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Nora Yamazaki

Nora Y. is a player character played by sugarpop.

Nora Y.
Species & Gender: Female Human
Date of Birth: 9日 7月 YE 20
Organization: monarchy_of_dovania
Occupation: Spec Ops
Rank: Recruit
Current Placement: @@[email protected]@

Physical Description

She’s short and youthful in appearance. Her body structure is built thin and athletic. She has light, fair skin. Her eyes are abnormally green for a human with black hair and she keeps her hair layered so she doesn’t stress over it. She often wears dark colored clothing when she isn’t working. She has a silver hoop piercing on her right ear and two stud piercings on her left ear.


Her goal is to work in the service of someone other than a pirate. She’s introverted and doesn’t have a big sense of humor. She does laugh but it just takes a while to figure out what she laughs at. She’s always anxious and calms down a bit when she looks at the stars, hums, or fiddles with her hair. She likes to collect stuff and she sings and dances when she thinks alone. She has a few problems, as in mental issues. She has dementia, panic attacks, paranoia and schizophrenia. She adores animals and talks in her sleep. She has a nervous habit of mumbling or reciting poems. She has a phobia of ships and she is claustrophobic.


Nora was just a small child when she was kidnapped. Her parents were murdered right in front of her. The space pirates dragged her back to their spaceship as they ransacked the rest of the house. They kept her as a sort of pet and told her scary stories of what would happen if she tried to escape. She was isolated often and paranoia settled in her mind. Years later, the pirate ship was attacked and Nora was the only survivor. She was in her space suit in the middle of space. Tears were streaming down her face as she floated there, singing quietly to herself. That is where she was left.

Skills Learned

She usually sings and dances when she’s by herself. She learned these skills by teaching herself when she got bored or lonely while she was held by the pirates. She has never been in a situation where she got to take it a step farther. Her dancing looks a lot like ballet and she has great vocal cords which can hit most of the pitches.


She’s better at close combat and bladed weapons. She will, however, use a gun if necessary. She was taught the basics of bladed close combat while she was held by the pirates. She learned the rest of close combat and how to use guns when she was picked up by the Dovanians and sent to one of their military boot camps. She mastered the kukri early on and that is now her weapon of choice.


She has good memory. This is a skill she had since she was born. She didn’t really use it until she was taken by the pirates, by that time she started using it fully so she wouldn’t forget her parents. Because of that, she now has nightmares of her parents and the time she spent on the pirate ship.


She used to know the language of her homeland. She learned the language of the pirates and was taught the language of the Dovanians. Before she was kidnapped, she learned a few words in her homeland. She cannot remember the words now but she has been taught how to read, write and speak the trade of ‘english’ from both the Dovanians and the pirates.

Social Connections

Nora Y. is connected to:

Unknown Mother - Dead Unknown Father - Dead No other known relations

Inventory & Finance

Nora Y. has the following:

600 DT

Nora Y. currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by sugarpop on 11, 02 2018 at 19:03 using the Character Template Form.

In the case sugarpop becomes inactive:

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