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Sayako Thorsson

Sayako Thorsson is an NPC controlled by BionicSamurai as part of Asrid's family.

Sayako Ueda-Thorsson
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Occupation: House Wife

Character Description

Sayako looks to be in her thirties with lighter coloured skin and a thinner shape on her 5'2 frame. she has black, butt length hair tied up into a ponytail and brown eyes that, similar to other family members can have both a soft or sharp look depending on mood.

Sayako is very much the image of the intelligent yet stoic matriarch who cares for her family and defends her brood with a tenacity beyond terrible. Her demeanour can change from that of the quiet, warm late-spring sun to a calm darkness that can evoke images of an ancient oni floating over her shoulder, ready to strike at a word. Many may say that her talents and skills were wasted as a stay at home parent; however thought of those qualities as being what helped her raise her children the most.

The Thorsson Family matriarch also has a dislike of Nekovalkyrja and anything associated with them - including the civilian upgrades NH-22C Yamataian and Minkan due to their related development. This has resulted in her great displeasure at seeing her beautiful children, one by one, converting over to such “deplorable” shells. She has also avoided and forced her husband to avoid upgrading at all costs for this reason.

History and Relationship Notes

Sayako grew up as one of the youngest daughters in a family that held a small influence over a small farming village. Because of their position, the family found itself offered the Human upgrade and upon noting what they would gain, had the whole household convert over. Because of this they survived the plague; but the young Ueda child began wondering at what cost as she got older.

Being of the youngest, and thus not guaranteed a match of high status, Sayako went to school to college in order to find something she could do for a living. It was not long before she met another with a similar idea in mind; but with a past that had been ripped from him due to the plague. She felt sorry for Jakub at first, while their common struggle gave them much to talk about; however it was not long before strength overcame pity, and love blossomed.

Though there were initial issues with the two lovers being together, Jakub's decision for his future soon made the couple's relationship more tolerable and paved their way to marriage. They had four lovely children together and still manage to appreciate each other's companionship, despite the odd blow out. Unfortunately as those children got older, they began converting over to new bodies which has pained Sayako deeply, with Marie's changes causing her the most grief; however her little boy still has yet to convert - her sweet, sweet little boy…


  • After discovering Asrid's relationship to Yoshi, has been falling harder into a state of panic resulting in her fierce distrust of the command Neko.


Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Yamataian and Trade.
  • Domestic (well functioning mother of four)
  • Mathematics
  • Vehicles (civilian terrain)
  • Survival (fire, shelter, fishing, hunting)
  • Art and Vocations (sewing and flower arrangement)
  • Knowledge (History major)

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