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Bertina Rosenthal

Bertina Rosenthal is a NPC controlled by FM Matthew.

Bertina Rosenthal
Species: Surfacer/Nightwalker Hybrid, Abwehran
Gender: Female
Organization: Abwehran Star Empire
Occupation: Head of State
Rank: Empress

Character Description

A physically imposing woman to anyone non-Abwehran, Bertina Rosenthal is a toned woman with a fair complexion and bright blue eyes. She appears to be 43 standard years old, yet she is nearly 96 in Standard Years and only 27 in Abwehran Years. She wears her light brown, knee-length hair done up in elaborate styles using pins and combs.

Prefering dress tunics and khakis over everything else, this style has become the standard style of women's formal wear within the Abwehran populace. But during events like parties, the Empress of the Empire will wear simple, yet elegant gowns.

Bertina is known more for being a mediator than anything and has often seemed more tolerant of others. Some of her subjects believe this to be a bit of a liability due to Abwehr's standing in the known galaxy.

History and Relationship Notes

Born to the former Empress and Emperor of the Abwehran Star Empire, Bertina was raised in the lime light of public and journalistic events. She was trained from birth to take her mother's place as Empress, attending the Imperial University for Political Science and Law. She has been Empress of the Empire since her parents retired five Abwehran Years ago.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Abwehran and Trade.
  • Humanities: Trained in diplomacy and has studied philosophy and sociology.
  • Knowledge: Has studied Abwehran History and Law.
  • Leadership: Trained in public speaking, command, and diplomacy.
  • Mathematics: Has studied up to Calculus.
  • Physical: Performs acrobatics for exercise and stress relief.
  • Technology Operations: Able to use standard Abwehran Computers and Abwehran Interfaces.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created on 2013/02/02 09:47 by Abwehran Commander.

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