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Mitsuya Katashi

Mitsuya Katashi is an NPC controlled by GM Acewing13 who appears in interregnum.

Mitsuya Katashi
Species & Gender Male Yamataian
Organization: Mitsuya Clan
Occupation: Noble/Police Investigator
Rank: Viscount/Clan Spymaster/De Facto Head of the Mitsuya Clan
Current Placement: Asura III

Character Description

  • Height: 1.73 meters
  • Weight: 79.4 kilograms

Build and Skin Color: Pale skin and a slim frame

Eyes and Facial Features: Cold blue almond eyes and round face

Ears: Elf-like ears

Hair Color and Style: Short, finger length black hair

Distinguishing Features: Looks forgettable from a distance, but has an unsettling glare when he isn't hiding it.

History & Relationships

Mitsuya Katashi was born in YE 08 in the city of Tania, Yamatai.

Born Yamamoto Katashi after The Great Plague of YE 08, he grew up in a relatively middle-class family and the only way he saw that he could get out of his dreary and boring life was to join the military. Undergoing his examinations in YE 27, he was put in the SAINT program, just in time to join in the Battle of Hoshi no Iori. He went on to serve with distinction throughout the First Mishhuvurthyar War mostly due to being able to stay alive despite the long list of close misses he accrued over the years.

After the war was over, Katashi got tired of dealing with the boring office work that he was saddled with and the internecine Yamataian politics and retired from SAINT and headed off to the United Outer Colonies to see what he could do in the civilian side of things. Besides getting as far away from Yamatai as possible, he was drawn to the new nation and its community of independent self-promoters and the camraderie that came with the start of a new experiment. This didn't turn out to be a nice retirement however, as the Mishhu rolled in again in the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, forcing him to pick up the proverbial sword again to help fight the Kikyo Sector's eternal foe. This brought him into contact with Mitsuya Ember, who he came to admire for her dedication to helping her fellow Jiyuuians. And thus, he kept to her side after the UOC was destroyed and she was transferred to Leo Star Fortress, taking charge of the station's criminal investigation unit underneath Belinda Blake.

Katashi's world flipped again however when Morioka Naoko took over Leo Station and forced, in his eyes, Ember to join the Morioka Clan, essentially destroying the Mitsuya Clan, as she was the last known clan member to have survived the UOC's destruction. The Jiyuuian became deeply embittered by this, seeing this as her giving up the opportunity to rebuild what had been lost. He nearly handed in his resignation before Ember pointed out that there was nothing stopping him from taking up the Mitsuya name himself and keeping it alive, even expanding its authority and power.

This had certain appeal for Katashi, as it let the clan continue while allowing the, unfortunately, necessary political maneuvers. Thus, he conceded and promised to take on the Mitsuya mantle, but on one condition; that she continue to be the titular head of the clan. Receiving her acceptance, he got to work, heading off to old UOC territory, to take control of the remnants of the clan's assets. Thus, he was on Asura III when Bhelith showed up, giving him both a renewed distaste of the elf and a hope that the nascent asteria could become what the UOC was supposed to be. Especially when he found out he could start a brand new project.

OOC Notes

This NPC was created by Acewing13 on 2017/09/02 20:53.

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