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Niwa Belemtal

Niwa Belemtal is a NPC controlled by GM Glein in the YSS Artemis Plot plot.

Niwa Belemtal
Species & Gender: Tree Elf Female
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Infantry Commander
Current Placement: YSS Artemis

Character Description

battle hardened woman, serious and no nonsense. But with a secret party hard side of her

History & Relationships


Serving for some time with the Star Army Infantry, Niwa would prove herself time and time again, frequently holding positions many would have considered unholdable, often with minimal losses in the process, which would earn her the nickname of “Ironsides”.

However, after a delaying action by the battalion under her command to help give civilian ships an extra three days to evacuate those who were trying to flee during the early days of the Kuvexian War, where one company's worth under her would end up needing to make use of Soul Transfer afterwards due to the position being held providing little cover or even viable defensible positions. Despite this low loss in a truly untenable defensive position before finally retreating to a friendly ship to exfiltrate the planet themselves, rumors by others made the action seem vastly more dire, the most common rumor being that she sacrificed two full company's into ST to hold a position for a few hours.

Because of this, where once serving under “Ironsides” was seen as a prime posting, now it is viewed as a curse, with most of those under her command expecting the worst from her.


OOC Notes

This NPC was created by Glein on 2019/08/13 00:54.

🚧 This article is a work in progress; It is currently not approved as canon.

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