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Sariel Anex

Sariel Anex is a FM NPC played by META_mahn.

Sariel Anex
Species: Patrician
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Height: 8“
Weight: 200 lbs
Organizations Senate, War Council
Occupation Leader of the War Council
Current Placement International Relations Conference

Sariel's Appearance

Build and Skin Colour: Sariel is a huge Patrician Karael, with a height and brawn which makes him stand out from other Elysians - he is a powerhouse, his form seemingly built for strength rather than the grace of most Elysians. His musculature is exceptionally well defined with almost no covering layer of fat. His skin is a dark Mediterranean bronze.
Facial Features and Eye Colour: Sariel's face is exceptionally hard and, in a word 'strong', with an aquiline nose and mouth which is prone to subtle smiling - many would consider him to be handsome. His eyes are a a bright aquamarine.
Hair Colour and Style: His hair is a very dark blond and forms large natural curls – he allows it to fall down around his shoulders.
Clothing: Sariel wears the senatorial Teigha with a central layer of red, but to mark his level as a Pankration mster is soh’k’tohs cloak is made from the skin of lions which he has killed with his bare hands, which he sewed together himself. Around his neck he has a necklace of lion teeth.

Sariel's Personality & Mentality

Sariel is very intelligent but much less of an ‘intellectual’ than most senators – his parents never seemed to be particularly interested in teaching him philosophy or even theology and his rhetorical ability is natural rather than taught – and thus often given to passion. His gift is in strategy , but also in his willingness to embrace new ideas – it is largely down to him that Elysia went through an almost complete military upgrade after independence. He is endowed with a generous soul although he finds it exceptionally difficult to trust non-Elysians, and blames them bitterly for the Elysian Wars – in particular the fall of the heavens which took his parents.


God, physically fighting, victory, God, music.


Cowards, Yamatai.


To return Elysia to its former glory.

OOC Discussion

FrostJaeger adopted this non-player character from Zakalwe on 2018/03/04 8:44 after receiving approval from Wes on 2018/02/15 and transferred ownership to META_mahn on 2018/12/04 09:40.

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