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Domiel Hessios

Domiel Hessios
Species: Patrician
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Height: 6'6โ€œ
Weight: 128 lbs
Organizations Elysian Celestial Navy
Occupation Prefectii of the Phoera Task Force
Current Placement Captain of the ECS Antigone

Domiel in Roleplay

Domiel is an NPC created by Orion.

Domiel's Appearance

Build and Skin Colour: Domiel is a well-built and extremely graceful figure with chalk-white complexion. His wings are large and very strong, and something of an oddity among Patricians, not pure white. His remiges are banded with black and white.
Facial Features and Eye Colour: Domiel has sharp avian features, with vibrant deep-set eyes, drawn lips, and a tall, slightly hooked nose. His eyes are dark blue in color.
Hair Colour and Style: Domiel has short, sandy blond curly hair that he keeps well-brushed but doesn't 'style' it in any particular manner.
Clothing: Domiel is a military man through and through, dressing primarily in military uniform. On those occasions that he wears casual attire, he wears plain white cotton iyko, i'yaloh, and soh'k'tohs.

Domiel's Personality & Mentality

Domiel is a sharp but very modest man. He is not prone to taking credit even when his actions are plainly heroic. A veteran of two of the Heavenly Wars, he has grown to have both a strong respect and a strong resentment for Yamatai. He is also quite pragmatic, however, and has come to accept that Yamatai is better as an ally than an enemy. In general, Domiel is a man who could have retired in high honor years ago and likely established himself firmly in the Senate, but chose to remain in out of a duty complex of stunning proportions.


Order, reading, history, war games


Nekovalkyrja, Nepleslians


To further the military and social influence of Elysia throughout the universe.

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