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Nova Decus

Nova Decus is a player character played by pendragonpoe.

Nova Decus
Species & Gender: Female AI
Date of Birth: 24日 5月 YE 39
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: Doctor, Engineer
Rank: Varies
Current Placement:

Physical Description

Nova has the body of a fairly tall and attractive female human. She stands about 6ft (183cm) and weighs 180lbs (82kg). Her body has a Top Hourglass figure with C-cup breasts. Her light colored skin contrasts her Violet eyes well. Her shoulder length brown hair is normally kept in a loose bun, but every now and then she'll let it down when she's not working. Under her right eye she has a mechanical, almost bar-code looking tattoo. Crossing over the top of her chest, along her collarbone, she has an ornate tattoo of circuitry in the style of filigree.

(For anyone that cares, Her measurements are 47C-36-45.)


Nova has always been a fixer. Whether it be things or people, she's driven by a desire to fix what's broken. Because if this she spent most of her short life learning things instead of really interacting with people. This has left her a bit awkward in social interactions. People often frustrate and confuse her. The lengths they are willing to take with both their machines and bodies is a matter of contention with some. There are people who would call her borderline OCD, willing to fix whatever she's asked to fix, but prone to verbal outbursts when asked to fix the same person/thing multiple times. Despite all that, she actually cares deeply for both her patients and items she fixes.


The code that would eventually become Nova was pet project an elderly professor named Charles Byron. Charles began work shortly after he found out he was dying. Realizing his time was up he found that he wanted a child. From the time Nova was “Born” to the time Charles died, he treated her light the daughter she was. They would spend hours together discussing the finer points of books they had read.

Within the year Nova was well on her way to becoming an engineer when Charles finally died. It was his death that sparked the fire in her that ultimately lead her to be the doctor she is today.

Skills Learned

Biology: Nova's interest in Biology has always been through the lens of the medical field. As such she focused more on human and Xeno anatomy then the other fields of biology.

Engineering: Some of the first books Nova ever read were Engineering books. The idea that she could use her mind to overcome significant obstetrical was fascinating to her. Plus being able to take something that worked and “improve” it to the point that it no longer worked was quite fun.

Maintenance and Repair: This was one of her main drives. Almost since she was first downloaded into her body she was fixing broken things. This skill was one that she mainly learned by doing rather then by reading. Finding that she enjoyed it more when she could see and feel when she made a mistake rather then just do the math.

Medical and Science: Nova as an Engineering specialized AI has a detailed theoretical understanding of the Mechanical Concept of the Human Body. She has focused this understanding to become quite skilled in the fields of Surgery and General Medicine.

Technology: As an AI technology has always been intrinsic to who she is. Understanding computers and how they were has come almost as natural to her as breathing.

Rouge: For the first year of her life Nova had a hard time understanding physical laws and restrictions. Things like “Don't sneak into that restricted area.” and “Don't hack into those cameras” were concepts she found hard to understand. The idea that she could just go where she wanted to see or learn what she wanted was something that greatly intrigued her. Because of this she's become particularly skilled in the arts of stealth and hacking.

Communication: Nova's interest in languages started out as a way to communicate with other mechanical and computerized systems. However, as she moved farther into the medical field she picked up several common languages to help her better communicate with her patients.

Social Connections

Nova Decus is connected to:

Charles Byron - Father (Deceased)

Inventory & Finance

Nova Decus has the following:

Standard Clothing and Equipment.

[Details to be edited later.]

Nova Decus currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by pendragonpoe on 05, 29 2019 at 00:01 using the Character Template Form.

In the case pendragonpoe becomes inactive:

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