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Karael Malarch

Karael Malarch is a FM NPC played by META_mahn.

Karael Malach
Species: Patrician
Gender: Female
Age: 45
Height: 6'7โ€œ
Weight: 100 lbs
Bra Size: 32B
Organizations Senate
Occupation Senatorial Legate
Current Placement International Conference

Karael's Appearance

Build and Skin Colour: Karael is physically distinctive with the height and graceful thinness of a female Patrician body but held with supreme self confidence, and underneath her clothing she has the defined musculature of her breed. Her skin has a slightly Mediterranean shade to it.
Facial Features and Eye Colour: Karael's face is similar many peoples conception of Elysians - it is aloof, ethereal and breathtakingly beautiful, with grey eyes which are analytical, cold and as hard as the stone whose colour they share - her stare seems to bore into the very soul.
Hair Colour and Style: Her hair is an exceptionally rich blond which she allows to cascade down around her shoulders.
Clothing: Karael is normally seen wearing the senatorial Teigha, a robe composed of three layers of silk with the central layer a vibrant blue - over this she wears a particularly fine soh'k'tohs - for jewelry she has a gold necklace with 24 carat gold pendant containing a 50 carat diamond surrounded by a constellation of two sapphires, two spinels, two rubys, an opal and an emerald.

Karael's Personality & Mentality

Karael's personality is enormously forceful and despite being a fine rhetorician she prefers to get to the point. Her self confidence is enormous, although more accurately it is complete confidence in her God and in her nation. While in some ways cold she is fair and exceptionally rational - especially in her business she does allow emotion to interfere. She is capable of being exceptionally manipulative and even seductive if necessary - taking advantage that Patricians barely age visibly past their mid-20's. In her spare time she enjoys the pursuit of theology, however she has learnt that it is rarely a good idea to discuss god with the heathens.


God, The Empire, men and women, sex, poetry, rhetoric, art.




To further the the Empire and the work of God.

OOC Discussion

FrostJaeger adopted this non-player character from Zakalwe on 2017/11/04 17:00 after receiving approval from Wes on 2017/11/04 16:47 and transferred ownership to META_mahn on 2018/12/04 09:40.

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