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Riccard Black

Riccard Black is an NPC controlled by club24 who appears in Galactic Horizon.

Riccard Black
Species & Gender Human Male
Organization: Galactic Horizon
Occupation: Administration
Rank: Head Admin and Head Designer
Current Placement: Horizon HQ

Character Description

Riccard has an aged but kind appearance with sandy blonde hair and shining blue eyes, he stands at 5'8โ€œ with an average figure and is often dressed in business casual when working or plain casual when out of office.

His personality is laid back and cheerful and he is always ready for good conversation with anyone, as a CEO he tries to treat his employees as well as he can and makes an effort to communicate with them when he can.

History & Relationships

Riccard grew up around technology and was always fascinated with programs, during his adult years when he married and had children he wrote up designs for an autonomous system to help him with his job but never made any progress until his kids had outgrown the house. Together with a band of his old school friends and his Daughter Kryss Black he revisited his old designs and was able to create the first version of Dawn and found Galactic Horizon and employ his friends and children in the business.

OOC Notes

This NPC was created by club24 on 2018/01/16 23:06.

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