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Notan 'Rain' Lmanel

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Notan 'Rain' is the head of the Lmanel (Shaman) Caste of Lor, his duties include biological research, religious officiation, and overseeing the Helashio (The slave race). An old friend of Velor Tur'Lista, his support for that caste has been unwavering for many years until it was recently shaken by the visitations from otherworldly race. But when the Ocheesta Seceded from the rest of the castes, his alliance with the Royalty reaffirmed itself and still stands strong.

General Information Species: Lorath Gender: Male Age: 56 (28 in human equivalent)

Family (or Creators): Rain considers himself not to have any family outside the species of animal he’s bonded with.

Employer: Lorath House Lmanel Occupation: Leader of House Lmanel Rank: Dycgs’ycdan (Taskmaster) Current Assignment:

Physical Appearance

Physical Characteristics Height: 1.82m (6’) Weight: 108 kg (239 lbs)

Build and Skin Color: Rain has ashen skin (Grey with a dark tan) and a muscular build from extensive time spent on the surface, studying the natural world and bonding with his chosen animal. Due to extensive physical training and hunting, he’s faster and has more endurance than his build suggests. Facial Features and Eye Color: Rain’s face has a three scars over his cheek, going from a bit under the eye back close to the ear, continued over to the outer edge of his ear. His eyes are a deep amber color. Hair color and Style: He has forest green hair that looks reminiscent of a lion’s mane with several long bangs that hang in front, to collar bone level, and in back: the longest tip comes to waist length if just a little shorter.

Distinguishing Features: Rain has extensive tattooing on his torso in a tribal fashion in green with two thin green bands around his neck like a collar with a wolf’s claw earring and wears a beaded necklace made of shed off bear claws.

Psychological Profile

Psychological Characteristics Personality: Rain is a laid back individual who doesn’t seem to care much about what happens but he does care, he does so intensely about his “pack” and his house. He’s a benevolent person who tries to make everyone in his house happy but sometimes it makes him stressed out and frustrated. But he is intelligent, it just doesn’t seem like it occasionally because he gets emotional as well. Overall Rain is a nice guy with a few issues with stress.

Likes: Biology, The surface world, the serenity of a quiet forest, canines Dislikes: insubordination, loud people, those who kill for no reason, poison Goals: To live fully on the surface and still run the Shaman house as best he can.



Rain was born into the Shaman house to the wife of the previous Taskmaster, which means he would inherit the seat himself later in life. But until then, he was put through school and trained physically as a shaman, even showing prowess at the House's unique ability to shapeshift from a young age. Rain is able to change his limb's form or fully transform into a hybrid wolf form, from a long period of time he spent on the surface world after it was retaken to study the flora and fauna of the world. After many years of living up there, he recieved word that his father was stepping down from old age and had to return to the house to go through a ritual that would officiate him as the new Taskmaster or house leader. The ritual itself was long and overly official as well as grew increasingly tiresome; but in the end Rain was recognized as the new Leader of the House. He was young but his father and mother did not want to appoint a regent, fearing their child might get tainted somehow.


Physical: As like members of the shaman house are expected to maintain their physical strength and stamina, they must be able to run, walk, climb, swim, or even fly, for an extended amount of time. Because of his years of experience and training Rain is able to run, walk, and swim even more than most members of his house. But he’s not as strong physically as members of the warrior class do, but he comes close but he can out perform some of them in terms of physical ability outside of brute power.

Art and Vocations: Shamans are expected to be able to construct their own clothes, bags, and other goods. They are expected to make these goods with a high enough quality to be considered the work of an experienced artisan. This pretty much says it all about Rain’s skill level, he can make his own clothes and other things.

Knowledge: Members of the shaman house are expected to know of the bulk of written and verbally passed down information of the Lorath race; shamans are also expected to be able to recall information about plant life and animal life. Being what he is means he has to know even more than usual, which is why Rain spends a lot of time in the library; what he doesn’t know he’s not afraid to ask someone who does.

Biology: Shaman Lorath are expected to learn as much as possible about biology. They are expected to learn about everything from micro-organisms to extinct pre-historic beasts. They are also expected to apply this knowledge to their practices of bonding with nature. Additional training is highly encouraged, the leader of the house has lived on the surface doing just that, Rain is able to identify and describe many types of wildlife and plantlife by mere sight.

Minor Shape Shifting, specifics: The ability of members of Shaman to shape shift is a minor one. There cannot be additional limbs, changes of over all body shape, imitation of other people at random, or an overall shape shift into inanimate objects or animals. Shape shifting requires a large amount of the character's attention and focus. and the ability to shape shift specific parts of the body requires long and focused meditation upon a beast or life form that is going to be imitated. The imitation can only go as far as changes in muscle mass and placement, minor bone shifting, and if bones are broken and healed there can be changes in bone structure, but healing time must be applied. Rain has shapeshifted many, many times over the course of his life and training on the surface; he can transform himself into a lupine hybrid fairly easily with lower concentration than the other members of the house. (not full species shapeshift: hybrid only is max)

Survival and Military: Rain has been around long enough to learn by trial-and-error what works in a survival situation. He knows how to hunt game, fish, find fresh water and even tan animal hides and build makeshift shelter as well as finding one in nature. He’s experienced with blending in to natural settings as well, knowing what works and what doesn’t.

Fighting: Using hand-to-hand combat skills, Rain can easily hold his own and knows how to fight in his beastform in an instinctual way. He’s experienced in using his body’s natural ability to take control of the opponent’s body by striking the joints and pressure points.

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