified and restricted to the upper echelons of Psychpomp LLC, though even that information has little to document as they consist of mostly numbers, dates, and timelines.

The history that is known and made public through various forms of mediums both digital and archaic paper, shows that she led a happy life in the arms of a foster father and mother.

In truth she was actually abused and heavily traumatized throughout her childhood, constantly tormented by the fact that day after day she would once again be subject to the rigors of being treated as dirt and tortured both physically and mentally through grueling combat training fit more for elite special forces units. A mind should have broken at this point, and it did, but in a different way. The constant indoctrination had slammed a chisel into her brain, causing it to fragment, this made her an easy person to manipulate and re-build as the lessons became easier without the baggage of self-preservation holding Nomine down.

Over time she became her own person, dedicated to the logo she had seen etched into everything. PP. Her subconsciousness, whatever was left of it, would gift her one last thing before passing away as the constant and daily assortment of pain from the chemicals and surgeries grew too much to handle. She developed an extreme form of CIPA (Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis) that rendered her body unable to feel any and all external and internal stimuli.

Social Connections

Asakura Nomine is connected to:

  • Unknown Mother
  • Unknown Father



  • Trade (language) (Can Write and Speak)
  • Yamataigo (้‚ช้ฆฌๅฐ่ชž) (Can Write and Speak)
  • Diplomacy and Administrative Duties
  • Public Speaking
  • Seductive Reasoning


  • Highly Proficient and Trained in the SSI's Martial Arts
  • Trained in Zero-G Combat
  • Proficient with Weapons (Primarily CQC Knife, Pistols and Energy/Ballistic Assault Rifles)

Inventory & Finance

Asakura Nomine has the following items:

  • OGU (Operator Guidance Unit) Implant
  • SHAM (Skeletal Human Augmented Mechanism) Implant
  • MEME (Mecha Employed Muscular Enhancement) Implant *Active*
  • Business Clothing
    • Five pairs black knee-length pencil skirts
    • Five pairs simple white V-neck blouses
    • Five pairs black stockings
    • One pair black and white striped button-up blouse
    • One white high neck blouse
    • One black silk Chinese collar blouse
    • One Halter red blouse
  • Civilian Clothing
    • Two pairs white crop tops
    • Two pairs red crop tops
    • Two pairs white and black front-crop tops
    • Twelve shirts with assorted graphic arts
    • Varied collection of panties
    • Two pairs black cuffed Capri jeans
    • Two pairs casual blue denim shorts
    • Pair of white leather belts with buckle
    • Two pairs casual white Converse shoes
    • Two pairs black leggings
    • Two pairs white leggings
    • Two pairs knee-length stockings
    • Single pair rainbow leggings
    • Assorted others

OOC Information

In the case Talarn becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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