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Soon Bardoon

Baroness Soon Bardoon is an NPC controlled by GM Yuuki who appears in open RP and Resolutions Of The Ghost.

Soon Bardoon
Soon Bardoon Portrait
Species & Gender Female Kuvexian
Organization: Quallox Vaibal
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Rank: Noro Stabaron, Retired
Current Placement: Sood Zadra

Character Description

Baroness Soon Bardoon is a Kuvexian noblewoman and retired Kuvexian Military officer, now an independent entrepreneur.


  • Age: 45 (Born BYE 04)
  • Height: 164cm (5’ 4½”)
  • Weight: 43kg (95lb)
  • Hair: Ice Blue
  • Eyes: Black
  • Measurements: 71B-56W-76H (28-22-30)
  • Bra Size: 30B


Bardoon is a vivacious, charismatic, and charming personality, a gracious host and guest, and a shrewd businesswoman. Appearing open, warm, and extraverted, it is, like all things Kuvexian, carefully calculated for maximum effect. She is a patron of the arts, sponsoring sculptors, painters, and music and the theater, making generous contributions to public works both within and outside the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia. A former strategist and propagandist, the Baroness was the delicate embroidery on velvet glove handing out the Kingdom's largess from an iron palm, and it shows in the subtlety of every word and gesture. She enjoys fancy parties, elaborate clothing, fine food, fine drink, and articulate conversation as much as any Kuvexian, yet still has an appreciation, even a craving, for the rougher pleasures of the lower castes. As such, she's as likely to be encountered in a dive as a lounge, or at an unlicensed boxing match as much as a formal ball, and has one very particular vice– a penchant for gambling while too drunk for good judgment.

History & Relationships

Baroness Soon Bardoon retired from the Kuvexian Military in early YE 36, before any contact between the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia and the Yamatai Star Empire, as a mid-senior officer in command of a civil and public affairs fleet. Upon retirement, she sold all shares of her fleet on the open market and used her wealth to live the high life to excess even by Kuvexian standards.

Eventually tiring of such a life as she aged, boredom and ennui overtook Bardoon until well into the Yamataian War, when the neutral city of Sood Zadra was founded in YE 41. The smell of profit in a new frontier proved an irresistible lure, and Bardoon took her remaining fortune and relocated there to invest in its development. Buying into Quallox Vaibal, the corporation responsible for Sood Zadra, Baroness Bardoon then set herself up to provide media, advertising, and public relations services to the corporation as a subcontractor. To the Baroness, it seemed that no matter what the outcome of the war, Sood Zadra and Quallox Vaibal would remain a way to profit.

Soon Bardoon despises Baron Gello Kordoon, despite having had a mating arrangement with him in the past. He was one of her mates, though he was elevated to a status that allowed him to appeal to the Kingdom, successfully, to nullify the contract. A Kuvexian never enjoys having that which they consider theirs taken away, and Bardoon has never forgotten. However, more than this, she simply didn't like him, though her pride precludes admitting she prefers that he left.

OOC Notes

This NPC was created by Yuuki on 2020/02/29 07:17.

Art created by Yuuki on Artbreeder.

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