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Michael Furze

Michael Furze is an NPC controlled by GM Luca who is a common subcontractor and designer for the Lazarus Consortium.

Michael Furze
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Organization: Lazarus Consortium
Occupation: Engineer, Designer
Rank: The Machinist
Current Placement: Contract Work

Character Description

Faster at engineering and design than a speeding bullet, mentally stable as francium in a bathtub full of petrol. Michael Furze works in one of many safehouse-workshops where all sorts of mechanical things can come rolling, crawling, bouncing or rocketing out of their doors. He maintains a video channel showcasing all of his personal work, including but not limited to various home made 'household appliances', jets, noisemakers, bikes, cars, fireworks displays, even rudimentary combat and lifting frames.

Short blonde hair with the occasional burn mark or spot of grease, pale skin, blue eyes and a wiry body that's covered in sores and scars, with a pair of heavily modified cybernetic arms that serve as his on-hand toolbox, able to produce all a matter of tools in a flash from his fingertips, wrist and forearm. His posture is slouched forward from sitting down all day, and the weight of his arms doesn't help.

History and Relationship Notes

Michael was diagnosed by the Consortium with acute mania, and enjoys every moment of it. He was also diagnosed with asperger syndrome after he had serious trouble forming relationships with people who do not share his passion for invention, or staying still during the interview. He was only lured to work for the consortium because of the resources he'd have available.

He has, occasionally, been known to mass produce 'armies of robots' based on popular Emrys Industries designs for whatever particular need or purpose strikes his fancy. Michael enjoys reverse engineering them at a mechanical level, though he sometimes forgets about having them at all, leading to the occasional incident where a robot army is holding up traffic by dancing in the street, in sync, to Super Earbrickers Unite. He has robots, lots of them. He doesn't need friends unless they have something for him to do, or something to show him.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Trade and Lorath Ly'thir, never bothered to learn Yamatai-go.
  • Engineering: Oh, god yes.
  • Technology Operation: Well, yes too.
  • Construction: Ditto.
  • Entertainment: One of his cover occupations is a pyrotechnics specialist. He loves fireworks, and the big bangs. He also shoots and edits his own videos for each of his public creations.
  • Mathematics: He doesn't know how he knows, but he knows the numbers.
  • Medical and Science: Is known to do cybernetic work on occasion, and can safely design and install cybernetics onto someone, and does it to himself too.
  • Art and Vocation: His video editing skills didn't come from nowhere, but he taught himself using pirated video editing software.


  • Hundreds and hundreds of power tools
  • Access to large scale machining and mass-production equipment
  • Access to a computer with imaging and CAD software
  • A few junkyards worth of salvage and scrap equipment
  • Pirated video editing software


Yes, this man is Colin Furze's Nepleslian cousin, why do you ask?

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