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-====== Aniseth Whitemeadow ====== 
-Aniseth Whitemeadow is an [[:​characters|NPC]] controlled by [[guide:​Game Master|GM]] [[user:​gallant]] who appears in [[plot:​whitemeadow]]. 
-^  Aniseth Whitemeadow ​ ^^ 
-|  {{:​character:​2018:​aniseth_1000.png}} ​  || 
-^  Species & Gender ​ |  [[species:​elf]],​ Male  | 
-^  Organization: ​ |  [[faction:​asteria]] ​   | 
-^  Occupation: ​ |  Tailor ​  | 
-^  Rank:  |  Lord   | 
-^  Current Placement: ​ |  [[plot:​whitemeadow]];​ [[system:​heled]] ​  | 
-===== Character Description ===== 
-| [[character:​sutauto isao|Isao]] caught a glimpse of her through several bodies crowded around a central table. She had skin as pale as parchment, and such a dark head of hair that it seemed to soak the light around it and turn it all to gloss. She was small, graceful - and she didn't look half of sixteen. Twelve. Maybe. The people surrounding her dwarfed her in height and weight. She wore a blue keyhole dress, near to the floor, that seemed stylish, very decorative, but comparatively conservative considering he had just come from the Eagle, where boob windows were boob windows and the decoration primarily involved actual cleavage.\\ \\ But Aniseth Whitemeadow was pretty. She was young, too young, but as far as Isao could reckon, she would be a beautiful woman in a couple dozen years, as elves went. \\ \\ She looked up. The girl had blue-gray eyes, and smiled easily and in an honest way.| 
-**Description:​** Aniseth is an extraordinarily pretty and effeminate young Elven man. Though in his mid-30s, he looks far younger than his actual years due to his Elven heritage. His hair is silken, raven black and meticulously cared for as is the rest of his appearance. He dresses himself lavishly in the finest materials and clothing and liberally uses make-up to enhance his already beautiful appearance. He is soft spoken, generous and kind. His sheltered upbringing by the Elven Council has made him a firm traditionalist,​ bothered by nudity and liberal sexuality. 
-===== History & Relationships ===== 
-**Aunt:** [[character:​bhelith blackspear]]\\ 
-**Wife:** Aleksasha Bloodtree \\  
-**Step-Daughter:​** Lukina Aleksasha\\ 
-**Chartered Knight of House Whitemeadow:​** [[character:​sutauto isao]] 
-| Isao looked to the Lord, repeating his expression of look of weighing souls before his expression lightened to a near fatherly expression. His eyes shifted back to Aleksasha, "It isn't my place, and I have only actually known her for not even a handful of hours. If she can lead, let her. I am only her sword arm and her advisor."​ \\ \\ Aniseth cleared her throat very gently, clearly a bit torn, and more than a bit put aside. The pilot had gone a bit white. Perhaps he felt bad as well, but he kept his distance and tried, quite diligently, to not be hearing the conversation. \\ \\ "​His,"​ said Lord Whitemeadow,​ quietly. "You see, the Lady is, I think, meant to be my betrothed. As you can see, we are not very... happy with each other."​ \\ \\ Isao blinked twice as he attempted to wrap his mind around everything that had just been said. "​I...never mind." Isao decided not to comment on the situation at hand. "​Anyways,​ should I leave you two to yourselves or should I stay?" \\ \\ "You can stay, but please understand that Aniseth is male," Aleksasha commented with a smile. "​It'​s a strange situation, but we still need to situate you with quarters. Or else you might end up with the Vekimen by accident."​ \\ \\ Isao's eyes went about as big around as the stars themselves, turning red faced before stammering, "​I...uh..."​ He clammed shut before turning on his heels to the Lord, and bowing, "I beg forgiveness,​ m'​lord. I have made a grave mistake."​ \\ \\ "​It'​s not your fault,"​ said the young, androgynous elf, perhaps a bit more than embarrassed this time. He held up slender hands. "​Please,​ don't bow. She's been encouraging people like this for days." | 
-===== OOC Notes ===== 
-This NPC was created by [[user:​gallant]] on 2017/10/31 15:16.\\ 
-Portrait commissioned by [[user:​gallant]] and done by [[http://​|Farisato]]. ​ 
-In the case [[user:​gallant]] becomes inactive: 
-Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No, ask [[user:​gallant]]. 
-Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No.