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 +====== Sera Vershan ======
 +Sera Vershan is an [[:characters|NPC]] controlled by [[guide:Game Master|GM]] [[user:kai]] who appears in [[plot:oif_karakoram]].
 +^  Sera Vershan  ^^
 +|  {{character:anonymous:anonymous_female.png}}  ||
 +^  Species & Gender  |  Nepleslian Female  |
 +^  Organization:  |  [[corp:origin]]  |
 +^  Occupation:  |  Technician  |
 +^  Rank:  |  [[corp:origin:payscale|Shipman]]  |
 +^  Current Placement:  |  [[plot:oif_karakoram]]  |
 +===== Character Description =====
 +Born in [[timeline:ye_16]], Sera is a very independent young woman. Sera is a little on the shorter side, with light brown skin and almond-shaped eyes. Her jet-black hair is kept cut rather short, coming just past her eyes, usually in a bit of a messy state. She is very active and social, and likes to make friends. She has a strong work ethic and is very good at handling children, but not exactly in a motherly way.
 +===== History & Relationships =====
 +Sera Vershan is the second oldest child in the Vershan family. Orphaned soon after the youngest member was born, they survived on their own on Nepleslia for a time before the eldest sister [[character:meena_vershan]] was able to land a job with Origin Industries. As the whole family grew up, Sera was the second member to become old enough to get a job, choosing the same path as her sister and joining Origin Industries.
 +===== OOC Notes =====
 +This NPC was created by [[user:kai]] on 2020/01/11 08:48.
 +(Put art credits if applicable)

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