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Nukeloa Taloa

Nukeloa Taloa is a player character played by Ametheliana.

Nukeloa Taloa
Species & Gender: Random Alien Female
Year of Birth: 1740 ce
Clan: Allist
Occupation: Quartermaster
Rank: Petty Officer
Current Placement:

Physical Description

Standing at nine feet and weighting 320 pounds, Nukeloa is a sunny side dwelling alien woman that has deep red skin, light blue hair with eyes the same color, and yellow bioluminescence in the form of whisker-like stripes that are wider on the edges of her face and come away from her jawline and ears. The bioluminescence on her horns and ears are similar, as well as the stripes on her shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, tail, and ankles. She has a sulky way about her, walking with her shoulders hunched down and forward and a determined scowl on her face most often. She has incredibly small hands and feet for her size and her hair is long, reaching past her waist and going down, as if trying to sweep all the way to her knees.


Nukeloa is not a happy camper. She is often seen sulking, staring off into space with a frown across her lips and a furrow to her brow. She is not easy to cheer up and has a heavy heart. Strong men have tried to lift it, and broke their backs doing so.

Despite all that, she is seemingly willing to talk to others about her job and will crack sad and depraved jokes at times.


Living with her family for the beginning of her life, she was welcome in a welcoming group of people. Despite that, she always felt like an outsider and went through what seemed like a temperamental teenage phase from too young of an age until she moved away, to a less sunny and darker part of the Planet Ersetu.

She worked as a map-maker of the wide reaches of their space, going on journeys off the planet frequently and more often than her family would have liked. They questioned her aptitude to leave them and wanted to know her whereabouts, if she was safe, what she was doing. They wanted to know everything and Nukeloa only wanted herself to know herself.

The best option for her was to continue her work, but there was something stopping her. Moreso, there was something calling her. Her drive in life was to work for the Dominion and without that drive, she was a husk of her true self. Her drive was one that went further back then simply a family's involvement.

When she was a young girl, Nukeloa's only friend, a younger girl named Silikui was nearly irrevocably injured during unrest and a time where peace was lacking and strife was high. But Nukeloa was privy to knowledge that an off duty Royal Navy Officer saved Silikui's life by letting her own end. It was a major turning point in Nukeloa's life in which her listlessness was turned into a powerful drive to prove herself to the Dominion through service.

And, so, she worked determinedly to make maps and handle affairs for the Dominion. But, soon, that became second-rate to the true desire to serve her people.

She was slow to enter the service, but did so at a good time as the civil war was just ending and she did not have to deal with the atrocities of war against ones own people. When she did enter the service, she was quite taken to the position of helping others that couldn't help themselves. Perhaps she liked to hold power over them, perhaps she liked to know more, or perhaps she simply held a soft place in her heart for all of those wandering souls that needed guidance. Whatever the reasons, though all of those are easily one of them, she enjoyed the job she was bestowed shortly before joining the Harlaech Castle.

Common Skills

Nukeloa received basic instruction in mathematics, reading, writing and basic technology use.

See common Kishargal skills


Nukeloa has the following personal effects.

  • 1 Mess Dress Uniform Set
  • 3 Duty Uniform or Space Service Uniform Set
  • 1 Fine Uniform Bicorn
  • 1 Regular Uniform Bicorn
  • 5 Undergarments
  • 1 Space Service Pistol
  • 6 Rechargeable Shot
  • 1 Cutlass
  • 1 Dagger
  • Comlink
  • Collapsible telescope
Other Items
  • Toiletry Kit
  • Books, many
  • Map-making equipment
  • Sleepwear


Nukeloa is a Petty Officer and receives a monthly salary of <number> Sovereigns.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
100 Sovereigns Starting Funds
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