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Nora is a player character played by Jack Pine.

Species & Gender: Female Human
Date of Birth: 35ζ—₯ 9月 YE 39
Organization: Independent/Psychopomp
Occupation: Single Mother
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: (NDC) Expanding Horizons: Vale of Discovery

Physical Description

Nora is young woman at 5'5 with waist length black hair with a long bang to either side of the face She has deep red eyes like her biological father, a curvy hourglass figure with particularly wide hips, but not excessively so, with a lean yet well toned musculature. She has a very youthful face and 20 year old appearing physical body, with her face being a soft heart shape. She has an over cumbersome chest size as a D cup, or it would be if she wasn't heavily augmented, a fact that can't be told on appearances alone. Surgical scars trail up the underside of her limbs and back from the surgeries that lead to her implantation.


Nora is generally quite and soft spoken, to an almost unnerving degree. She is very analytical in how she thinks, but is prone to emotional outbursts, as well as signs of mental instability. However, she has become pretty good at hiding these, as well as keeping her composure. Nora tends to act without warning, but usually for good reason. In a lot of ways she is socially awkward and inept. Her ability to relate with and sympathise with others lacks somewhat, but makes up for it in her sense of loyalty and love for those she manages to bond with.


Nora was born in YE39 on 188604, as the daughter to a woman who was a skilled cleaner for the government, and a man who was a Psychopomp agent named Lazarus. Her mother was well known for her skills, so as an infant she was kidnapped by Weiss in the efforts to have Nora become her protege. Hoping the aptitude of Nora's mother would be passed on, but her father's identity was not publicly known. To reduce training time, she was rapidly aged through artificial means to be the physical age of 20, as well as genetic Enhancements and augments to accelerate her training. She now has been through basic training as a recruit, and must join the ranks of Psychopomp.

Later in YE 39, she would be partnered up with Frank, a heavily augmented man built like a tank. Where he was the muscle, she was the finesse. The pair became an effective team, and later more. Eventually they started dating, Nora learning about the social aspects of a relationship from Frank as time went on. This began to harbor doubts about why she was in Psychopomp, and to later figure out how much of a pawn she was. Frank begins to plan for Nora's release from servitude to the company through taking the position himself.

In YE 40, Nora completed several more missions for Psychopomp under the stewardship of Weiss, becoming a successful assassin for the company's purposes. Soon after discovering her pregnancy, she fled to the OSO where she sought out the help of her grandfather Jack Pine. There she got help with medical complications caused by the processes of artificial growth acceleration that were used on her. With the help of Candon Howard Suites, the owner of Frontier Service Corporation. The baby was stabilized, and for a while, she and Frank enjoyed peace. Their baby would be born later in the year, but with Frank away for work to keep Psychopomp off of her trail, had not named the child yet. Soon Section 6 left the OSO, on an exodus to a new world to call their own.

However, disaster struck as soon as moving began. During the boarding of civilians onto the fleet, as Psychopomp agents lead by Weiss carried out a terrorist attack on the group. In the chaos, 28 people lost there lives, among them 8 S6 soldiers including Lt. Cmdr. Rorik Istavan. Nora and her still unamed child were taken as hostages and carried away on a shuttle, Frank having arrived too late to stop them. A few months later, with the alliance of Psychopomp and monarchy_of_dovania, she was released to them as a political prisoner where she was held for yet another month in good care with child.

Following this, after a incident involving Major Talos, she was handed over to Section 6, now known as the New Dusk Conclave. In this transfer of custody, she was also greetedd by her biological father Lazarus. Things seemed to be looking up for the tragic woman, but this was soon proven untrue when she learned of Frank's death, who had passed away during a battle that had happened during the exodus. He had died two months prior defending against boarders. Nora now has been trying to come to terms with this, as well as the raw emotions that had been locked away for so long. Currently she is living her days as a single mother, her child still unnamed, feeling lost…


Skills Learned

Fighting: Hand to hand: Weiss has brutally trained Nora in hand to hand combat, most often leaving her in rough shape afterwards.

Fighting: Melee-Blade: Nora has shown favor towards bladed weapons, particularly glaive types.

Fighting: Small Arms: Nora has become a skilled shot with most small arms through long endless hours at the range. (Rifles, pistols, shotguns, and LMGs)

Fighting: Heavy Weapons: Nora is effective in the carry and use heavy weaponry, mostly in part to her SHAM.

Genetic Enhancements: Nora has been given basic Enhancements to her senses, reflexes, cognitive abilities, and bone density.

Starship Operation: Nora as sought additional training in the form of flight simulations in the use of various craft of size and style.

Social Connections

Nora is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Nora has the following:

Nora currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by jack_pine on 05, 04 2018 at 15:30.

Chibi artwork by Ducccki (paid commission by Wes).

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Art by banzz
5 times her body weight

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