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Duke Glynvalur Starhearth

Duke Glynvalur Starhearth is an NPC controlled by GM Bullroarer.

Duke Glynvalur Starhearth
Coat of Arms
Species: Elf
Gender: Male
Occupation: Lord
Rank: Duke
Current Placement: Kotoku System

Character Description

Physical Description

Before you stands an inviting Elven male, 6'2“ tall, barely 90 kilos, pale pink skin, angled jaw, and a noble brow. Pointed ears, nose, and mouth contrast from uniformity with hazel green eyes and blonde hair. Scars run across his forearms and hands, from his time learning to cook as a short order chef. An alto voice is often noted when he is speaking to travelers and serving his meals, each one a masterpiece of culinary delight.


Glynvalur is the guy. That guy. He is friendly, out going, courteous, and gregarious. He loves to talk and loves to listen. He is both attentive and aware. Possessed of a disciplined mind, once a task is accepted, he will work tirelessly to solve and improve upon the requested favor. Hosting, especially where he can entertain, provides Glynvalur the newness to sate his curiosity, the opportunity to hone whatever new skill he is mastering, be it romantic skills or culinary art. Despite the appearance of frivolity and pomp, Glynvalur is a paramount diplomat and negotiator. He finds weaknesses and exploits them, when necessary, for the advancement of his or his wards' cause. He is loyal to a fault, until the circle of trust is broken. Thus he is a valuable ally and a terrible enemy.

Glynvalur is notably fond of jewelery, and though the cut of his clothes is often simple, he likes embroidery in intricate patterns and embedded jewels or pretty baubles to lend his garments an appearance austerity.

History and Relationship Notes

Ye Good Olden Days

Seeing his sibling treated inconsiderately by older relatives left Glynvalur distrustful of authority.

During his tenure as a Yamataian Customs official, he ended up with quite a bit of money due to accepting bribes from various entities.

After retiring early for safety reasons after the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, Glynvalur Moved to Kotoku after purchasing his Harbor class trade station, naming it Gateway. This station was installed in the year YE 34.

Glynvalur decided to learn cooking and became extremely good at it, running the Diner on Gateway.

Of Diners and Dukes

With the elevation of Glynvalur Starhearth to the position of Duke of Kotoku, a whole host of needs, which Glynvalur never felt the need to do, suddenly became the most important of issues. Once, his truck stop and diner were his life. The companionship of talking to the space cowboys and truckers over the subspace radio was now eclipsed by petitions from his subjects filling his inbox. As well as the day to day operations of his station, Glynvalar was under pressure to marry, to secure a future for his now adopted people. All three communities wished for security and feared the others would gain favor by marrying their most beautiful and intelligent young women to the duke.

The Taming of the Shrews

Strife began between the three communities, all sandwiched together on the banks of Veľký soľný oceán. First simple street violence, then organized hate crimes. Wishing bring peace and integration to his people and to avoid the intrigue in the royal court, the small Lorathi cult, the first true settlers to Kotoku, had provided the ultimate cure for his problems. Glynvalur would convert to this new Lorathi religion, cementing his rule as well as providing a north for the Moral compass of the settlement. Along with becoming integrated with the people, He would take three wives, one from each community. This mollified the citizens of Kotoku I, who now felt the duke would hear their needs. Overnight, the people of Kotoku were now one people, unified in thought. The Lorathi regained the respect of the community, the Helashio regained their place in the community, and the Jyuu had reclaimed their moral compass. This lead to a personal cost. Glynvalur, abandoning his familial religion, worship, and moral values, lead to his familial rejection. His family does not accept his marriages and have declared they will not accept any children born of such unions.


  • Mother: Estranged
  • Father: Strained relationship
  • Maternal Grandmother: Distant relationship
  • Maternal Grandfather: Strained relationship
  • Paternal Grandmother: Very close relationship
  • Paternal Grandfather: Close relationship
  • Ilimaris (Younger brother): Strained relationship
  • Paternal aunt: Friendly relationship
  • Maternal aunt: Strained relationship
  • Paternal aunt: Friendly relationship
  • Maternal aunt: Friendly relationship
  • Paternal aunt: Strained relationship
  • Paternal aunt: Never knew (alive)
  • Maternal aunt: Distant relationship
  • Paternal uncle: Estranged

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in trade, Xiulurian, Yamataigo
  • Cooking
  • Fighting
  • Business
  • Diplomacy


Duke Glynvalur has the following items:

  • Military cut uniform
  • A silver enscrolled pistol in a hip holster with two spare power cells.
  • AwesomeCorp DataJockey with the Kotoku Ducal coat of arms.

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