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Freesia is a NPC controlled by GM Kim who appears in the Task Force Lantern plot.

Species: Helashio
Gender: Female
Organization: ARATA Clothing
Occupation: Tailor's Assistant
Current Placement: Chou Cho District; Leo Star Fortress

Character Description

The shopkeeper was extremely uncomfortable with the Ryuusei’s interest in what had happened between herself and Cereus. The shop itself was filled with racks of clothing. A small grey haired Helashio child sniffled as she picked up some torn red material from the floor off to the far left of the entrance doorway where they had stood.

The child watched them with pleading violet eyes and her fuzzy grey ears pressed back against her hair. Her violet sundress was also fairly plain but it was in better condition than Apocynum’s with no loose threads or frayed edges. She seemed like she wanted to say something but she scurried to a back room when Apocynum met her gaze.

History and Relationship Notes

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