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Cereus was listed as a resident of the Chou district. Her file mentioned that she was the owner of a shipping company that used to be based on Asura, โ€œDelfinโ€. โ€œDelfinโ€ itself was still doing fairly well running supplies between former Red Nepleslian territory and Leo Star Fortress. The rest of the data was corrupted.

Cereus is a NPC controlled by GM Kim who appears in the Task Force Lantern plot.

Species: Jiyuuian
Gender: Female
Organization: Leo Star Fortress, Chou District
Occupation: Owner of Delfin Shipping

Character Description

โ€œSee that it is fixed!โ€ A shrill, nasal voice proceeded the quickly exiting figure of a dark haired Jiyuuian woman with piercing lilac eyes. Her clothes seemed slightly out of place for a station filled with refugees, they were immaculate and extremely high quality. She appeared to be inconvenienced by the evacuation of the planets rather than truly effected by it. There was an aura of hostility around Cereus as she shoved past the much shorter Chiyo with no consideration for the nekovalkryja.

History and Relationship Notes

First appears in Task Force Lantern [ACT III: Scene IV] Issues at Hand following an off-screen argument with Apocynum.

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