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Anabelle Killigrew

Anabelle Killigrew is an NPC controlled by GM Alex Hart.

  Anabelle Killigrew  
  Species:    Nepleslian  
  Gender:    Female  
  Occupation:    Pirate  
  Rank:    Pirate Queen (self proclaimed)  

Character Description

Anabelle is, in appearances, a teenage girl with next to nonexistent breasts and strawberry blonde hair. Her eyes are brown. She is 4 feet and 10 inches tall, and has very small breasts. Anabelle is best characterized as crass, brash and pushy. She's used to doing what she wants, saying what she wants, and getting what she wants. She's well acquainted with command, as she's led a group of pirates for some time. Anabelle is sensitive about her size, and is quick to mete out punishment to any who mention it, or mock her for it.

History and Relationship Notes

Anabelle was born in YE 19 on a mining planet in the Imperium of Neplesia to a poor miner couple. Unable to support her, she was quickly abandoned to live a life as a beggar on the streets of the major cities of the planet by night, and work in a metal refinery by day.

The chemicals involved with the refinement of metals slowly damaged the young girl's body, changing it to the point where she no longer grew physically after the age of 15. Now, in YE 39, she is a twenty year old pirate 'queen' trapped in the body of a young girl.

She escaped the Nepleslian territories by stowing away on a cargo ship bound for Lorath territory at age 16, and quickly took advantage of her youthful appearance to gain the trust of a local crime boss, who she then killed and usurped. She transformed the crime gang she took over into an extensive network of pirate cells all over Lorath and ex-UOC space, styling herself as a pirate queen.

Skill Areas

  •  Communications: Fluent in Trade, Lorath
  • Leadership: Anabelle is comfortable leading her pirate comrades into battle as their de-facto “queen”. She is also adept at doing so, excelling at planning and executing ambushes and raids on merchants and salvagers.
  • Rouge: Anabelle is streetwise by necessity, and able to pick locks and steal whatever she needed to survive her days in Neplesia.
  •  Vehicles: Anabelle is a capable vehicle operator and pilot, preferring to lead her forces from the front lines in her custom mecha.
  • Survival and military: Anabelle learned to survive in harsh conditions as a child due to her abandonment, she is capable of finding water in wilderness, navigating the wilds, the construction of small shelter, hunting small game and camouflage 


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