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Lars Thorsson

Lars Thorsson is an NPC controlled by BionicSamurai as part of Asrid's family.

Lars Thorsson
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Organization: Leo Senior High
Occupation: Student

Character Description

Lars is a mezomorphic teen of about 5'10 with peachy pale skin that can tan to a golden brown. He has short, brown, shaggy hair and blue eyes that can change expression similar to his father's.

Lars is a rather intelligent person whom has sunk much of his time into puzzles and information, though this has made him rather awkward socially. Emotional things are difficult for him, so he tends to keep as close to rationality as possible. This does not, however, mean he is cold; quite the opposite, he is a very caring individual at the core.

History and Relationship Notes

It is difficult being the youngest in a family full of girls. No matter what you do, everything is your fault if you can be implicated in some way or other. Lars noticed this early and tried to stay out of things; however his elder sister Asrid, youngest of the three girls, had a habit of dragging him around whenever she was lonely. It was nice that she got him out; but it wasn't often that he got to enjoy what ended up happening.

He had a slight reprieve when the youngest of his sisters finally started working on their father's fishing boat; however it was not long after that he got conned into helping aboard as well. There he started out on the deck, then migrated down into the engine room where he found things easier to deal with. Once Asrid left for the Star Army; however, the teen was soon called up to the bridge to help pilot.

In high school, the boy stuck to math, science, and shop classes as an outlet for his curiosity and new found enjoyment of how things work. He would fix cars in automotive class only to master lab work in another period - his day ending with his attendance at the school's science club. This worked marvellously until, as a result of infatuation and misunderstanding, Lars found himself kicked out of club and losing the people he hung out with.

In his worst days, while feeling like the true outcast he had become, Asrid had come home for Yule and brought Yoshi with her. It seemed to cause the house to implode, but his sister's Neko girlfriend offered him a way out of the darkness and a new place to start out again. This new path has ended up causing him nearly as many problems as it has solved; however what hasn't managed to kill him is only making him stronger.


  • Has become a toy for the Sakishima's intelligence operative, Dakura
  • Has been through an ordeal that the Sakishima encountered
  • Lars has nearly gone all the way with Yoshi due to a time of chemical induced amnesia


Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Trade and Yamataian
  • Marksmanship (rifle)
  • Science (advanced high school)
  • Maintenance and Repair (civilian terrain and watercraft up to 50ft)
  • Vehicle (civilian terrain and watercraft up to 50ft)
  • Survival (fire, shelter, fishing, hunting)
  • Knowledge (weather)

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