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Daichi Kurogane

Daichi Kurogane is an NPC controlled by GM Syaoran

Kurogane(้ป’้‡‘) Daichi(ๅคงๆ™บ)
Species: Minkan
Gender: Male
Organization: Shinken Initiative
Occupation: Executive
Rank: Founder
Current Placement: N/A

Character Description

Daichi is a six foot Yamataian with an 'Asian' complextion and short raven black hair. He has a well trained physique to fight off the effects of aging, and his facial features are well defined, offsetting his narrow almond shaped brown eyes. He dresses most commonly in suits and carries himself in a neat and almost rigid posture, giving off a sturdy and reliable image.

History and Relationship Notes

Born YE 02, Daichi spent his early life like a normal child playing with friends and having not worrying about his future too much. However by ten years old his parents began to groom him with the intent of turning him into a wealthy businessman when he grew up. Daichi was not exactly opposed to this, and the training was not especially difficult so he stuck with it, seeing the value in such a thing.

As he grew older he found his interest drifting towards the world of military sciences, but all his education was in the world of business and management, so he found himself at a bit of an impasse. He wanted to make a different in the martial fields but he could not do anything with his own power, so he made use of his talents and recruited young scientist his age. For the next few years they worked on what they could with little funding, and eventually came up with a training program for Star Army of Yamatai soldiers. The idea was rough, but it was enough to get funding from the army to try it out.

In YE 34 they were able to recruit a real Ketsurui Samurai into the program to help refine the program and train the first batch of Nekos to take the course. The first group was not perfect, but were able to show immediate results for the program at their assignments. More Neko were taught, and those already released would come back for updates to their knowledge as the program was refined.

By YE 37 what was simply a training facility had become the Shinken Initiative and their training course had become Gendaijutsu. They were now an independent group with government funding and contracts. The samurai who first helped him, Kazue Sonohana

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Yamataigo and Trade
  • Mathmatics
  • Leadership
  • Humanities
  • Business


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