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Hebidi Djebidi

Hebidi Djebidi is an NPC controlled by GM Kai who appears in OIF Karakoram.

Hebidi Djebidi
Species & Gender Nepleslian Female
Organization: Origin Industries
Occupation: Physician's assistant
Rank: Jr Ship's Sergeant
Current Placement: OIF Karakoram

Character Description

Hebidi is a very tall, and thin woman, with tightly-curled black hair that is kept cut fairly close to her head. She carries herself with great dignity, and usually wears medium-sized earrings, though the design will vary day by day. Her skin is a dark chocolate brown and her eyes are also dark brown, with a broad nose and full lips. She has a deep, womanly voice with an accent hailing from a small island state, and often varies her sentence structure when speaking. She was born in YE 08.

History & Relationships

Hebidi spent most of her time in Origin on Dawn station, the Karakoram being her first shipboard position. She is good friends with Tori Hampton Glennis, having joined Origin at the same time and met during introduction courses.

OOC Notes

This NPC was created by Kai on 2020/01/11 09:11.

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