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Noppera is a player character played by The Real Bames Jond.

Species: NH-29H Nekovalkyrja
Gender: Female
Age: 7 years old1)
Height: 170cm / 5' 6”
Weight: 52kg / 115lbs
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Terror-for-Hire
Current Placement: ISC Phoenix

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 170cm / 5' 6”
  • Mass: 52kg / 115lbs
  • Measurements: 36D-23-36

Build and Skin Color: Noppera has a well filled frame. For an NH-29 series body she is oddly tall but manages to avoid looking awkward due to her muscle-mass and build. She has a cool chocolate skin tone, scant body hair, and no blemishes. The only signs of exactly what she is are the genetic stamps hidden under clothing and the pink dots of her SPINE interface on the small of her back.

Eyes and Facial Features: Noppera's face is a sharp heart shape with slightly almond-shaped periwinkle eyes. Besides sharp angles and defnition she has no blemishes or distinguishing facial features. She could be called “passively beautiful” like she was designed to catch an eye in the moment and then be forgotten just after. And she could also be mistaken for almost Nepleslian.

Ears: Since Noppera is a 29H, she has human-style ears instead of neko ears. They are normal in size and appearance.

Hair Color and Style: She can change it around if she needs to but Noppera keeps her hair short. Its shaved down to stubble on the sides and the top is a short close-crop to make it fit easier in a helmet or environmental mask.

Distinguishing Features: She has a genetic marker and serial number in the small of her back, over the pink dots of her SPINE interface. But she could be remembered in how hard it seems to be to remember her. She has a face and posture and voice that you would know instantly when you see or hear it but that you forget almost as soon as she's left the room.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Noppera can be self-serving, selfish, and she only knows the definition of an “honorable” fight because she actively avoids them whenever she can. She is carnal and takes pleasure in immediate gratification: from speeding cars and sex to the sharp, sweet smell of propellant lingering in the air after a job well done. If it belongs in a den of sin somewhere in Funky City or in the dark places in a warzone then Noppera is willing to try it or she's already done it. She knows that you only get one life in the end and that everybody has to end some day. “Safe” living is a laughable concept and she would say “procrastinating on death” is a more correct way of saying it.

If she defined herself normally she'd say that she was just a practical person who understood that nobody in the world was really “good”. If she was being honest she'd admit that it is her and people like her who are the cancer that saps at the foundation of stable society and make innocent bystanders suffer. She used to love the fear of what she did. The screams of the wounded. The horror in a bomb disposal tech's eyes when they realized they'd lost. And it makes her sick. She was an animal - she is an animal. And there are hundreds or thousands just like her out in the galaxy that need to be put down. She would never think so highly of herself to claim she could dispense justice but she can give out something close.

Getting to know Noppera personally is getting to know masks under masks. Out of a mix of pride and the nature of her past she just doesn't trust people. She will present one face and then another and another again because the only way she feels safe is if she is an unknown variable who knows everything about the people around her. Some part of her assumes that they are either just as horrible and dark as the person she once was, or they have an ulterior motive like she so often does.

She also takes “masks” literally. She keeps a mask from her old field uniform, painted a faded pastel pink and adorned with a variety of skulls and “goth” symbols, with the most prominent being the target etched between the eyes and the command “KILL ME” scrawled across the forehead. Her challenge to anybody who's willing to try it.

  • Likes: The smell of cordite, classical and electro or dubstep music, the fear of a perfect ambush, well-made pastries, fresh salad alongside a seared fish or good steak, sports cars, sunbathing, sex is always nice, her Pinkie mask, and tinkering on any sorts of electrical or mechanical projects.
  • Dislikes: An “honorable” fight, police in general, fancier dress and apparel, she's never met a patriot she liked, she thinks suicide bombers are wasteful, and she hates being alone in quiet for long.
  • Goals: To put down the monsters she knows so well.




Agent Carrion

Noppera was “born” Hotaru Tanaka in an NMX Mass Cloning Facility in preparation for the Second Mishhuvurthyar War in YE 31. She was specifically bred and trained to be a deep-cover insurgency operative who would utilize low-impact guerrilla maneuvers and fear tactics to destabilize local populations and infrastructure. In other words, she was trained to be a terrorist. It meant extensive training in mechanical and electrical work, engineering, and even some psychology to an extent. Of course her NMX masters didn't waste too much time on her training to start: the projected mortality rate was staggering to think on and she wasn't expected to live very long.

She was deployed as a forward element to assist in raids against Yamataian and Nepleslian colonial settlements where a lone agent could afford to get away with more without the whole might of a galaxy-spanning army coming down on her head. She didn't hear her real name name very often from the moment she was first deployed, instead simply titled agent “Carrion” by the intelligence analyst assigned as her handler: Xurxvumurn.

She would deploy a few weeks in advance of a landing force and establish her resources from covert communications stations to city power grid junctions rigged to blow the day of the invasion. Then as her sister-warriors touched down and the invasion began in earnest she would become an assassin who skulked through the war-zone and destabilized pockets of resistance or helping sniff out refugees for capture.

It was still challenging in its ways. Perfection was expected of her at all times. Getting her timing off, failing to take notice of more critical intelligence developments or getting killed because of her own negligence were all met with harsh punishments. Sometimes they would kill her and bring her back. Sometimes Xurxvumurn would show her there were worse things than dying to suffer through. She became bitter and resentful and carried that into her “work”. She was a war criminal and she embraced it.

But the war couldn't last forever and she was disillusioned enough to see the writing on the wall in late YE 33. Hotaru began to see the writing on the wall that when the dust settled, the NMX was not going to be the winning side. She began putting things into place and using the resources she could scrounge up without the notice of her handler to prepare to disappear. So when the Yamataians and Nepleslians finally broke what had turned into a stalemate, Hotaru Tanaka was killed when she ran afoul of a patrol of Nepleslian Marines while deployed on an operation.

The Faceless Demon

Hotaru Tanaka died somewhere in the middle of a battlefield as it was torn apart by her masters' enemies.

Her body was never recovered and for whatever reason her connection to the network for a Soul Transfer was severed. Noppera was born in her place, named after the faceless demons of old folklore who struck fear into the hearts of their victims while disguised as trusted friends or by coming from places they were never expected. As the war began to settle down and the NMX forces were reduced to fleeing pockets of resistance, she made a name for herself as a uniquely qualified mercenary and assassin after a way.

She would take jobs inciting gang wars in false-flag operation, striking at the heart of corporate entities, and taking advantage of the criminals and PMCs that were gaining power in the temporary flux created in the wake of the war. Noppera was more selective than her predecessor in how she picked her targets. She didn't bomb a railway station or the lobby of a police station during peak hours. She bombed the distribution center of gang-run drug rings, she gassed the rooms where criminal kingpins were assembling to talk with another, and collapsed the ceilings of conference rooms where the heads of PMCs harassing civilians were coming together.

A pink-masked monster who would prance among the bodies and dance through clouds of smoke as the rubble rained down after the blast.

Eventually her work found her landing in among people that might be called “good” by some measure.



Noppera is familiar with standard radio operations and can communicate with others through the systems provided by starships, vehicles, power armors, and telepathy both in and out of combat conditions. She is fluent in Trade (language) and Yamataigo (邪馬台語) so much that she can inflect realistic accents and with the right appearance and mannerisms she could even pass off as a native Nepleslian. She sometimes boasts that she is skilled enough at manipulating her voice to have three people thinking they each talked to an entirely different woman.


Noppera has been trained to fight in Yamatai-like conditions and in a zero or near-zero-gravity environment, and either with or without weapons. She has been trained to use “unconventional” weapons such as utensils or household tools to defend herself, pistols, rifles, various types of explosives and chemicals, as well as some training with power armor and an assortment of foreign weaponry she was expected to encounter early on. Through experience she has become a proficient marksman and is capable or organizing and executing a well-planned ambush.


What had once been nothing but the most utterly basic schooling has grown with experience and application. Noppera is intimately familiar with the nature of and methods of guerrilla warfare, she can camouflage a position from enemy observation, knows how to establish covert communications posts or supply points, can forage for food and water in the wilderness, communicate with unconventional methods such as smoke signals or mirrors, She can navigate my landmarks or the stars, and can even construct makeshift weapons. She can also swim for several hours or miles as needed and tread water well enough to stay afloat even in the open ocean during calmer weather.


Noppera has been trained in mathematics to the point that she has a comprehension of basic math: including algebra, statistics, and trigonometry. She also has some training in chemistry and similar fields, and the “trades” field of electrical work and work such as welding when metal-work is needed.


She isn't a cop or a soldier but as her first ever enemy, she had to learn how to think like them. She can recognize a chain of command (even if she probably wouldn't follow it herself) and understands the basics of how such a system works. She has a more academic understanding of how to lead troops through dangerous tactical situations and how to issue or receive orders, but she always likes to remind people who expect of her that she doesn't wear a soldier's uniform for a living and will freely admit that she is a killer not a soldier.


Noppera can look after herself and maintain a household. She can balance a check book, get groceries, make meals, look after a younger family member, and can keep her home and workplace both well maintained and looked after. She can function like the fully grown adult that she is without any troubles. Good enough that she can even pass off as “normal”. Whatever that means.


Noppera nearly breaths propellant vapors for a living. She is intimately familiar with demolitions work. She can recognize a wide variety of explosive devices found throughout the galaxy's most prominent military forces, she knows how to craft or deploy them, can identify weak points in structures to be exploited, and has a good understanding of how best to shape or place charges for the best desired effect. She can also detect and identify enemy explosives and devices. Given the proper resources or just plain time she can disarm or nullify them.


Uniform Components

  • Duty jumpsuit, Multi-Net 3 pattern - 3x
    • PSG patch on left shoulder
    • Service patch on right shoulder
  • Styrling Muur Armor w/ helmet, russet - 1x set
  • Combined carry rig vest and belt - 1x
    • Ambi-capable hip sidearm holster
    • Configurable pouch setup
    • Space for radio and communications
    • Bracket for canteen
    • Multitool sheath
    • Binocular belt pouch
    • Straps for entrenching tool w/ pick
    • Butt pack for additional equipment
    • Knife sheath
  • Baseball cap, russet - 1x
    • PSG patch on front
  • Ruggedized backpack, 20 liter capacity - 1x
  • Dual-mic throat microphone w/ single ear piece - 1x
  • Boots, black - 1x pair
  • Hooded camouflage poncho - 1x
  • Linen scarf, purple - 1x
  • Duffel bag

Personal Wear

  • Multi-Net 3-style BDU, pale pink - 3x
  • NMX light infantry mask, bubblegum pink - 1x
    • Target etched between the eyes
    • “KILL ME” etched into the forehead
    • Various skulls and other etchings across the mask
  • Boots w/ composite toes, black - 1x pair
  • Boot Socks, black - 6x pairs
  • Crew Socks, white - 4x pairs
  • Wrestling shoes, black - 1x pair
  • Boyshorts, black - 6x pair
  • Sports bra, black - 6x pair
  • Various jeans
  • Various T-Shirts
  • A collection of hoodies and jackets
  • Headphones, neon green - 1x



  • Leather wallet, brown - 1x
  • Electronic money card - 1x


Noppera is currently a Independent in the Independent.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

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Born in YE 31

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