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Tori Hampton Glennis

Tori Hampton Glennis is an NPC controlled by GM Kai who appears in OIF Karakoram.

Tori Hampton Glennis
Species & Gender Nepleslian Female
Organization: Origin Industries
Occupation: Technician team lead
Rank: Ship's Sergeant
Current Placement: OIF Karakoram

Character Description

Tory is a strongly built, Average-height Nepleslian woman with caucasian skin and dirty blonde hair that is kept up in a medium-length ponytail, typically tied to stick out toward the back before turning downward, and often stuffed through a baseball cap. She can typically be seen wearing a laden tool belt and a pair of work gloves, and streaks of soot and grease are not uncommon on her cheeks and forehead. She has blue-grey eyes and always seems cheerful, typically smiling and cracking jokes. She was born in YE 20.

History & Relationships

Tory has worked at various positions in Origin Industries throughout her working history, having started it as one of her first jobs. The OIF Karakoram is one of her first major postings. She is good friends with Hebidi Djebidi, having joined Origin at the saem time and met during introduction courses.

OOC Notes

This NPC was created by Kai on 2020/01/11 09:04.

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